White night, I watched the half demon through the cracks in my face and fingers. I thought this guy actually knew the tactics. Half demon raised his fist and punched it as white night’s chest. I lifted my foot and stepped on the half demon fist. Half demon’s four hands immediately punched again at white night. I raised my other foot and stepped on the half demon’s roar. I raised my last hand and fought hard. White night sneered and raised my hands and crossed together, which blocked the half demon’s last hand.

At one time, their strange posture froze and the white night sneered. When you finished, the white night gave off cold, grabbed the semi-demon fist and instantly gave off ultra-low temperature. Then the semi-demon fist was frozen with a layer of ice, and then the white night released its greatest superpower. The cold immediately attacked the semi-demon body and semi-demon and was frozen into an ice sculpture.
Seeing the white night is over, I sighed and said, this guy is either out of his depth, and nothing else will make so many people leave Carreterre.
At this moment, Bai Ye was surprised and almost didn’t call to freeze the semi-demon ice. It disappeared in an instant, not melted, but completely disappeared. The sudden scene of Bai Ye was stunned for a few seconds, and this period of semi-demon anger stretched its claws toward Bai Ye’s body, grabbed the semi-demon’s face instantly, turned around and hid himself. The semi-demon claw scratched several deep cracks on the ground, and Bai Ye’s calf was scratched with bright red blood.
The half demon seemed to be excited by the smell of blood, and roared upwards. The white night secretly called out what happened and what ice would suddenly disappear. Didn’t the white night think that the half demon claw had raided and the calf injury in the white night could hide in a mess?
White night’s heart has measured what ice will disappear, so it’s desperate to do an experimental energy conversion. After that, the blue star in the white night’s hand turned into a flame, and the fire in the hand burst into flames. The half demon didn’t wait for the white night to wave its claws and rushed over. The fire was rolling and burning. White night’s hand waved its hand and scratched a flame trajectory from the top of its head. The half demon’s foot immediately cracked a crack and fell down, and the pillar of fire soared and surrounded the half demon and burned.
White night didn’t move again. Watch carefully. However, the flame soon disappeared like white night’s material, and even a little flame disappeared. After the pillar disappeared, the half demon was as unscathed as white night’s material, and there was no trace of burns. The half demon roared and rushed over as if angered by white night.
However, I expected Bai Ye to say lightly, and then turned around and fled into the fog quickly, and the half demon followed closely into the fog.
At this time, kicking the wall in the ruins next to it in the white night looked at the distant half demon and breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that the monster can still distinguish the difference between water and body. First, go to Xiaofeng to report the situation. After that, the white night suddenly ran away from the direction of the shadow wind.
The battle process of the white midnight demon was explained by Kate, and they all knew it, so they walked the building and waited for the white night to come over in the street.
The attack works for them all. Odin read the words in the distress communication. It seems that Locke said the same thing. Is the attack harmful to those monsters?
I really can’t figure out what element attacks have an effect on them. The wind found that things are getting more and more difficult. No wonder so many people have left Carreterre. We didn’t hear in advance that attacks have an effect on them. I think we have lost several companions now.
Is there really no way to deal with this monster? Odin said angrily, the element attack plus the skin and the flesh can resist the attack of the object and the monster’s body strength is outrageous. Who can compete with them?
In addition to these, I also found that our ability to shape is not much for monsters. At this time, Bai Ye said in front of everyone that when I wrapped the silk around the monster, I found that the silk became much more fragile than usual and was easily broken away by the monster. This does not mean that the monster’s strength is outrageous, but because I feel that my super-power shape weapon becomes weak after touching the monster’s body. Damn it, my foot is hurt. Get the medicine.
Kate took the medical materials from the waist bag and wrapped them up at night, and then said, then the information obtained from a comprehensive battle is that the monster is an elemental epidemic, attacking the object, slashing the attack, having a strong resistance and weakening the power-imitating weapon, so the power-imitating combat ability is effective for the monster, so it seems that it can rely on the offensive special ability.
Kate is an auxiliary special ability, and the white night is also an auxiliary special ability, and the energy conversion cat demon is also an auxiliary special ability. silver moon Meng Ying Feng Nai sighed and said, so we can’t be a monster fighter
Suddenly Kate turned around, her eyes turned white, and the buildings around her suddenly turned into a perspective. She said to the people that there were three people about 500 meters ahead, and a monster rushed towards us one kilometer behind us, and another monster rushed towards them 700 meters behind the other three people, which was very fast.
What’s the matter? Odin asked nervously, come quickly. Do monsters know where we are, or they can’t come as quickly as they have identified the target
How do they know that it’s not good for the shadow wind to whisper? If even their specific location can be known, it means that wherever they are hiding, they may be known.
Should not have been able to detect, otherwise, the former monster wouldn’t have been confused with the innocent night. Odin quickly analyzed and said, Did someone tell the monster where human beings are?
Now is not the time to find those three people first and then find a place to hide. We can’t have a monster conflict now, Kate told everyone, and then everyone rushed to the front
At this time, the cloud rabbit Xiaoqiu walked carefully in the heavy fog, walking in the ruins of the street. Suddenly, the cloud was surprised and said to them gently, be careful. I felt a lot of people approaching us. After that, the rabbit Xiaoqiu hid behind the cloud and carefully looked at the distant fog and saw many people in the fog.
They were confused by the clouds. When they saw the runner, they lost their call.
The group of people in the fog can gradually see the clouds clearly, and they are surprised to find that these people are not bounty hunters, but ordinary people in rags are probably worse than beggars. Chapter 13 Fog
After seeing Yun and others, those people seemed to see a lifeline and ran over. The people in the department were tongue-tied and cried that they didn’t give us food. Yun was surrounded by a large group of people. They wanted to be bad for themselves, but they didn’t know they were too hungry until they heard their begging.
Little rabbit Xiaoqiu gave all her food to these people, and when she saw that each of them was dressed in rags and wolfed down the food to her mouth, she got a general idea. She asked one of them, "You are a resident of Carreterre."
The man nodded while gnawing at a piece of corn.
Do you know what happened in Carreterre?
The man glanced at the cloud and asked if he still had food.
I’m sorry, there is no cloud. When I saw the rabbit shaking his head, I apologized. After listening, the man continued to chew the corn cob that had no corn. Later, he said to the cloud, I know not much. The city of Carrettel was destroyed by a group of monsters, and the man trembled with fear as if he was extremely unwilling to remember it.
Monsters prey on us everywhere, and strange fog covers the city of Carreterre. I can’t tell the direction of the southeast and northwest. Once I wander around the street for a long time, I will be attacked by monsters. Therefore, several bounty hunters hide in an abandoned water plant with good fortune. The man looked at the cloud in horror. He knew that he had been incoherent, and it was gone to ask again, so he told people to get up and I will take you away from here.
From then on, everyone laughed, and the man said that there was no way to leave the city of Carreterre. It was easy to get lost because of the fog, that is, you could not return from the road by deliberately paying attention or marking it, and a large group of monsters wandered around the city of Carreterre.
What happened before the cloud, so as not to let yourself get lost and mark some places, so he asked anxiously, the man giggled a few times and said, haven’t you seen the buildings around you? Aren’t you surprised that some buildings are dilapidated? Why do the buildings here look like ancient ruins hundreds of years ago?