It’s nothing more than sticking your belly to your back

An ugly cry broke out from the mouth of this green-haired monster. Its body twisted desperately, as if trying to struggle from Bai Longma’s foot, but stepping on his foot was like Taishan coping.
Meng Fei two people bore stunned looking at this scene, the two of them avoided the green hair monster should be given by Bai Longma in this way. It is really amazing that this guy Bai Longma is tough.
Brother Meng Fei Daoke, who nodded slightly, is also a way to promote this kind of monster.
Kerviel didn’t good the spirit rolled his eyes. Even Tianjunqiang would feel a terrible headache in the face of this kind of guy full of venom, because no one can get close to it.
And to be able to do so is afraid that you will never find a second one except this weird beast in front of you.
Green hair monster body that several fire does not burn frozen not hard long hair suddenly hard up and then Jude volley shot toward Bai Longma.
Bai Longma didn’t care at all. He was still watching all this coldly.
Those long hairs didn’t stab Bai Longma, but suddenly burst when they were half a foot away from his body, and suddenly the area was filled with a light green fog.
These green fog is quite vicious. When the fog slowly spreads and involves the bodies of those monsters on the ground, Meng Fei’s face also changes slightly.
Because in the fog, these bodies are actually visible to the naked eye, and the speed is melting into a mass of green blood.
They spread fast, but they showed great strength. After a while, the green fog that spread flooded Bai Longma.
Meng Fei Kewei’s body is slightly swaying, and it is quite worrying to avoid them looking at each other.
In my mind, I immediately reached an order to kill my opponent immediately to Bai Longma’s mind
At this moment, Meng Fei can’t consider so much anymore. If Bai Longma is really damaged here, he will definitely regret it.
There was a creepy scream in the green poisonous fog, and the croak broke out like thunder, but it was only a moment later that these sounds suddenly became quiet, and they also heard extremely clear tears in Meng Fei’s ears.
They looked at each other with a rather strange feeling in their eyes.
Has this thing been torn?
The thought of it, the tough skin, made Meng Fei faint with chills.
Slight footsteps rang a moment later. Bai Longma had left the ground and came out of the poisonous fog.
But Meng Fei two people is to draw a gasp at the same time.
At this time, Bai Longma’s body was covered with a thick layer of green, which made people feel creepy from the bottom of my heart
Meng Fei’s wrist has turned over a piece of water, and now his hand has been poured on the powerful water control pledge for a moment, and Bai Longma’s body has been cleaned green.
Then he sent an instruction to Bai Longma to pay attention to a person’s hygiene when fighting.
These green things are indeed highly toxic, but they have not caused damage to Bai Longma, which makes Meng Fei have a deeper understanding of its capabilities.
Bai Longma is completely infected with poisonous fog base.
Kerviel looked at Bai Longma with a face of envy. He nodded in his heart. Not only is Meng Fei stronger than even a war beast around him, but it is also this powerful.
When these people die, the responsibility to fight these monsters can be relieved.
Suddenly, Meng Fei’s micro face changed lanes in his heart, and the more powerful guy came to the quiet hiding.
Kerviel was the first time to see Meng Fei’s dignified expression. He hurriedly closed his mouth. A strange power fluctuation flashed across them. They were already tightly attached to the stone wall, and their breath was hidden by the iron sheet. It was even cleaner and never leaked out.
After a long time, a small step came slowly.
However, after hearing this step, except Bai Longma, Meng Fei Kewei and both of them felt a little suspicious and puzzling.
From that footsteps to the faint breath, Meng Fei and his wife have certainly come here not as a dead creature, but as a heavenly monarch.
But in this environment, in addition to Meng Fei being dragged into Kerviel by him, only the strength has reached the shattered boundary or the peers with strong level dare to enter Chapter 1375.