Is it true that the old man has a provocative face, and everywhere he goes, he is always challenging the enemy, or the veteran is not cruel enough, and everyone dares to pretend to be forced in front of the old man?

Meng Shaoshao, Lu Delin, is one of the top ten warriors in the Imperial Witch Temple, ranking seventh, and his strength is even higher than that of Dugu Yannan, and he can achieve immortality by one step. He is the top master of the Imperial Witch God.
Lan Keer light mouth they blue family these days a lot of thoughts in intelligence.
Although the imperial intelligence system is really tight, but like the top ten god fighters, the information of dazzling figures in the empire on the same day is still more or less searched
Meng Fei, one of the top ten gods in the Temple of Witch, touched Ba Ruosi and instantly understood a lot of reasons, saying that it was a small fight and old feelings. This is coming to find a game.
It seems that this dugu aristocratic family is really amazing, and it can stir up the people in the Imperial Witch Temple to their own hands.
This is an open plan. If the seventh God fighter is defeated by his own witch temple, will the third, second and first God fighter jump in to save his reputation?
If so, wouldn’t it be a hornet’s nest?
It seems necessary to have a hard time to make these flies never dare to lean over again.
Don’t worry, the warriors of the Witch Temple will not be monolithic. If you can defeat this Lu Delin, other warriors will not bother you.
Seems to be watching Meng Fei scruples Lan Keer beside the mouth explanation.
If so, that would be great. Meng Fei nodded, but his intuition told himself that things should not be so simple.
The next day
It’s sunny after the snow, and the sky is white.
In the distance, the majestic Huaxia Mountain Range is near the magnificent Imperial Capital, and the tall defense towers are also behind the Emperor Palace, Tianjun Mountain.
Everything in the world is covered with a vast and ethereal silver veil, dreamlike and beautiful, which makes people dizzy.
In the center of St. Petersburg, the imperial capital of China
Near the General Decisive Stage of the Colosseum with the largest scale of up to 10,000 meters.
From the twilight, a large number of people rushed to gather and surrounded the life and death platform.
Because of its fame here, Lu Delin, an old-fashioned top player of Xuanyuan Wang Empire, the seventh god fighter Capricorn, will compete in this life-and-death stage at noon.
It is said that these two masters are about to cross the threshold of false gods. Such a strong duel has not been seen in China for many years. It is definitely a shocking super event.
For many martial arts in China, it’s rare for a pseudo-god-level master to duel for ten thousand years. It’s simply their grand meeting to watch this strong battle, and it’s unimaginable for their strength to break through.
For those officials who come to the kings and dynasties of various countries, such a duel is bound to attract the big shots of the empire to watch the war, which is an excellent opportunity for them to see you all the time.
More than five hours before the duel, there was already a sea of people around the life and death platform.
Everyone wants to get to the nearest stage of life and death and really watch the heavyweight duel.
At the third pole of the day, except for the VIP seats prepared by the big shots next to the life and death platform, there were crowds of people everywhere, even so crowded that even a needle could not be sent in.
As time passed, the crowd became restless.
Although neither side of the duel was present, the atmosphere at the scene was so tense that it was suffocating. Around the platform of life and death, 100,000 meters was dark and crowded, and wooden frames were temporarily set up 100,000 meters away, and the surface was covered with it.
A small passage less than ten meters wide was left in the sea of people.
The knights of the Imperial Witch Temple, armed with sharp weapons, separated the people from each other and went to the VIP table near the Life and Death Platform to watch the duel.
Thousands of life and death platforms in China’s heavenly kingdom were set up by the empire before planning the imperial capital. Countries or warriors are not allowed to fight privately in conflicts, but they can fight life and death through life and death platforms.
Each life and death platform is made of huge hard stones, and has long been forbidden by the senior array mage of the Imperial Chamber. The stones are engraved with mysterious array patterns and run by a lot of fairy stone energy.