Chapter 11 The coronal one anger Fu Chen

Chapter 11 The coronal one anger Fu Chen recommended votes
Fu Chen’s hand is still holding a steamed bun with a faint fragrance, and her heart is full of guilt.
I have to say that Yuan Ping is really attractive to men.
It’s not that no woman has rejected those women before him for twenty years, but I feel guilty about rejecting her love this time.
Is it because she saved my life?
Anyway, let’s just say it’s an unfinished dream.
Before Fu Chen left, he specially arranged the development trend of Yuan Jia’s family, which is also a reward for saving his life.
In this continent, it is impossible for two people to meet again without God’s arrangement after parting.
Fu Chen wanted to keep these two steamed buns as a souvenir forever. Naidu was really hungry, and besides, this spring dream was over so that he could bury this first love memorial in his stomach.
Goofy saw Fu Chen distracted and dared not continue to say that something big happened in Zhongyuan City for fear of disturbing his thoughts.
Fu Chen ate steamed bread and asked if what happened in Zhongyuan City was because I didn’t return to Zhongyuan City on time.
Goofy nodded and said, "Boss Ran has his sleeve" and then told what happened in Zhongyuan City.
Come to Fu Chen. One month after leaving the Fu family, the four families, the Li family, received the news that the shadow organization Baiying had to kill Fu Chen to avenge his brother.
Although Fu Junhong, a traitor to the Fu family, has cancelled the assassination of Fu Chen, the shadow organization is bound to die, and even the four big families, the Li family, can stop it.
Li Ganglai’s plan is to let Fu Chen take part in the race, let him practice genius flowering war, and then send someone to get rid of Fu Chen, so that Fu Haotian will know that his grandson was killed in the race, and then a war will surely break out in Zhongyuan City.
If the war breaks out, Li Gang can take advantage of it and then destroy the other three families into ten thousand imperial overlords in one fell swoop.
But who knows that the plan can’t be changed? It’s even worse when I learned that the shadow organization was going to assassinate Fu Chen. This time, the killer was particularly experienced, and Bai Ying Fu Chen didn’t have enough pruning. He immediately changed his plan.
He stole the news that Fu Chen was killed, and Fu Haotian must also know the news.
Fu Chen is the sole heir of the Fu family’s three generations. If Fu Chen dies, the Fu family will be in danger. This shows how important Fu Chen is in Fu Haotian’s heart.
Then Fu Haotian will definitely become mad and lose his mind because of the loss of his love for Sun, and he will definitely love Sun for revenge at all costs.
Li Gang’s plan is not cruel. He needs to talk secretly to make the empire set off an uproar.
Such people are terrible to wait for.
Fu Haotian didn’t believe the news of Fu Chen’s assassination at the beginning, but he was so careless that he should not find Fu Chen’s father Fu Junzhan to understand the truth of the matter.
Come to Fu Junzhan, you should have told Fu Haotian about the shadow organization’s pursuit of Fu Chen. When Fu Haotian was a sophomore, Fu Chen repeatedly insisted on not telling Fu Haotian that Fu Junzhan had been keeping it from him.
Fu Haotian was angry when he learned that Ai Sun had indeed been hunted by shadow organizations.
For shadow organization Fu Haotian but know some information.
That’s the first-class killer organization of the ten thousand empires. Although there are not many members, they are all one enemy and ten experts
He immediately thought that Fu Chen had asked for one hundred prisoners from himself, and his heart was immediately clear.
No wonder I need someone here to deal with the shadow group
Although Fu Haotian knows many secrets of Fu Chen that he doesn’t know, Fu Chen can do better than shadow organizations at cards.
In order to get the news from Yu Fuchen, Fu Haotian asked Gao Fei, Wu Bo, Xiao You and Wu Qingqing four people one by one.
More sure that the shadow group is going to kill Fu Chen.
Although a delay of one point will lead to a crisis of one point, Fu Haotian is, after all, a character who has experienced heavy wind and rain. At the moment, the temperament of the gods and warriors is completely different.
Send goofy with two yuan division strong starry night came to Mars mountain to find Fu Chen.
In addition, Wu Bo was sent to inquire who broadcast the news immediately.
He personally lit the blood wave of the Fu family’s most hidden army to find the murderer behind the scenes.
There are 500 blood wave legions, but everyone is an enemy and a brave warrior. Xiu is even more advanced in training, which is also the most powerful weapon of Fu family.