Qing Lin thinks the most absurd thing in the world is this. "Is Yiling a deep end? Uncle Lao Jiang just went to Yiling country. How did he become like this? "

When Jiang Tofu heard the voice of Qing Lin, he opened his eyes with difficulty. His chin shook for a long time, and he couldn’t jump out of a word except making some oh-oh sounds. After he worked hard for more than ten seconds, something rushed out of his intuitive chest, and suddenly he had a severe cough. Every time he coughed, he would cough up scarlet blood.
Qinglin and Sister-in-law Jiang rushed to the edge of the heatable adobe sleeping platform. Sister-in-law Jiang choked and said, "Master, don’t you want to see Qinglin superfine product for the last time? He’s already here. What do you have to say? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
Tofu Jiang worked hard for a long time, but he still couldn’t say anything. Qing Lin looked at Tofu Jiang’s appearance and felt sour in his heart. "Uncle Lao Jiang, if you have something to say, let’s talk about it later. If you rest, I’ll ask the doctor to go for you."
Sister-in-law jiang shook her head. "Qing Lin superfine product, please general practitioners have no way to cure the young master’s injury, unless it is now possible to find a special healing medicine for the fix true person-Li Dan, and let the young master take it, so that he can recover. Otherwise, even if the world is poor, there is no way to cure the young master’s injury. "
Qing Lin said quickly, "Where is the parting pill? Aunt Jiang, please tell me quickly, and I’ll buy it. "
Jiang’s sister-in-law felt dejected and lost her mind. "There is no such holy medicine as Lilidan in the market. Even if there is, it is sky-high. Even if we lose everything, it is far from enough to buy half a piece of Lilidan."
Qing Lin was at a loss and said, "What should I do? What can I do? "
Suddenly, Qinglin felt that his hand was tight. He looked down, but it turned out to be caught by Tofu Jiang. Qinglin said, "Uncle Lao Jiang, please tell me what you want. You can also say it. As long as I can do it, there will never be any refusal."
Perhaps it was just a blip. Tofu Jiang’s lips trembled and squeezed out a few words, "Thanks … thanks … from the master …"
Qing Lin said, "Please rest assured, Uncle Lao Jiang, that I will try my best to pass on your orthodoxy, and I will find someone suitable to inherit your mantle as soon as possible."
Tofu Jiang shook his head with great difficulty, and his lips trembled, trying to say something, but he couldn’t squeeze out a word anyway.
Sister-in-law Jiang has been with Tofu Jiang for a long time, and knowing his mind, she said on his behalf, "superfine product, the young master means that you should worship him as a teacher, not that you should help him find an heir to the orthodoxy. If you really have a heart, kneel down and kowtow to the young master three times. "
Qing Lin glanced at Tofu Jiang, who was not far from death. If he refused, he couldn’t say it anyway. He stepped back, bent his knees and knelt on the ground. "Master, please be worshipped by his disciples three times."
One, two … Qing Lin hasn’t hit the third XiangTou yet, when she heard Jiang Sister-in-law give a heartbreaking sound, "Master, master …"
Qing Lin looked up. Tofu Jiang’s head was tilted to one side, his nose was no longer moved, and the brilliance in his eyes was dimmed. Only a clear smile appeared on his mouth.
Tofu Jiang died, just before Qinglin completed a complete ceremony to learn from the teacher, and died. It’s so sad that a fixer in the early days of Yuan Ying ended up like this, which makes people lament! Fortunately, before he died, Tofu Jiang was accompanied by his sister-in-law, and Qinglin agreed to be a teacher. Tofu Jiang did not leave this world with regrets.
The green forest is full of sorrow and sorrow. Since the antique took people to Kazakhstan, this is the second time that he met a close personal meteorite. First, Lu Shangpeng died under the poison blade of Weidong Tian, and today he met this dead tofu Jiang, each of which makes people feel sad and chilling.
Tofu Jiang was seriously injured. He certainly didn’t do it himself. Nine times out of ten, it was caused by fighting with others. Tofu Jiang is a master of fixing the truth in the early days of Yuan Ying. There are only a handful of people who can hurt him, and even fewer can seriously hurt him. Needless to guess, the murderer is also a person who is far more cultivated than Tofu Jiang.
Qing Lin deeply felt that besides bringing great strength and self-confidence, the dangers that accompanied it also increased disproportionately.
