After listening to her conversation, Situ Hao has learned some basic knowledge about this girl.

She is a beauty completely different from Shu Xingyue.
This guy is obviously an active person and has a good interpersonal relationship, otherwise it would not be possible to get so close to several senior sisters in a year.
Shu Xingyue looks gentle and gives people an unapproachable feeling, but she is very bad with the surrounding senior sisters.
But is this lively and lovely girl also like Shu Xingyue, who has some hidden secrets in private?
Maybe not yet. Will it be in the future?
Besides these differences, Situ Hao also felt the difference between Shu Xingyue, a lively girl.
The lively girl is extremely active, and she is a beautiful woman. Judging from the meal, she will try to come to dinner when there are few people. This means that she is lively on her surface, and she has a good quiet personality, which may or may not make her beautiful, so that those boys can covet her beauty.
Shu Xingyue looks like a lady and gentle on the surface, but she only chooses people to eat most of the time, and she will also do some small moves to increase her aesthetic feeling and attract the attention of the boys around her to achieve a kind of satisfaction.
This comparison between the two girls is a qualitative difference.
As he walked, Situ Hao thought about these expectations in his mind when he flashed a pure and beautiful girl’s beautiful face. He hoped that she would be a good girl instead of a bitch like Shu Xingyue.
Of course, this is just an expectation that Situhao will never identify that girl as a good girl. Chapter 48 Beauty asks for advice.
After seeing the tall and beautiful brother, Situ Hao also deliberately chose the meal when there were the least people.
Even so, he still hasn’t met the girl again.
Obviously, she is concerned about avoiding those male brothers who covet his beauty and not letting them master it when she comes to the canteen.
This girl is definitely an unusually clever guy.
She is clever and Situhao is not stupid.
Situ Hao always comes to eat when there are the least people, so that the girl will always come to the canteen at this time when she is constantly changing her meals.
Three days later, when Stuart was eating alone, he heard the tall girl’s voice from outside in a few laughs.
Hearing her voice, Situhao couldn’t help but feel a trace of color in his heart.
The arrival of that girl made the scattered brothers in the canteen look back and stare blankly.
Situhao chose the meal at this time, although he was waiting for the girl to feast her eyes, but he didn’t look back.
He doesn’t want to act like an estrus boar. It’s some last-ditch trick.
It is still necessary to play deep in front of beautiful women.
The girl and her seven senior sisters went directly to the kitchen window sill to line up for cooking.
Situhao casually glanced at the tall girl while eating, looking at her curvaceous body sideways, and he felt his blood racing.
At the age of fifteen, the tall girl in front of her is really a stunner.
Although she has a great figure, Situ Hao is a feeling that she will achieve a high degree of perfection if her figure is fully developed.
As SiTuHao casually looked at the tall beauty brother, she suddenly looked back.
Situhao’s heart can’t help but feel a shock. Fortunately, he is Yu Guang looking at her at this time. He ate a mouthful of rice at random and took a peek at himself.
It didn’t take long for several girls to cook and find a table for one person. The tall and beautiful brother didn’t go to the place where they were sitting, but came to Situhao with food.
Sister, why are you sitting around together? A female brother asked the tall and beautiful brother doubtfully.
I’m doing things for you.
In the answer, she was already sitting opposite Situhao.
My Chinese brother in the canteen couldn’t help but drop his eyes when he saw this scene.
The seven senior sisters, the tall and beautiful younger brother, stared blankly for a while when they saw this strange thing happen, and then they looked back at the meal.
Are you proficient in ancient Chinese? The tall and beautiful brother asked Situhao.
Situhao didn’t expect the girl in front of him to be this direct. He nodded slightly and slowly.
That’s great. I also write ancient Chinese, but I’m not very proficient in many ancient Chinese characters. If I can’t read, can you teach me?
Situhao doesn’t dislike teaching people things. He just nodded his head and asked me to know, and I will teach you.
Mm-hmm. Thank you, Duke Situ. My name is Gong Sunruolin. If it’s convenient, I’d like to teach you some ancient words now, okay?
It seems that this GongSunReLin is really studying ancient Chinese, and finding Situhao is really teaching him ancient Chinese.
Situhao’s consciousness today is that Lin Hao, as far as Lin Hao’s body is concerned, don’t say that the ancient script of Xianmo mainland is the prevailing script in Xianmo mainland today, but Situhao’s dying consciousness has given Lin Hao his knowledge, and Situhao’s mastery of ancient script has indeed reached a quite high level, so Lin Haogen is not worried about these.