"I will win, I will win!"

In what star brake was as high as two hundred and fifty series of depressed bite, another monitoring fortress, golden empire supervision company Liancheng division chief sand to earl binocular shot off, soliloquize tunnel, "boy, cheap you. I will order ten true spirit fighters to help you fight. You have earned a lot. "
The detection technology of the Milky Way of Azhenling Empire Jin is very mature, and the powerful detection wave, under the protection of the great energy of the planetary fortress, almost closes everything that happens in the Red Gorge River system. Earl Shalai wanted to see how the Thunderbolt Mixed Legion fought with the encirclement and suppression forces of Wu Zun’s civilization. But the vision that happened on the magic cloud star island disturbed him. Originally, cosmic storms and thunder and lightning were common in the universe, but a storm and thunder and lightning came down. Wu Zun’s ten Mecha legions, which are favored by civilization, have disappeared. This is too … And the range of cosmic storms and thunder and lightning is too strange. It can kill ten storms and lightning of Mecha legions above the level of 100, and the intensity is absolutely impossible to stay within the range of three or five light years.
"There must be something weird!"
Another reason for Earl Sarai’s action is that the thunderbolt mixed legion after the cosmic storm lightning incident is too spoiled. Such a pampered legion, if it is in the hands of others, is at most a little stronger, but it is in the hands of the critical immortal who is suspected to be a civilized person outside the country. The power will increase geometrically. He seems to have seen the end of the national war between the two civilized pets, and the 200-year efforts of Wu Zun’s civilized pet will be destroyed and will be completely expelled from the Red Gorge River system. If he doesn’t start work again, when the war is over, he will find this slippery there.
The critical immortal can go.
Planetary fortress brain particle screen flashed a glimmer of brilliance, and a data stream turned into a very secret wonderful beam and drilled into the void of the Red Gorge River system.
On the last satellite fortress, Cheng Yue Tiannv, her maid and friends were greatly relieved. At the moment when the boiled stone star belt was about to be solved, everyone’s heart tightened. Cheng Yue Tiannv is tragically waiting for this moment. When the boiled stone star belt fell, it was the time when she declassified Kewu technology to the second star, and it was the time when she called on the first star goddess to fight against Wuzun civilization.
"Young lady, scared me to death. That critical immortal is incredibly courageous and elusive. Who would have thought that he would sneak into the rear? Then after a few turns, it gave a heavy blow to the civilized pets with three stars. " The purple-green maid Xiaoying patted her crisp breasts in surprise. "Young lady, you should reward him!"
"Dead girl," said Cheng Yue, smiling, "If you are so fond of him, just give him your prize and be the patriarch of the thunderbolt gate …"
"Miss, no,no." Little warbler hurriedly interrupted, eyes going round and round, and whispered, "miss. Why don’t you go and meet him, so that the critical immortal almighty who can fight can’t see … "
While Cheng Yue’s heavenly daughter was laughing with the maid, Yuan Renhuang of Fengyun Empire also received good news at the beginning.
Compared with the ecstasy of cooking the stone star belt, the wind and cloud of the imperial city first cleared and then cloudy, and the undercurrent surged. The ministers of the left and right sides were anxious to death when the boiled stone star belt was faced with a break, but when the boiled stone star belt was in danger, they began to use their brains for their own interests, praising the thunderbolt Sect in front of the deep benevolent emperor every day, saying that what is outstanding is better than the founding emperor … Anyway. The beautiful words I want keep flowing into Yuan Renhuang’s ears, especially the inflammatory language, which makes Yuan Renhuang more harmonious.
All the civil servants have been worried since Tianxin put forward two conditions for rejuvenating the country. Only in the Great Star Valley World War I, Thunderbolt Sect became a very important official and won the title of Prince in an unprecedented way. This made all the civil servants jealous. Now he has made great achievements in saving the country. I don’t know how Yuan Renhuang will award the thunderbolt Sect. All the civil servants know this truth. Once Emperor Yuan Renhuang recalls the Prince of Warside and entrusts him with state affairs, maybe the Fengyun royal family will really change the existing system. If the proposal of one emperor for fifty years is not possible, it will be implemented with the proposal of one minister for twenty years. If that’s the case, let alone long-term interests. Even their "jobs" will be lost.
Save for a rainy day, of course, all the civil servants can’t tolerate such a situation. Their present position has been obtained through great sacrifices of all the major commodities, and there is no room for loss. So all the civil servants who have been in court for 300 years have played a skillful "good words and counter-measures", making Yuan Renhuang’s face uglier and darker every day.