"Master, you go to peace of mind, before long, I will follow in your footsteps, accompanied by your side. Don’t worry, handmaiden won’t make you feel lonely. " Tofu Jiang died, but Mrs. Jiang’s mood calmed down, but her words showed a firm intention of death.
Qing Lin was shocked and quickly persuaded, "Aunt Jiang, you must be sorry for your loss. Uncle Lao Jiang died tragically, and those of us who are alive will continue to live, find out the murderer behind the scenes and avenge Uncle Lao Jiang. "

Chapter 38 Bitter past
Chapter 38 Bitter past 【 collection, recommended votes 】
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Sister-in-law Jiang smiled, and there was endless desolation and sorrow in her smile. "superfine product, you don’t have to comfort me. I won’t die so easily. I will use a good coffin to bury the young master’s body and find a treasure trove of feng shui."
"I’m relieved that you can think so. Aunt Jiang, if you have any difficulties in the future, just let me know, and you can treat me as your junior in the future, just let me know. " Qing Lin is young and inexperienced. Seeing that Sister-in-law Jiang spoke like this, she thought that Sister-in-law Jiang really wanted to get over it, so she didn’t persuade her again.
Sister-in-law Jiang said, "superfine product, didn’t you just ask me what was going on? Why did the young master become like this? "
Qing Lin said, "Aunt Jiang, besides these, I’m curious. Aren’t you and Uncle Lao Jiang husband and wife? Why do you bite a young master? Normal couples shouldn’t be like this. My father and mother are very casual, and no one respects each other’s tone so much, just like a master and a slave? "
"You’re right. My young master and I are indeed the relationship between handmaiden and master." Sister Jiang suddenly said something that shocked Qing Lin. "My relationship with young master is very complicated. Let me tell you slowly."
Sister-in-law Jiang’s tone is light, as if what she said happened to someone else. "The young master is not a native of Tianfeng, but a native of Yiling. When he was young, his family was very good and very rich. The young master was the only male descendant in the family, and his master, his wife and his sisters all loved him very much. Living in such a family, it is easy to grow up to be a dude. Fortunately, the young master is kind-hearted, and he has never done anything unnatural except being stubborn.
After the young age gradually began to fight, the young master fell in love with the life of a ranger, quietly ran away from home, worshipped a master, and studied for three years before returning home. After returning home, the young master claimed to be a knight-errant, generous in his hometown, and often fought injustice. Once, the young master and a friend went to the most famous brothel in the local area to drink, and they happened to meet a young man who forced the chief of that brothel to drink. The young master didn’t like the other party forcing a woman to do something she didn’t like, so he sprouted and fought unevenly. After some competition, the young man got a little hurt and ran away.
The teenager didn’t care, but regarded the other person as a rich boy. Unexpectedly, the other person’s position was very big. He was not an ordinary aristocratic family at all, but the grandson of an elder of the Anglican Church in Yiling, who was also the only child in the family. After he was born, the five elements were obscure and could not be cultivated, but because he was an only child, his family also loved him very much.
The man was taught a lesson by the young master, fled home angrily, and told his grandfather what had happened. The elder indiscriminately mobilized a team from the Shuangwumeng, a total of more than a dozen fix the true, and surrounded the young master’s home that night. The master, his wife, the ladies and all the slaves, handmaiden and chickens and dogs were all slaughtered by them, and their wealth was destroyed. At that time, I was with the young master, playing outside, and narrowly escaped a bullet. We hid in the dark and watched the people of Shuangwumeng leave the young master’s house with steel knives full of blood.
After this incident, the young master’s mind changed greatly. First, he took me and fled from Yiling country. Then, like a headless fly, he wandered around looking for famous mountains and visiting Dachuan, hoping to find a master who was willing to accept him as his apprentice. Back and forth, we were cheated out of a lot of money, and none of our teachers worshipped us. Later, we were in distress in a mountain and accidentally broke into a cave left by an ancestor, where we got a practice skill. The young master cultivated himself into a true practitioner with that achievement method, and then he asked me to practice with him.
We wandered around. After visiting many places, we decided to make our home in Inge Town for the time being. This place is out of Inge Pass, which is the Hassa country, but it is not far from Yiling country, so we can monitor the movement of Yiling country at any time. We stayed in Inge Town for decades, plus our previous wandering days. Since the destruction of the young master’s family, we have been wandering outside for almost 300 years, but we have never been able to wait for a chance of revenge.
