After a practice step, Lin moved casually to wipe the sweat, and then sat cross-legged on the side of the rock, looking solemnly to pay an ancient yellow book from his arms

This ancient book is kept by Lin Zhentian personally. The Lin family’s secret book of achievement method was obtained in Lin Zhentian’s hands yesterday. Although it is three secret books, the benefits to Lin are still considerable if the science of uniting is successful.
In this month, Zhong Lin moved to learn some mysterious secrets in his eyes.
In fact, in the final analysis, it is a special way to guide and temper by force. For example, their Lins’ green force is to be able to get through four hidden meridians, which go directly to the skin. When they are practicing, they need to be motivated to suck the force of heaven and earth directly through these four meridians, which is obviously much faster than sniffing.
It is said that some "One Secret Book" can directly open dozens of meridians, and some even more magical secrets can directly generate endless cyclones in skin and flesh in a special way. At that time, even if you are not in the state of cultivation, those cyclones will continuously draw force from heaven and earth to refine your body and enrich the abdomen.
Of course, although Lin Dong is very coveted for that level of cheats, it’s just a matter of thinking. The cheats are too precious, even the three cheats are quite expensive. Even the three cheats of an ordinary family are enjoyed by the law.
Although it is necessary to get through four meridians, it is not too easy. The exhaustion of meridians in the human body contains countless mysteries, and most meridians are closed. It is not a matter of one day to pulse these meridians.
According to Lin Dong, it took Lin Chen-tian half a year to get through the four meridians successfully when he was practicing this green yuan gong, and Lin Xiao also spent three months.
Lin Dong slowly flips the yellowed book, and the notes on its face are all leaked into his mind. If the practice is not successful, it is the secret book. If it is small, it will lie down for a few days, and the meridians will break. Therefore, there must be no mistakes when practicing the secret book.
Just a dozen pages, Lin moved for nearly an hour, and then I looked back with a lot of detailed notes. According to this practice, I can save a lot of detours.
I don’t know if the mysterious stone operator will wait for help for the achievement method cheats.
Lin moved his palm and rubbed the cover of the secret book, but his eyes suddenly flashed. The most perfect teacher can’t be forgotten.
Thought of here, Lin also smiled, his eyes slowly closed and his mind moved. He is now in the spirit of Shi Fu.
Today, this piece seems to be brighter than before, and the number of light and shadow has also become four. That is the pure yuan finger of Tongbei Boxing.
After entering this spirit, Lin Dong gradually twisted behind the fourth light and shadow, and finally another light and shadow emerged, but this time the light and shadow sat cross-legged
Soon after this light and shadow appeared, its body gradually became more and more transparent, and several meridians-like rays emerged from its body.
And when the body is penetrated, it can be seen that the meridians like chaos suddenly light up together, and the fluorescence moves along the meridians and finally reaches the skin smoothly.
Seeing this scene, the movement in Lin’s heart is already white, which should be that Qing Yuangong needs to get through the first meridian. This teaching is several times more vivid and clear than the secret book painting.
After the first meridian lights up smoothly, three meridians light up one after another. These meridian routes are extremely transparent in light and shadow.
Lin was tempted to remember these four meridians in the route and then nodded silently, but just as he was preparing to retreat this spirit for a while, he moved his eyes suddenly and found that after the fourth meridian lit up, it was actually a meridian that slowly shone and fluorescent, but in the end it was still smoothly connected to the skin.
Article 5
Looking at the fifth meridian route, Lin’s eye pupil is also slightly shrunk. It seems that this mysterious stone Fu Ran can’t improve the martial arts, and even the secrets can be strengthened.
After this change, Lin was quiet again, and his eyes were fixed on the light and shadow. He wanted to have a look at how much this could get through the four meridians, and how much it could increase when Qing Yuan Gong reached the hands of Shi Fu’s light and shadow.
In the forest, when the fifth meridian lights up, about a few minutes later, two meridian routes light up one after another.
Seven meridians
Looking at the seven meridian routes shining in the light and shadow, Lin couldn’t help but take a deep breath, which nearly doubled the work of Qing Yuan.
This mysterious stone symbol is really a sacred object.
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Mist enveloped the forest, eyes closed, eyes opened slowly, and there were still some pleasant colors left. After the stone symbols were perfected, the meridian route of Qingyuan Gong changed directly from four to seven, and the efficacy rate of Qingyuan was nearly doubled.
A mouthful of white gas vomited in Lin’s mouth, and soon he took out a bottle from his bosom and poured two lux pills. This is a three-elixir pill made by fire. In this month, Lin also secretly exchanged a lot of elixir for stone spirit liquid. After all, today, in the land, if you want to improve your cultivation speed, you need an elixir pill, which is also a large quantity.
Lin moved two pills into his mouth, but he didn’t swallow them immediately. He slowly closed his eyes and moved his mind. In the abdomen, there was a dark blue force. This force first circulated in the body and then suddenly turned into a hidden meridian that had never entered.
This meridian is the first one that Qingyuangong needs to get through. When the previous light and shadow are as immersive as watching the forest movement, it is almost extremely fast to find this hidden meridian in the body.