Because this real person lives with an elder of Xuanjia Sect, the elder of Xuanjia Sect once told him that Xuanjia Sect would move, which is equivalent to telling him that this treasure land of Wanling Mountain will come.

You know, it’s a million important things to be an excellent sectarian station in the purple mansion except three days ago, and it’s also the most important factor to measure whether a Sect is strong or not
After learning this news, a real person has been looking forward to the arrival of Xuanjia Zongjuzong migration day. He will come to see it every few months. After all, people didn’t tell him about the detailed relocation, so they just ran a few times more.
I didn’t think it was this time when a real person came to Wanling Mountain. Although he disappeared from Xuanjiazong’s master, he saw the busy and desolate Cher in the future headquarters in Yuan Zong. Moreover, because he got millions of cents, Cher had already arranged the main peak of Wanling Mountain almost, which was better than that of Xuanjiazong’s headquarters at the beginning, but he didn’t have a strong law ban.
According to the Tao, a real person is one step late, and he shouldn’t complain, but Cher’s evil spirit is to let him know, and at the same time, it’s because of this that a real person has taken away others’ hard work and built bad hearts.
From his point of view, a demon fairy is not qualified to enjoy such a blessed land.
With the same real person, it was his two disciples, a jade heart and a jade deficiency, as well as two people who used to flatter at ordinary times. The advocate is only a little less demon than the two of them in repairing strength, but the two of them are vigorously encouraging a real person to rob Wanling Mountain.
In the long run, a real person will be determined.
A real person’s lack of heart and jade suddenly surprised Cher, but at first she didn’t think that the other party would rob her heart. After all, she also contacted a lot of Jin Xianshao in the past few days. In her contact with many Jin Xian’s view, she hasn’t been so despicable.
However, when a real person declared that Wanling Mountain should belong to Tianshi Sect, Cher was angry. She had worked hard to build the Zongmen Resident and was seized by others for an inexplicable reason. Even if Cher had a good temper, she could not bear it.
There was an argument, but it triggered a fight. Cher used the magical power of a thousand miles to tell the Tibetan Buddhist monk to come quickly, but before the replacement was finished, a real person put a magic weapon to cut off her voice and wounded Cher with one hand.
Cher today is just achieved. How can the strength of Sanjinxian be a real opponent and she’s not a good magic weapon? It’s still because of a real person that she left a name for herself not to bully women. Otherwise, she will definitely be killed by a blow on a real person’s day.
The situation is weaker than that of people, but Cher is worried about her life at any time. However, when she leaves as long as possible, she can’t tell who this Wanlingshan belongs to. Now she wants to hold on until the moment when the Dragon-Tibet Toutuo Dragon Whale King orders Dugu Sheng to arrive.
Chapter three hundred and one Heaven kills stars
At this moment, the jade heart and jade are short of two people, and they have already set their sights on the injured Cher, who has been acquiesced by a real person. However, the two of them will not let Cher go at present, which is also bragging in front of the same master brothers in the future.
Jade is short of younger brother, this witch, let me send it. Jade heart is the way to go.
Obviously, Jade deficiency also wants to take Cher to try his hand, but it’s not good for him to take the initiative again. After all, Jade Heart is his brother, and Jade Heart is even more important to teach Leishi that the real person is detached in Tianshi Sect. He can’t speak without jade.
Cher, however, listened to the dialogue clearly, and saw the looming murder in her eyes. Jade heart gradually leaned towards herself. She also secretly said that even if she lost to this person, even if she was the same as the best, she would drag a water to kill one more, kill two more and earn one.
You know, because the periphery has been shrouded in a magic weapon by a real person, Cher’s strength is not enough to break this magic weapon curtain, which also drove her to have a desperate heart
Jade heart staring at ten zhangs outside cher is like looking at a lamb to be slaughtered. His strength of two Jin Xian to cher is such a wounded three Jin Xian thing.
Jade heart is five blue thunder fires in one hand. This is the unique school of Tianshi Sect. The highest thunder is so powerful that even an ordinary magic weapon will suffer, let alone Cher’s three injured demon fairy.
In the magic light curtain, facing the oncoming plough, Rachel can avoid it. Her silver tooth bite turned out to be in the blink of an eye, and now she is in front of a real person and a mentor.
Cher, in this state, she can only face the powerful lightning.
In the case of avoidable need for hard resistance, it is possible to resist the physical body with the earth. If it is still in a human state, it is estimated that in an instant, Cher will be annihilated in the bombardment of the highest lightning.
A real person exclaimed with a look like a jade heart on the road. Remember to grasp the palm of your hand and teach him to become a pick Jin Xian, but he has been suffering from psychic mounts for a long time.
It’s a good idea to capture this cold owl, and then dedicate its refining mind to the palm of your hand to teach him.
After hearing what a real person said, Yu Xin was even more excited. In his hand, he definitely printed a lead and was about to hit Cher’s body. Five lightning bolts were returned by him. Obviously, he didn’t want to nullify Cher directly because of this.
That’s not worth the candle.
At this moment, Cher can’t stand her anger any longer. Even if it is a losing game, she is completely fearless. If people are ashamed to you, it is really a state. It will be a curse to insult others.
Before the two shackles-sized plough thundered to the front, Cher slammed her ten-foot-long, tens-foot-wide giant tail to meet her.
There was a loud bang.
Two lightning balls of the highest day collided and burst in this powerful way, and the pure Yang thunder fire spread all over the sky and burned to Cher Rao. It was her cold body and earth ratio, which was also a great pain. If it weren’t for Cher’s cultivation of then, it was cold treasure light, and this thunder fire burning would make her fight again.
It seems that even the strength gap between Cheryl and Jade Heart is still not one point two.
However, it is not the kui that an ancient monster can resist being directly bombarded by the highest day thunder. It seems that it is really appropriate for you to be a father’s adult mount. The highest day thunder failed to settle Cher’s jade heart, but it also showed a cruel smile at the corner of his mouth. For a moment, there was already one more in his hand.