Emperor Yuan Renhuang has experienced a lot of intense things recently. It’s not that I don’t know the weirdness of the princes, but what if I know! In public, I praised the thunderbolt Sect more than the Fengyun Emperor Sect, and praised the heavenly heart for its military achievements, which was as great as that of a generation of founding Fengyun Emperor, and his heart grew up irresistibly. Another important reason is that in the national war of the Empire, all cases of immortals above 100 levels, including Fengyun cases, were almost consumed, and the immortals above 100 levels left in the boiled stone star belt cases were countless. If it weren’t for the more than 60 immortals on Magic Cloud Island, even if all cases were combined, they might not be able to compete with Goddess cases. Once the contrast of this power changes dramatically, who knows whether Tiannv Sect will make a decisive decision and replace Fengyun Sect from the state religion to the emperor Sect? Based on this situation, he originally planned to rally the thunderbolt Sect to deal with the heavenly girl Sect, but such a great thunderbolt Sect gave him the feeling that the thunderbolt Sect threatened the world, which made him feel that the imperial power was gone, and even more produced a feeling of being caught between the thunderbolt Sect and the heavenly girl Sect.
"The former is a wolf, and the latter is also a wolf. What should I do?"
Emperor Yuan Renhuang unconsciously entered an extremely terrible whirlpool. His intention was good, and he rallied the thunderbolt Sect against the Goddess Sect, but he ignored the extreme hatred and fear of the thunderbolt Sect. Fengyun Sect is out of office, Tiannv Sect is in power, and all the ministers don’t care. If we change the emperor Sect, their status will still be there, and maybe it will be more stable. However, if the Sect of Perak is developed, the status of each Sect will be finished, specifically, their political life will be finished, so the Yuan Renhuang clique must not be allowed to gather the Sect of Perak. Under this kind of psychology, all the ministers who are crafty and crafty are set up to let Yuan Renhuang drill.
Honey words, who said that you can’t stir up the waves! Under the mud, who says there is no extreme fog? Different people have different opinions, and the wise have different opinions.
However, all the civil servants seem to forget that when Tianxin led the army, he said that it was not an oath to never set foot on the stars again.
The clouds and stars are falling, and the firing pin moment of the true warrior of Tianxin and the supervision department of the Golden Empire has also arrived.
The huge mixed thunderbolt army has jumped away, and the heavenly heart is waiting in the star belt that a true warrior of the Golden Empire must pass. This time, to deal with these ten true spirit warriors, he decided to leave the Golden Empire with a puzzle as he did with the Five Swords of Pteris. It’s just that the Five Swords of Pteris Star are lucky enough to stay alive, and these ten true spirit soldiers will disappear forever because of the war.
Tianxin named this action "Ten Strikes of the Baby".

Chapter two hundred and eighty-nine Same domain dreams
Peak star belt.
Stretching for hundreds of billions of kilometers, it looks like a void torrent rolling across the sky from a distance. The desolate starstones as large as thousands of kilometers and the starstones as small as hundreds of meters are in a rapid rotation. The starstones are so close to each other that the space between them looks like a peak nest, which is even praised by the interstellar astronomers of Fengyun Empire as one of the most spectacular ten astronomical phenomena of its kind.
This star belt, known as the immortal who can’t save people, even if it is a 150-level immortal, brought the most unforgettable memory in his life to Earl Shalai, the director of Liancheng Branch of the Supervision Department of the Golden Empire, on September 28, 10001.
"There is no cosmic storm, and there is no interstellar particle change. Our ten soldiers above the middle and middle of the true spirit suddenly encountered an almost simultaneous blow from unknown forces when passing through the vortex peak star belt. Oh, my God, what kind of power is that? Two soldiers in the second half of the true spirit seem to be pushed and pushed back at a high speed, but in the process of retreating thousands of meters, they are scattered into invisible cosmic particles. Eight soldiers in the middle of the true spirit are not so lucky. They retreat less than 20 meters into cosmic particles … "
At the end of 100023, at 8: 00, at the end of Thunderbolt’s mixed legion, the three encirclement and suppression armies of Wu Zun Empire were nibbled and swallowed up by various means, such as attacking by the immortal legion, ambushing by the giant thunder fleet, and so on, forcing the 800 mecha legions and more than 100 million fleets of Wu Zun Emperor’s team, which had lost supplies with boiled stone stars, to retreat. The supervision department of the Imperial Capital of the Golden Empire received a report from Count Changsha, a branch company of Liancheng, which smelled very sad.
Glaessing Fen Marquis, the chief of the supervision department, did not dare to neglect. After routinely scolding the Earl of Shalai, he reported all the information of the supervision department about the first interstellar flying star field, including the current situation of civilization, the war situation, the critical immortal, and the failure of the Liancheng branch to ruin ten intermediate true warriors and strange astronomical phenomena to the Duke of Wendero, the minister of government affairs and records of the Empire.
