Ye Liu ordered the top ten mid-team leaders to come to my room immediately. Yuan Ye directly recognized the sound and gave himself the first mid-team leader. Yuan Ye, the commander in chief, and the top ten generals, all lined up a squadron to guard Yuan Ye in the commander’s office. Each squadron was led by a statue. Ye Liu was the captain of the first squadron, and the strength was even more important.

In Yuan Ye’s mind, there was a calm and deep voice.
Soon, the ten mid-team leaders are now Yuan Ye’s weakest, and all of them are three robbers and the strongest four robbers. When General A Wei was six robbers and seven robbers, this strength was already extremely weak.
These ten people have always suspected that hu Commander-in-Chief hasn’t heard from them for three years. Why do you suddenly want to call them today and all of them are transformed in one breath? However, when they see Yuan Ye, they feel a force to resist suction and withdrawal, and it is a feeling that hn is under control.
Yuan Yejin’s strength is six, robbing people and respecting people has no resistance to Mijie Root, but these people are trying to resist.
Yuan Ye of Mijie is now in the presence of these ten people with pale faces. Ling hn is in a fog and accused of who will look good with S.
Attending the host meeting Yuan Ye, these ten people bowed down at the same time. Although they also bowed down before meeting Yuan Ye, this time they were completely different. Before they met Yuan Ye, they were superficial ministers, but now they are spiritual hn flexion.
Call me commander in chief later.
All of a sudden, these ten people got up in succession.
Now that I’ve been my real hand, I can’t treat you badly. Yuan Ye waved his hand in front of these ten people and now he has ten pieces of attacking ng Asian artifacts and ten pieces of defending ng Asian artifacts, all of which are thirteen robbery levels.
Adult leaves six people face hard to believe this high-level artifact they can never hold.
Take it. In addition, you should immediately go to the generals of each captain and tell them that my fourth commander-in-chief has a strong military rank. If you want high-level Asian artifacts, you can come to my commander’s office. I will arrange three arrays. The first one can get one attack, one defense, two twelve Asian artifacts, the second one can get two thirteen Asian artifacts, and the third one can get two fourteen Asian artifacts. At the same time, people have already given offensive and defensive treasures, and I will not refuse them.
My Lord, can I try the third array? Can I get the 14th robbery artifact? It’s second only to the 15th robbery. Although it’s far less powerful than the 15th robbery, it’s also the commander in chief of the adult Saint Cai in Longxian Island, and even if they have at most two pieces, one piece at most.
The most powerful refining master in Longxian Island can refine twelve Asian artifacts and twelve treasures. Many people in Longxian Island can refine themselves, but twelve robberies are less. There is not such a powerful array master here. Those thirteen and fourteen Asian artifacts cost a lot of money to refine from other planets.
You can laugh at Yuan Ye, but remember that I am doing this to make people become my real hands. Once I become my hands, your strength determines the level of treasures you can hold, but this is not the only thing. The most important thing is that you should take credit. Now I want you to do everything for me, and that is a piece of people who have made great contributions and worked hard. I don’t mind giving them fifteen robberies. The artifact is even higher.
It’s Ye Liudeng who finished boiling one by one.
At this time, the atmosphere in the fourth commander’s army, the first captain’s military camp, is warmer than before. Many military camps have big tents, and the first captain’s general probably has 24 people present. Although no one is talking, the heavy breathing can be felt.
These 24 venerable men are all looking forward to seeing the first general, Ceng Yi Ceng Yi, wearing a black suit and S armor. A double-edged sword looks at the continuous changes of six faces and six faces.
It’s two 13-year-old Asian artifacts, and its power is probably even higher than that of the general 13-year-old Asian artifact. There is a lot of contradiction in Ceng Yi’s heart. In fact, even if you don’t look at these two treasures, Ceng Yi also believes that Ye Liuhua is the loyalty root of his old department, otherwise it won’t be sent to the commander’s office. These people say that it is actually his Ceng Yi eyes.
At this moment, the newspaper heard a loud sound from outside the tent.
Without reporting a low voice, he interrupted directly, and then he just walked in with the tent of the barracks. This man was none other than the second captain general Wang Zhi.
Brother Zeng, did you hear that? When Wang Zhi came in, he shouted loudly.
Well, what do you say? Ceng Yi threw two Asian artifacts directly into Wang Zhi’s hand.
Wang Zhi took one look at the wind culvert immediately, which is to win people’s hearts and please us.
Yi also nodded. That guy is not stupid. He also knows that our fourth commander-in-chief won’t be without meritorious military service and qualifications. He often tries to woo us. Chapter DiYiErLiu tests.
Then what should I do or not? Wang Zhi immediately said
Of course, such treasures can’t be given away for nothing at ordinary times. If you don’t want to meet your brothers, you don’t want Ceng Yi to laugh immediately. With his words, a big account and a personal honour also laughed. They are most afraid that Ceng Yi won’t let them ask for treasures.
However, it is also important to pay attention to strategy, but don’t let the wind culvert get too close. Hum, the treasure is good, but it is too simple to buy people’s hearts with just a few treasures. We will discuss this matter with several other people, strictly control the people, take a treasure and leave. We still don’t want him. Ceng Yi Audio has a big account. He is very arrogant
Ok, the two of us will go to several other generals, Wang Zhi, and suddenly turn around.
Everything is ready for the Fourth Commander’s Office. Yuan Ye is located in the small pavilion in the back garden of the office. The fourth commander’s office is quiet and tea commander’s office. Except that there are no people in the city, the rest are respected in the city. General David led all the people to be present. This is almost one-fifth of the city.
Boss Zeng, we just rushed in, and the fourth captain general Tan Xiao came over.
No, just to be on the safe side, let’s send ten people in to see what’s going on. Ceng Yi narrowed his eyes.
Good Tan Xiao nodded, and the others had no problem. Every general, a surname, sent one person, and these ten people directly entered the commander’s office.
Meet in this ten people just entered the commander-in-chief mansion for the first time. Yuan Ye’s list sound rang at the moment.
Attend the Commander-in-Chief’s Adult. When the ten men saw Yuan Ye, they immediately knelt down and saluted Yuan Ye’s name or their boss.
Ye nodded.
My Lord, are we going to get the treasure if we break through your array? If we don’t break through, we won’t die, said jia, one of them, who looks charming in her thin clothes
You don’t have to rush into the array, but you can directly give the treasure Yuan Ye a smile. Before these ten people can react, you can directly put them all into the world, and then let them go again. What is the actual interest rate?
My Lord, our charming woman has returned the rest of us, and our faces have changed one by one.
Since something happened in vain, follow me well afterwards. Do you understand what I mean? Yuan Ye looked at this individual coldly.
Ten people, such as charming women, have devoted themselves to life, and hn has been accused. They have no other ideas at all.
Well, you ten three robbers respect one or four people. I’ll give a set of twelve robbers to five robbers and six people. I’ll give a set of thirteen robbers to let Ceng Yi and them all come in. Yuan Ye said with a wave of his hand, ten attack weapons and ten defense weapons flew to that individual at the same time
On the other side of the commander-in-chief mansion that anxiously waiting for Ceng Yi abrupt eyes lit up.