And there is a firebird in this Shekou, which was captured, and now it is dying.

This snake has been accused by me. I just killed two little Suzaku by turning it into a big hand. Now you are short of two kinds of fire and earth. dzogchen, please return the Suzaku bird to this snake and refine it now. The old monkey beckoned and said very kindly.
Meng Fei hesitated. He didn’t expect such a good thing to fall on his head. He was silent for a moment. He looked up and said, "What do you want to help me out? Do you need my help?"
Hahaha, the old monkey suddenly smiled at me. The Monkey King has been suppressed here by that damn Lao Shang for hundreds of thousands of years. It is impossible to get me out of trouble with your strength.
Even if you practice for tens of thousands of years, there is nowhere for you to be able to dominate the world tree completely, but you can move the five elements of the mountain. I spent a lot of time accumulating the power projection to help you, just leaving a chance to see how far you can grow. In those days, you could also think that I was idle and had nothing to do. I thought that Buddha traveled all over the world to see God and kill Buddha.
I’m tired of being suppressed here by the old thief in these years. It’s just that you came in to practice these days, and it’s still the same source as me.
I’ll just give you a hand and give you some benefits. Don’t you realize that you haven’t met many demons? Otherwise, you can’t break into the middle of the Five Elements Holy Land. Of course, you still have some heavenly treasures, but the damage is too serious. Unless you find their reincarnation spirits, you can’t recover.
I don’t think the seniors will help me. Tell them what you want. Meng Fei feels a little dry.
Of course, I won’t help people. If I hadn’t made way for those monty devils, you would have let them tear them up. See for yourself, the old monkey waved his hand and waved a light, and now a huge statue appeared in front of him, with many monks.
In particular, the Twelfth National Congress embodies the fact that Fadan said that the level of self-Fadan is sacrificed to become the end of the gods and constantly kills monty.
How many monties have Meng Fei’s lips dried up more?
Apart from sealing me, these five elements of Shenshan Department also gave me billions of monkey gods. Of course, my department was arrested by me, and they went to a secret place to practice compassion.
In addition to our department, I often enlarge the avatar and arrest hundreds of millions of monty in the nearby star field. I put these monty in the temple and people are dead. These five lines of holy land are not for anyone who wants to enter, the old monkey explained to Meng Fei.
Ask the elder who went to Meng Fei in the Five Elements Holy Land. He can’t go now.
The old monkey smiled. These five sacred sites are the best testing ground for the sects. The five sacred mountains can continuously transform all kinds of monster beasts to test the sects’ brothers, and they are full of vitality.
Which sect in the heavens and the earth gets this five-element holy land will develop rapidly. Many sects want to occupy this place, but Buddha is here in this treasure land. Does anyone else get their hands on it? The three Zhang Ling symbols can make you enter this place three times as a small gift.
Remember that these three Zhang Ling symbols are all one-time consumption, and they are the keys to enter the Five Elements Holy Land after you. Never let them fall into the hands of others, because whoever gets these three symbols can enter the Five Elements Holy Land from there.
Templar people forcibly open the door, but if they want to do so, the door will consume immeasurable energy all the time, and this situation will never happen again, because I will completely seal up this piece. Chapter 1479, Life and Fatan.
Oh, is that so? Meng Fei listened to the old monkey and handed me the three Zhang Ling symbols. Without looking, he threw them into the list of gods, frowning and saying, How did the woman who came in earlier go? Did she also get the elder charm? He said that the woman was talking about that before the white tiger.
That’s not as bad as that woman, Nu Wa, and I didn’t have any trouble with her. She just designed and commanded the heavenly devil to surround her in case she found me, and took her to me and temporarily opened another passage for her to go.
But after I close this place, it is impossible for anyone but you to come in again. The old monkey waved his hand. Well, you can refine this rosefinch bird and return this snake. My accumulated skill is also seriously consumed by the seal. Remember, this projection will disappear.
Three Zhang Ling fu neng saves points three times, which may protect you from several disasters. The old monkey’s body gradually becomes transparent when he speaks.
And the snake body with a shovel is revived with a ferocious breath.
Bad Meng Fei immediately let Jinlong’s three immortals cover the snake, suzaku and birds, and several magical powers bombarded at random, and suddenly the two major soil Agnimon were scattered, the most concise and pure.
In the field, the branches of the five elements of the world tree are running, and the roots of the earth, the snake, the suzaku, the earth and the fire are absorbed.
Whether it is the white tiger or the water ape Suzaku, the snake is the most refined and pure crystallization of the five elements.
It is impossible for this sacred object to condense in the world. As early as some spiritual times, it was taken away by some great magical brothers, or refined into a warrior or an elixir for the younger brother.
Even some large auction houses can’t have such things now.
This is something even rarer than fairy wares.
Meng Fei came to the Five Elements Holy Land to be able to have a chance to kill these beasts. It is in other big worlds to cultivate fear of truth according to commonness, and it may not be able to give birth to the spiritual branches of the five elements of the world tree in 20,000 to 30,000 years.
First, the bird of Suzaku was absorbed by the fire spirit branch.
Meng Fei felt a volcanic magma in the core of the world tree, like blood gushing and melting, and a rolling cloud of fire was suspended overhead, constantly rubbing and degenerating, and several Vulcan thunder were brewing in it, and then there was a thunderbolt.