Well, it’s also possible. Anyway, these three people must not stay and kill them then, and then take their heads to Wei Village to plead guilty, patting the table and saying

An old man always heard this, his sharp eyes shot into the big area, and his voice was heavy. He said, We can’t guess that Wei Village sent people to kill people. We need to know if the village chief killed those three children. It’s not yet certain whether you are talking about these things too fast.
Don’t you see that the three of them were inside when the village died? Xiaobei said
I can see that one of them was injured and the other one was deeply energetic. I know all the villagers in Weicun are not so talented, said the old man.
But Wei Cun can take care of the killers’ guild to kill him, and Da Beiyang also said
Old four, it’s time. Dabei, you killed someone. What’s your first thought?
Dabei said without thinking that I killed someone, and the first thought was to leave.
What about the three children? Five old people asked Dabei Road.
They are still at the scene.
If you kill someone, they won’t leave if you think about it. Do you know that killers don’t leave clues?
Maybe they haven’t come yet. Let’s go, two dog said
You have to be a warrior to be a killer. Everyone knows the strength of a warrior, said the parents
Tianda district is getting more and more scared when he hears five old people say this. The tunnel was really dead at that time. These five dead old ghosts are too late to think about it now. Let’s find a way to remedy it.
The sun is burning the earth like a fire, giving off hot air, which makes people feel unbearable for a moment. Even so, three people are walking slowly on the avenue with a faint light, even if the sun is big and hot, they are not like it.
I’m so hot. Stop and give me a rest.
Yes, boss, I really can’t. I don’t even know if the sun has been kicked out of bed by my wife these days, otherwise why would it be so big these days?
Well, that’s right. When the sun goes to mix with a woman, let her wife know and call it brittle. The sun sends fire to the ground.
A cold voice said that your imagination is really good. Let’s go. After more than ten kilometers, the village will rest.
Boss, it’s not illegal to say YY in such a situation.
I don’t understand why we left without saying goodbye to the twelve girls. Do you know that they will be sad to see me, a beautiful man, leave without saying goodbye?
Don’t flatter yourself. They’re me. An ugly monster like you will scare them away when they see it.
As far away as the headquarters of the twelve girls’ bands in Shacheng, the twelve musicians are as motionless as a log. What did they say in their hearts that they would leave without telling me? Am I really that?
Elder sister, why do you think the three of them left without saying a word? Could it be that we scared them away? I asked with joy.
Yes, even if they help us a lot, they can’t leave without saying a word, said Liu Le.
It’s not a taste to have fun in my heart, and now it’s even worse to hear these words. I shook my head and said, well, let’s go after them when we’re done with the city.
The sisters all cried when they heard the elder sister say this.
Boss, it’s really tiring for us to walk like this all day, and I think the joy has already meant something to you, said Yaqi.
Yes, boss, but you don’t want her. She’s still young, and she’s waiting for you. Then she said in a hurry
You two have had enough nonsense. If you don’t, I’ll hear your nonsense again and jump away.
Night maple, after walking for two hours, finally saw the village. Later, they quickly ran to a tree and then lay on the trunk and wiped their heads and sweat. They said that the village was finally in no hurry.
Ye Feng also went to the shade of the tree. He felt that the village seemed a little strange. He believed that he felt that Ye Feng was not afraid of things, but wanted to find nine kinds of drugs as soon as possible. He said to Yaqi later that we should take a break for half an hour and leave.
Come on, you’re leaving so soon. Yaqi sat in a tree and hid his face with his hands.
Yes, boss, I’m still injured. I shouldn’t walk too much. That’s what you said, and you said it later
Ye Feng thought about it for more than ten hours since she walked in the middle of last night. Later, she was still injured and couldn’t move too much. She said to take a rest.
Later, Yaqiyi sang happily, Boss, I love you just like a mouse loves rice.
What a mess went into the village and looked for it. Feng took the lead and walked to the village.
When I entered the village, I saw a house with no way. It was dark and I didn’t see anything. Yaqi asked before to feed the house. After a while, no one answered Yaqi’s question. We were passing by asking for a glass of water.
After a while, I still didn’t answer. Later, I said that Yaqi may be the owner and hasn’t come back yet. Go inside and have a look.
Yaqi heard this later and came in. Suddenly, it was two o’clock in the dark room. Yaqi was startled by the green light. Yaqi patted his chest and bravely looked at it. Yaqi said hello. I was passing by and wanted to ask you for a bowl of water to drink. Be kind as a beggar, hehe.
After a while, I still didn’t answer Yaqi’s secret passage. This person is really rude. Yaqi put a small fireball room and suddenly it lit up. Yaqi’s eyes fell on the man. Yaqi saw it and called it. The man was an old chest. I don’t know what punctured a big hole in his head. His brain was cut off from his forehead by sharp tools. His mouth was still moving, and he was pierced by a wooden stick. His brain was still dripping with bright red blood. His eyes were shining with green light, and his limbs fell on that bed like pieces of meat.