Are you fucking idle?

You his niang incredibly dare to scold me ZhuGeQingLan angry voice landed and grabbed a handful of salt, I spilled it in her mouth, while chanting, I sprinkled salt in my hand on Situhao’s wound.
After seeing ZhuGeQingLan’s face, Situhao knew that he was howling. I’m afraid he didn’t just bite the bullet and stop calling.
Why don’t you scream? Don’t you feel pain? Zhuge Qinglan stared at Situhao with big bright eyes and asked strangely.
Situhao gave her a hard look and nodded. It doesn’t hurt at all. It’s really comfortable. It’s definitely a high enjoyment. Why don’t you cut your hand and then sprinkle some salt on it? I promise you will feel this way.
Nonsense. It’s not that easy to cheat a lady.
Hehe, to tell you the truth, I feel this way because my constitution is naturally different from others. The more you torture me, the better I will feel. Let me spread it quickly. I can’t stand it.
Looking at the expected expression on Situhao’s face, Zhuge Qinglan’s face is full of incredible expressions. I just want to torture you, so I don’t want you to relax and talk. She put the bowl of salt aside.
Situhao was greatly relieved to see that he had fooled his success.
I wonn’t talk nonsense with you here. I’ll take a shower
Hey, hey, untie my acupuncture points first
Think I’m an idiot. Shall I help you solve the acupuncture points so that you can escape?
Ga ga ga, I knew you didn’t have the guts. If you solve your acupuncture points, I’ll go wherever I want. You can’t catch me if you want.
Cutting is to solve your acupuncture points, and you can’t go to this room. Zhuge Qinglan said that he really went to Situhao and solved his acupuncture points.
Beibei, watch him for me. If he leaves this room, bite him.
The voice fell to the ground and a white shadow flashed directly. In front of the gate, he opened a pair of bright eyes and looked at Situhao stupefied. He also made two quick squeaks.
ZhuGeQingLan SiTuHao no longer directly into the bathroom next door Chapter 8 The feeling be nasty in his wits.
Situhao didn’t strike back in front of TianDiao. At this time, TianDiao, the same cute little pet, looked at him stupefied, but it was no use asking him to go to this room. He would definitely add a lot of holes.
Beibei, come here. I’ll play with you. Situhao said to Tianmink Rou.
But it didn’t even dump him.
Sister, I advise you not to try to climb relatives with Beibei. It’s my guardian. The beast will be loyal to me and tell you to save your energy.
Zhuge qinglan sounds like nature in the bathroom next door.
You’d better take a shower quickly, brother. I’ll take another shower, too. His mother just changed clothes and was covered with blood. It’s a bad day.
ZhuGeQingLan didn’t answer Stuart’s words a moment later, the water came next door.
Situ Haobai, this inn bathroom is a shower and hot water is very convenient for a long time.
Listening to the gushing water, Situhao jumped up involuntarily. His eyes could not help but show Zhuge Qinglan’s sample, but this sample has been stripped of her clothes through his brain.
In his mind, he imagined Zhuge Qinglan rubbing his body fragments in hot water, and he couldn’t help swallowing saliva.
Qinglan, have you forgotten what you want me to send you a horse? Situhao said unwilling to be lonely
Why don’t you die?
I’ve never seen someone like you in vain. Situhao has the cheek to keep pestering.
Day sable still squatting at the door blinking a pair of eyes is very strange to see SiTuHao ears pricked up to listen to the owner in front of this guy dialogue.
My mother said that men have few good things, and she was absolutely right.
Haha, so your dad is not a good thing either.
Of course he is not a good thing. This answer immediately choked Situhao on the spot.
Hua Hua Hua
The water next door keeps ringing, and Stuart’s heart is almost jumping into his throat.
No more talking. In Situhao’s mind, the imaginary picture is even hotter. His body has burned up and his body is undergoing significant changes.
This room is separated from the bathroom by a wall. If you lift the curtain, he can see what he wants to see.
But he didn’t dare to make a move in the face of the mink guard that day
Qinglan, what will happen if I go to this room now
Ga ga ga, you will be ripped off by Beibei.
If I don’t leave this room, will it be okay?
talk nonsense
Situhao heard this answer and his heart immediately boiled up.
He tried to walk in the room for two steps. The mink followed him with his eyes and didn’t attack him.
This phenomenon made Situhao jump wildly, and he walked slowly to the door curtain. The sable still didn’t respond.
Zhuge Qinglan has been taking a bath for a while. Situ Hao has no reaction to seeing the marten himself, and he is afraid that he will miss the wonderful scenery of the bath. At this time, his heart has become more anxious than pressing.
But he knew that he would become quite serious after breaking in like this, and Zhuge Qinglan might kill him directly.
After all, this little witch will catch him, but it’s just fun. You don’t have to get the ancient scrolls made up in his mouth to care if he lives or dies.