However, in the forest bone gun is about to hit the scorpion wound, when a very fierce strong breeze suddenly comes behind him, the light sound also floats into his ears.

You are Lin Dong, aren’t you? I will give you a reward for your ability to defend the city this time, but now let me deal with this monster.
Listen to this faint sound in the ear. Lin’s eyes immediately appeared in the four hundred and sixty-sixth chapter of solemnity.
For the fierce force behind the road of violence and plunder, B’s moving eyes flashed quickly, but he didn’t turn to resist the signs. B’s moving behind him was extremely sharp, and they were all better than Lin Langtian Moling. Obviously, this person should be the one who stepped into the peak of the realm of nature in the light dynasty.
And when guessing the hand, Lin’s eyes are full of sen’s cold s surging. At this moment, the murder suspicion in his heart is rich to the extreme. These holy light dynasties are not arrogant, and today they dare to rob him of the demon crystal. This despicable means is really disgusting.
Lin ng wants to snatch this monster beast demon crystal from his hand. Don’t say that this hand is the peak of nature, even if it is a strong forest, let him leave some souvenirs today.
But before that, he must first get the magic scorpion demon crystal.
Lin thought flash rotating hand bone gun is not only the slightest pause but a more rapid potential suddenly and violently plundered and mercilessly stab to the scorpion wound.
Little presumptuous
Lin move such a move was immediately perceived by the rear hand when the vigorous force broke out in the palm of his hand in anger, and then the palm slammed at Lin’s vest angrily, and the potential was obviously nothing to leave alive.
Aware of the increasingly fierce palm wind behind Lin, the mind is moving, the spirit is surging, the mud pill palace is roaring and blinking, and it is condensed into a huge skull behind it. The sharp and harsh mental sound B erupts and the monster beast comes around and is directly shocked by this mental sound B.
A figure is as fast as a flash. Now the blue robe behind Lin is the peak of the Shengguang Dynasty. When he saw Lin, he still dared to resist not listening to him. S couldn’t help but become a lot of yn. At this time, he thought that his coercion in this gathering point was a dare to provoke. I didn’t expect Lin to dare to ignore him today. This really made him endure.
not reckon oneself fairly
The blue robe man’s face syn sinks into the palm of his hand, and the force of a Lingli horse is as fast as flash, and the palm of his hand explodes the skull.
I have to say that although this person is arrogant, his strength does not have to be said. Although the peak of nature is one step away, the gap between the two is not small.
Of course, Lin Dongran is not naive. Just rushing to condense a spiritual attack is to be able to stop this person. What he needs is just the instantaneous stop.
Therefore, when the young robe man of Brother Li, who was strongly called by the Holy Light Dynasty, punched the skull, Lin Dongtian’s bone gun was already carrying a spiritual storm and a very accurate speed to point the crack in the carapace of the scorpion.
The sharp horse B’s bone-moving gun pointed violently, while the hard carapace stood until it cracked, and blood shot through the bone-moving gun.
The sudden deadly attack immediately made the scorpion crazy, and the huge body was constantly struggling. Two iron tongs danced with their feet and the powerful force B moved around and tore at random.
Lin’s eyes are cold and his mind is moving, and the spiritual power of your gun is exploding directly, which is an amazing speed to instantly erase the anger of this place.
This monster beast is powerful, but it has not yet been cultivated. The demon spirit is very fragile to resist the spirit. Therefore, in the face of this strong spirit eroding Lin, the scorpion root is killed immediately without much resistance.
The scorpion body is also stiff and solidified at this moment to spread like a dead breath.
See this scorpion killed Lin gun body quickly a shock directly from the Ministry of blasting this scorpion head suddenly all over the sky blood brains injection and Lin palm a fist-sized red demon crystal is a nosebleed injection and finally fell into its hands.
This demon crystal started to move Lin and felt a hot feeling spread from the palm. At the same time, a bb’s rich nest gas was also sent out. This rich degree was more than ten times stronger than the ordinary demon crystal.
Demon crystal moves a little on tiptoe, and the body of the scorpion suddenly rushes up, and then the eyes are cold and looking at a blue robe figure behind the broken body, surging in murder.
When the scorpion body fell to the ground, this demon tide seemed to have lost its leader, but it turned out to be a roaring in the sky, and then it quickly receded like a flood. In just ten seconds, the crimson demon tide that was full of sight disappeared into the night.
The city wall has gone through a bitter war, and people can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when they see the demon tide recede, but then their eyes are looking at the half outside the city, where they are facing each other.
That’s Li Sheng, the holy light dynasty. He seems to be trying to grab the monster beast monster crystal at the peak of nature.
I’m afraid it’s going to be bad for the big inflammation dynasty. This Li Cheng’s strength is one step away from Nie’s nest. Although he killed a monster beast at the peak of his natural environment, it’s not human after all.
This holy light dynasty is too overbearing. People have worked hard to slay the monster beast at the peak of nature, and he wants to take it by force.
Be smaller. Who dares to challenge the Holy Light Dynasty here and offend those guys in front of them? You haven’t seen these bastards.
The wall all looked at the half scene couldn’t help but burst into whispering S language.
The three faces of Du Yun Manshan in Moling, a city wall, were also changed because of this scene. Soon, all faces were angry. These people of the Holy Light Dynasty also insulted others.