In these years, I always stayed with the young master, sewing clothes, washing and cooking for him. The young master felt my loyalty to him and wanted to be married with me. I refused to agree. I am a handmaiden, so how can I deserve the distinguished status of the young master? At that time, I was stubborn and refused to agree to the young master’s request. The young master forced me to marry him and promised me that he would be kind to me all his life. "
Speaking of which, a little blush appeared on Sister-in-law Jiang’s face, which probably reminded her of what happened when she had sex with Bean Curd Jiang. Perhaps in Sister-in-law Jiang’s previous dreams, old scenes often appeared.
Sister-in-law Jiang went on to say, "The other day, the young master heard a news that Tuoba Hong, the elder of Shuangwumeng who ordered his men to destroy the young master’s house, suffered retribution when he was practicing, and he was possessed by a computer virus, paralyzed, and his hands and feet were out of control. The young master thinks this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for revenge, and decides to give it a try. However, Shuangwumeng is a big school of repairing the truth, which is as famous as Jingtian School and Xuwu School. The master is like a cloud, and the strong is like a forest. The young man is worried that he may not come back here, so he wants to find a successor, both for himself and for the master he has never met.
But it’s not so easy to find a suitable successor. The young master searched for nearly a year in a row, but he didn’t find it. Just as the young master was about to give up, you just came to the door. After you left, the young master suddenly remembered that you were from Qingliangshan, and you would definitely come into contact with all kinds of fix the true, so he thought of lending your hand to find a successor for him. So he went to Qingliang Mountain to find you. After coming back from Qingliang Mountain, the young master tied me up, and a person sneaked back to Yiling country to seek revenge from TaBaHong. Unexpectedly, people didn’t find it, so they found it. After a hard struggle, the young master escaped by luck.
The young master was badly hurt, both in trauma and internal injuries, and he was powerless. In particular, Yuan Ying, who had been practicing hard for nearly three hundred years, was hit hard by the people of Shuangwumeng during this operation, so that when the young master returned to Inge Town after all kinds of hardships, his Yuan Ying broke up and the purple mansion collapsed, and there was no hope of recovery. "

Chapter 39 Go home
Chapter 39 Go home 【 for collection and recommended votes 】
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"Green forest, master before he died, you have worshipped him as a teacher, master and I have no children all our lives, and you are our junior. When young master and I used to practice, we saved some things and put them all in the basement. Please take them out and take them all away. I don’t need them anymore. " Sister-in-law Jiang just looked at tofu Jiang’s face. "I know you are not very willing to worship the young master as a teacher. I won’t force you if he is dead. If you are willing to practice the young master’s martial arts, that’s the best. If you are not willing to practice, please find someone with the right conditions and good nature in the future and pass on the young master’s martial arts to him, so that the young master can have a real successor."
Qing Lin said quickly, "Please don’t worry, Aunt Jiang. I won’t let Uncle Lao Jiang, oh, no, I won’t let master’s orthodoxy be lost."
Sister-in-law Jiang nodded and added, "Qing Lin, I don’t expect you to avenge the young master either. The Shuangwu League is extremely powerful. Unless it is a big sect like Jingtian Sect and they shake it head-on, it is possible to bring down the Shuangwu League. It is impossible to kill it by relying on your own strength. The young master was obsessed with hatred and did not hesitate to throw eggs at stones, so he ended up like this. I know that the young master certainly doesn’t want you to follow in his footsteps. Don’t take revenge on Tuoba Hong in the future, just let him go at large. Anyway, he is possessed and useless, and God has punished him instead of us. "
Qing Lin climbed to the underground darkroom and carried out several sacks piled up in the corner. These sacks were all filled with things like stones and wood. According to Jiang’s sister-in-law, these are precious natural materials and treasures, which were accumulated by tofu Jiang and her for hundreds of years. In addition to these natural resources and treasures, the most precious thing is an obscure tripod furnace, which is a refining furnace. It was discovered by Tofu Jiang in the cave and with the cultivation method, and has been with Tofu Jiang for more than 200 years.
Sister-in-law Jiang asked Qing Lin to clear out a flatbed car in the yard, put all the things taken out of the underground darkroom on it, and then let Qing Lin pull the flatbed car away. Qing Lin wanted to stay and spend more time with Jiang’s sister-in-law, but Jiang’s sister-in-law sternly refused.
That night, Sister-in-law Jiang embraced the body of Tofu Jiang, set a fire, and burned Jiang Zhai completely. She and Tofu Jiang were in the fire and turned to ashes. In such a tragic way, sister-in-law Jiang realized her oath that she would never leave tofu Jiang.