This is also the night maple brain god wave to detect the surrounding situation, only to know that the night maple brain god wave carefully explored the place where a Jin Xin beast came. This Jin Xin beast may be a leader or a king and other beasts, otherwise tens of thousands of Warcraft will not lose its smell alone and chase it.

Ye Feng is ready to throw away the Jin Xin beast in his hand. It’s important to find the ever-changing roses. He doesn’t want to provoke them, but he turns to thinking that he and his party have been in Wolf Valley for a few days. After seeing the surrounding ice, they can’t see anything anymore. At this time, tens of thousands of Warcraft came to feed. Maybe this group of Warcraft is the ever-changing rose Guardian. That’s true. With this idea, Ye Feng returned to the enchantment and slowly waited for the arrival of this group of Warcraft.
Chapter one hundred and sixteen Hunters
The wind is blowing in a small tornado, and there are other things mixed with it. It is windy again than ice cubes and stones. Every day at a certain time, a strong wind blows in Wolf Valley. When I first came in, everyone suffered a lot, but after that night, Feng knew the regularity of the wind and camped before it started.
When night falls, it is impossible to see the sun in this frozen wasteland, and even the sun is not there. Without the sun, it is easy to form an ice shortage here, a big ice of hundreds of kilometers.
In the enchantment, the night maple is resting with her eyes closed, while she is a very anxious person who keeps walking around the enchantment and looks out of the enchantment.
Brother Feng is windy again. What should we do? Are we really going to be eaten by Warcraft here? If Nai didn’t eat just now, he might have walked a few kilometers now.
Night maple watched the crowd bounce from the ground, stroking the music. It’s good. I’m waiting for the arrival of Warcraft. Don’t worry. Where is Brother Feng and what can hurt you?
Le tenderly pressed Ye Feng’s hand and said, Brother Feng, I didn’t mean to blame you. I was worried about my sisters.
Ye Feng smiled faintly and said, "What do you eleven sisters think of me? Isn’t it white? The wind is getting lighter. Let’s go if we want."
Little brother, we will accompany you and listen to your words. What you say is what Twelve Music is posted.
Seeing twelve music moves coldly, Wei Er’s eyes lit up with jealousy, and she said coldly, "A noble man who cares about his own life is busy urging Feng Ge to leave again and die righteously. It’s really rare for a red and white duet."
Twelve music fine eyebrows shot back. Hum, it’s better for us to sing red lines and white lines than for you, a big-chested, mindless, bad woman. As soon as this was said, Yaqi looked at the cold Wei’s chest one after another, but they were met with cold Wei’s cold eyes. Then they looked at the twelve music breasts again, and then they rubbed their hands and laughed. Twelve sisters’ breasts seemed to be not small, either.
Twelve le took a look at his chest, his face flushed and his almond eyes stared at him later.
Later, he said wryly, hehe, oh, Xiaoxin, I won’t dare again. Easy.
At this time, Yaqiyi’s face is like a scripture, and both of you have similar breasts.
Alas, it’s hard to be a man. I was beaten for telling lies. Yaqi hung upside down in the enchantment and sighed, showing a shoe print on his face.
Stop arguing and let’s go. Night Maple broke the promise of a saliva war. A surge of energy moved the enchantment and slowly walked to the west.
Twelve le leng Wei son looked at each other with a hum, and then one person walked beside the night maple.
In the desert of Bingke Empire, it’s another scene. Five hands of Li Sheng slowly trudged through the golden sand and came here for more than ten days. It’s conceivable that although Li Sheng has enough food and water in his things, the desert is hot during the day and cold at night, which makes six people unbearable.
Ye Feng told Li Shengyun to spend his time in the desert of Bingke Empire. Everything should be careful. Li Sheng listened to Ye Feng’s words and knew the origin of the desert danger. Three people increased to six people. As soon as they entered the desert, they went to the place where non-success flowers grew. It also saved a lot of effort because of the magic positioning needle.
The sun shines on the sand, and the sofa is hot. Even Sun Sheng, the great care teacher, is slightly sweating. Sun Sheng turned around and took a look at the six hands behind him and said, Everyone is very tired. Let’s have a rest and get something to eat.
Lunt took the tent from the object, and after ten seconds, a temporary tent camp was now in the golden desert.
Six mercenaries are welcome, too. They all sat pale and took the water from Lunsheng’s hand and poured it into his mouth, just like a buffalo that had not eaten water for ten years.
Dr. Li laughed and drank slowly. The food in the food was enough for us to eat for a year. After that, he also poured water into his mouth.
Colonel, who is this time? A mercenary asked with a corner of his mouth stained with water.
Let’s just finish. Don’t ask so many questions. Let’s go after the rest. According to the magic positioning needle, the destination will be two days away. Dr. Sheng’s eyes are pure and he looks at the vast yellow sand and says
We know the colonel.
Suddenly a mercenary pointed to the distance and cried, colonel, look what that is.
Sun Sheng got up and looked down at the mercenary’s hand. When he got pale, he took the man and ran outside the tent. Let’s go. It was storm sand. If we don’t leave, we will all be buried by sand.
Near the night, maple brain wave detected that the Jin Xin beast had come over in large pieces, and not far from himself, two human beings showed that they did not understand magic and Wushu.
Er Le smiled calmly and laughed. Sisters are ready to fight. We can’t lose to a group of little Warcraft.
All the girls smiled and acted to answer the second sister’s words.
Wait here, I’ll be back as soon as I go. Say that finish before everyone asks, and the purple light flashes and people have disappeared.
Moment Night Maple Figure Now Jin Xin Beast Night Maple looks at the surface, and pieces of dark little things are crawling towards one another. In Jin Xin Beast, there are two hunters in costumes. They are all holding something that releases smoke in their hands. Jin Xin Beast runs as soon as it smells smoke, but they don’t leave, but show their sharp teeth and growl at the two hunters surrounded.
Night maple floats motionless in the forest to see how the two hunters came in here and what they wanted to do in the valley.
Old man, it seems that we are dead this time. Now there are so many Jin Xin beasts, one of the hunters said nervously
What’s to be afraid of if you die? But I don’t understand that this little thing is rare at ordinary times, but now it’s so many, said another hunter
You don’t know yet, do you? I heard that it’s hard to find this thing in the past few days, but I don’t know how many people in the outside world want it now.
Night maple almost wanted to save the hunter when she heard the change of rose, but he stopped again.
Don’t make a difference, old cow. Then what is the rose and the beast of Jin Xin?
Don’t Jin Xin beasts know magic? Their magic power depends on changeable roses.
The more you talk about it, the less white I get. How big can that rose be? How can there be enough points for them?
Alas, the Jin Xin beast is also very clever. That little beast knows how to soak it in the river and then drink it together
Not that bad.
Although the changeable rose is small, its effect is amazing. A petal is full of magic power equivalent to that of a great care teacher. I don’t know how many years ago, Jin Xin Beasts discovered the benefits of this plant.
Old cow, you know so much