I’ll have a big fight with you. You’re a bird, Yaqi. He doesn’t know anything about the strength of this prophet.

I can do it, can’t I? The prophet said with a smile.
I sincerely asked your ten generations of female prophets not to buy Yaqi’s words to annoy him, but the effect was not so good.
Little don’t scold me for not pointing to the ground with a prophet. Wei Er said, This chick is your partner, or you wouldn’t risk your life to save her.
Yaqi said angrily, so what if it is, so what if it is not? Did you let him go, but not you?
I can’t see that you have a clever mouth. Do you want me to help you get bigger? The prophet said while healing his back with magic.
I’ve always been sharp-tongued and sharp-tongued. Why don’t you open your mouth for me? Yaqi should delay the prophet’s injury a little, so he has a better chance of surviving.
Alas, it’s hard to be a good person in this world. You don’t want to help you if you don’t eat, but it’s better if you don’t. The prophet has a back injury. He walked over to Leng Wei ‘er and said, Why don’t you slowly hum a cold wind here? My little girl will finish playing after a while. It’s her turn.
Ya Qi’s heart sank and he said, "Don’t you dare touch one hair of his. Veteran will kill your family."
Haha, the prophet laughed. I’ve been an orphan since I was a child. Go and kill me. You can find my family. I want to thank you. The prophet picked up Leng Wei ‘er and laughed at my little darling. I will take good care of you. Haha
Yaqi’s eyes are like fire
Fast attack lunt figure swimming fast in the seven-legged centipede protective quarrelling magic light flashing in the dark is very strange.
I heard the colonel order six mercenaries to jump into the centipede with their swords in their hands, and it was tangled together. The yellow sand in several different colors of firm but gentle waves kept dancing and dancing their most enchanting dances.
Lunt figure turned a 100-degree turn as soon as it entered and retreated, and the energy wave that had already been prepared was instantly turned to the centipede.
Six mercenaries are extremely clever people. Seeing Lunsheng’s energy wave body, they all flew away in the dark.
Boom a centipede seven meters long and shoot backwards into the distance. When shooting backwards, he sprayed a lux in his mouth.
Flash Li Shengyin just fell and heard a scream.
One step late
A mercenary retreated slowly and was hit by something sprayed by centipede. He rolled over his face and screamed bitterly.
Lunt’s face turned blue immediately, and the burly figure shot at the centipede.
When the energy sword is pulled out, it usually doesn’t ring, but the greater the energy sword is injected, the greater the energy sword will ring when it meets Xiao Lingfeng in a hurry, which shows how angry Lunsheng is.
Or the inverted centipede is more happy when it sees the enemy chasing two lanterns and big eyes instead of half a silk of fear.
Lunt quickly figure quickly adjusted a position in the energy sword toward the centipede head split.
When the dang energy sword cut the centipede, it sent out a spark, accompanied by sparks, which was a crisp hard iron-to-hard iron sound
Poof, Li Sheng didn’t hesitate at all, and the last blow also failed. His heart and hand situation made a series of scud kicks to the centipede in an instant.
The sand centipede finally fell far into the sand, but as soon as it rolled over, it shook its head and looked at Dr. Sheng and others and quickly disappeared into the sand
Lunt jumped to several mercenaries and picked up the injured mercenary. He said that the seven-legged centipede would drill sand to say the finish figure. First, he rushed to five uninjured mercenaries to follow.
Shit, it’s really poisonous. He never says rude words. Lunsheng couldn’t help cursing when he saw the injured mercenary at this time
The mercenary who was shot by centipede venom has rotted by half and is constantly waiting for him.
Lunt quickly took a bucket of water from the object and looked at the injured mercenary with a painful expression. He bit his teeth and suddenly fell to him.
Ah, the bitter pain echoed in the desert and darkness for a long time, and several Chinese tears dripped on the sofa like pearls, which was heartbreaking.
The situation in the southwest of Ice Empire is much more intense than here. A mercenary is staring at Hydra, and the energy in his eyes is also high to the extreme, hoping for a last try.
From yesterday, Yong was seriously injured, and they were constantly blaming themselves for how much they hoped that the injury would be their own, not the head of the regiment, brothers.
Early this morning, they gave Yong a healing magic, and then used weapons to fight Hydra. This battle vowed to kill Hydra, not only for Yun Jiao, but also to avenge Yong.
Hydra’s nine heads are constantly breathing red letters, and clouds of white gas are constantly spraying from their mouths to paralyze their enemies.
Soldiers and mercenaries are determined to kill Hydra this time. In the battle, they also attack Hydra and avoid its white gas.
Pa a mercenary body abruptly after a hydra tail body turn left energy sword is not bad to cut in the snake.
Oh, one by one, the truncated tail flew over a mercenary’s face, and bright red blood sprayed on the mercenary. The mercenary wiped his face with one hand, but found that the more he rubbed his face, the more painful it became. Finally, even his eyes blurred and there was more blood.
Ah, that mercenary rolled over his face with his hands over his face and shouted that the ghost of Judah was howling, which generally sounded chilling.
Maizhou was injured. Let’s retreat and help him treat a mercenary. He shouted at exhaustion while sending more than a dozen energy waves to Hydra.
Under the cover of energy wave, six mercenaries lost no time to retreat to the injured mercenary. One mercenary’s hands and feet trembled. First, he was given several healing spells in succession, but the other party did not move at all.
A mercenary turned Maizhou around for a moment, and several mercenaries who looked at the rubble of their lives wailed. Their voices were so tragic.
The injured mercenary’s face has rotted by half, and his facial features have turned into a pool of blood, white brains and bright red blood mixed together from the bones.
Ah, the sound of grief echoed in the Woods, shaking trees, birds and animals in large groups