Huang Zhini’s head is suspended with a colorful ribbon, which shines with seven colors, and slowly rotates and dances in Huang Zhini’s head. When this ribbon is alive, Zhang Sheng’s hand over the Excalibur actually makes a buzz on his own initiative, and it is also suspended in Zhang Sheng’s head, which emits black gas and nine Li’s energy over the Excalibur. Together, it forms an energy field to protect Zhang Sheng and make Zhang Sheng look slack.

And the diamond bracelet of the green ox also appeared on its own initiative, just like the magic weapon of Zhang Sheng Huang Zhini, and it was hung about three feet from the green ox head, and a white light covered the green ox.
Zhang Shengzhu’s Excalibur, Qing Niu Jingang Bracelet are psychic treasures. When this ribbon is alive, these treasures can’t stand it. This ribbon is definitely a great magic weapon, which can make Zhang Shengqing Niu’s magic weapon master resist the heart. Zhang Shengqing Niu’s heart suddenly tightens, and almost at the same time, it is a magical weapon.
Chapter two hundred and forty-four Phoenix Dance for nine days
Chapter two hundred and forty-four Phoenix Dance for nine days
Huang Zhini also looked quite surprised at Zhang Shengzhu’s Excalibur, the green ox diamond bracelet, and said with appreciation, I clearly remember that in my time and this magic weapon seems that there have been many masters in the three realms in the past ten thousand years.
Zhang Sheng hasn’t spoken yet, but Excalibur has already taken the lead in launching an attack. The black sword awn is dozens of meters long and one after another pounces on the Huang Zhini’s green NiuJingang bracelet, which is not far behind. The white light is more than ten feet wide and long, hitting the colorful ribbon.
Huang Zhini is covered by colorful light. Hehe laughs. Your magic weapon is tender after all. It’s not good to attack first.
Ribbon outward generate seven-color light this seven-color light actually dissolved those black firm but gentle white light and then covered Zhang Shengqing Niu in a very short time.
It’s not good that this colorful light has assimilation ability, so it can assimilate my practice monty method. Green cow’s face changes slightly to Zhang Sheng’s drink a way.
Zhang Shengdao, leave it alone. Let’s break this ribbon first.
Green cow make a determined effort and show her the ancient magic way.
Green cattle stuffy hum a skyrocketing body is an instant body becomes dozens of high mouth snorts crimson breath, a pair of horns red mans sparkle really weird Zhang Sheng look awesome black gas soared nine li energy operation to the extreme that ribbon.
Huang Zhini’s face changed dramatically. When Zhang Shengqing’s strength was running to the limit, she felt very hard. She desperately tried to read the formula and wanted colorful ribbons to kill Zhang Sheng.
Zhang Sheng’s mouth vomited a mass of black light, a pure nine-Li energy constantly attacked the colorful light, and the green cow drank a lot and once again showed that one thing was the second yuan god of the green cow.
The second yuan god of Qingniu is his ancient magic practice, which is more powerful than the second yuan god. Qingniu’s face is full of red light and there is a need for it. It is obviously a real fire.
The second Yuan God of Green Cattle flew past with a diamond bracelet, hitting the colorful ribbon hard. Although it is a top treasure, it can’t stand such a fierce attack, but it also doesn’t hold up.
Huang Zhini’s face is as cold as frost, and her heart has long hated it. Just now, she was rude to her again and again. You are a cow essence, and today you will be lost forever.
Huang Zhini raised my hand and raised the colorful ribbon to shine brightly, and then she actually put the green cow in the second yuan in an instant and quickly refined it.
Green cow huge body waved the mouth suddenly spit a few JingXie eyes red drink a way today old cow you spell.
The red light turned back into shape.
The green ox is a huge green ox with red light in its eyes. Opening its mouth means spitting a mass of life. Zhenyuan severely hit the colorful brocade ribbon, which was attacked by demon force, but the light was dim. At this time, Zhang Sheng finally made a determined effort. Suddenly, a mass of black light appeared on his head, and a naked little man was faintly seen crossing his legs in it. This Zhang Sheng was the second yuan god.
Drink Zhang Sheng’s right hand and push it forward. A steady stream of black energy hits the colorful ribbon. After all, this colorful ribbon can’t stand such a tragic blow, and it will dissipate as soon as it is seen.
With a bang, this colorful brocade belt actually split and then suddenly became empty.
Huang Zhini was furious with this colorful ribbon for her life. This colorful ribbon was broken, and she was not slightly injured. She disappeared with a snort of cold, and now Sandy’s jade hand in front of the green cow is ruthlessly patting it toward the green cow’s head.
Don’t be scared by Zhang Sheng, it’s a blink of an eye, and then it comes to the two of them, and the Excalibur is cut off toward the hand of Huang Zhini, but it’s too late, and the green cow groans miserably, and the body disappears in an instant, and the Yuan God becomes blurred, although it all dissipates the danger.
Zhang Sheng, regardless of other hands, first raised the green cow Yuan Shen. This breathing kung fu green cow was killed by Huang Zhini, which also shows that Huang Zhini’s cultivation is serious.
Zhang Sheng’s eyes were red and he stared at Huang Zhini, and Huang Zhini also glared at Zhang Sheng’s fight. Now both sides have moved, and they are all thinking about wanting each other’s Yuan God to burst and never be super-living.
You vicious woman, I can’t spare you Zhang Sheng nu way
Huang Zhini was furious and said, I can’t be afraid that you won’t succeed. You ruined my brocade belt and caused me to lose my way. It’s not enough to eliminate hatred without killing you.
Zhang Shengyi shook the evil woman of Shenkendo to death.
Huang Zhini grunted coldly, knowing that I will become you when the younger generation comes to die.
Zhang Sheng deceives his body and makes a sword stab, the sword awn sparkles, and Li Li’s energy inclines along the tip of the sword and goes straight to the emperor Zhini’s magic weapon. At this time, Zhang Sheng is seen to be menacing, and his heart suddenly escapes this sword without daring to recklessly.
Hum, Zhang Sheng turned around and made another sword, and then changed it all over the sky. Zhang Sheng waved the sword shadow over the gods, and Huang Zhini didn’t resist dodge and snorted. He even danced in the middle, and the dance was very beautiful. At this time, Huang Zhini was beautiful and beautiful, but even if Huang Zhini was ten times more beautiful, it would be difficult to eliminate Zhang Sheng’s hatred of hundreds of firm but gentle words, so he jumped on Huang Zhini.
At this time, tens of thousands of white silver wires were entangled in Zhang Sheng by falling, and Zhang Sheng was brought to the middle school. This silver wire was very solid and Zhang Sheng struggled to break free.
Hum, my nine-day phoenix dance is the best trick. There is no silver thread. My life is connected with the hardest and softest thing in heaven and earth. You will never get rid of Huang Zhini in this life before you laugh.
Zhang Sheng suddenly laughed. Evil girl, you don’t believe in yourself.
In Huang Zhini’s unbelievable look, the black gas rose sharply. These silver wires broke inch by inch, and then the imaginary Huang Zhini was distracted. The body was penetrated by the Excalibur. Huang Zhini looked at the Excalibur and suddenly shouted a pair of hands and turned forward. Zhang Sheng vomited one mouthful blood at Zhang Sheng’s chest and flew back.