After three golden days (that is, three stormy years), Sha Lai, the earl, gave him a reply that he couldn’t help laughing and crying: Stop all activities. Since the first star in Feitian Star Domain is the civilized pet of Cheng Yue Tiannv, all matters of this civilization will be handled by Cheng Yue Tiannv, and then Liancheng Supervision Company will not ask.
The Earl of Shalai breathed a sigh of relief and was also very envious. Such a reply means that the Imperial City took Tiandao and began to investigate the first interstellar land, which means that Cheng Yue Goddess is the quasi-Lord status of the first interstellar land by default, and even the empire will fight for the flying star field in the future. The first star will not be plagued by war, and when the first true spiritual practice appears in the first star, Cheng Yue Goddess will get the title of Marquis and formally become a responsible aristocrat with territory.
In the Jin Empire, nobles were divided into irresponsible nobles and responsible nobles. Perhaps everyone’s title is similar, but the wonderful nicknames of responsible aristocrats, rich aristocrats, talented aristocrats or lords are much more noble in status and allow hereditary. Irresponsible nobles are not allowed to inherit. Unless they become responsible aristocrats in any form. Like the color alliance, the implementation of financial hard indicators is linked. That is, 29% of the annual fiscal revenue of the empire goes to the emperor for military expenses, the rest, 1% is used to pay various expenses of the royal family, and the remaining 70% is used to pay the salaries and other expenses of the imperial ministers.
Seven-color Major League is mutual supervision between the military and parliament. Once the hard indicators of which star field and which galaxy can’t be achieved within the time limit, the military will carry out extinction action and kill all the administrative officials who can control the growth of that galaxy, so the incompetent will die. Similarly, if the military can’t get the territory required by the parliament within the prescribed time limit. The leader of the army above the imperial level who is responsible for opening up the territory will also be executed by the parliamentary execution Committee.
Of course, in the imperial gold empire, no one dares to be disrespectful to the emperor. However, in order to limit the emperor’s foolishness, several emperors had no administrative power, and their use of military power was also limited to three areas. First, they encountered foreign aggression. The second is limited development, and the third is that hard targets cannot be reached, and there are times when the lords are not firm.
The so-called hard index, the Golden Empire and the Seven Color Alliance are consistent in the concept of this term. That is, the annual revenue of the Ministry of Finance must be higher than that of the previous year, no matter how much it increases. If any year stagnates and falls. If there is no improvement in three years, the problem lies in which territory, the ministers in charge of that territory will be demoted to civilians, and the lords of that territory will automatically retire. Finally, the State Council redrafted new territorial revenue and national revenue standards.
Under such hard indicators, it turns out that no one dares to mess around, let alone hire waste. The whole sustainable development of government affairs and tax system needs precise control and more advanced science and technology. If any link is out of control, the consequences will be terrible. The opportunity for the minister in charge of government affairs and lords to be beheaded by the Royal Army is not just a case of disobedience. Once the income falls beyond the prescribed floating range, they have to be prepared to behead. Therefore, after a million years of changes, the imperial system evolved into a basic contract system, abolishing the provincial system based on geographical division, and forming a unique territorial system. government administration council of the central people’s government
The royal model was adopted, and the land was handed over to the jazz who had the ability to govern, and then the pragmatic and special affairs bureaus were divided into the annual revenue model.
The world is big, is it the king’s land, and the land is on the shore, is it the king’s minister? These sixteen words were fully reflected in the form of hard revenue indicators in the Jin Empire.
If all the land in the empire belongs to the emperor, the lords must be loyal to the emperor, and their titles are awarded by the emperor himself. In fact, except that there is no army, a Lord has everything in his territory, which is equivalent to a small kingdom. The Lord has the power to appoint and dismiss officials. The only indicator of the Emperor’s assessment of the Lord is revenue, and whether the Lord can continue to be a Lord depends on revenue.
Because of the sharing mode, if a Lord’s governance level of the territory rises, the wealth he has gained as a responsible aristocrat is amazing. As long as his revenue is rising, even the emperor has no right to deprive him of his status as a Lord. However, if he can’t increase the value of his territory, then his status as a Lord can’t continue, and he himself will be reduced from a responsible aristocrat to an irresponsible aristocrat, and his descendants will lose their aristocratic hereditary qualifications.
It can be said that the hard indicators made the Jin Empire talented people come forth in large numbers, developed in science and technology, and those who were in their position would do their best. The division between the responsible nobles and the irresponsible nobles also made the nobles full of competition. Responsible aristocrats are always on guard against being reduced to irresponsible aristocrats who earn their living by working, while irresponsible aristocrats study hard and practice hard, hoping to get rid of the hat of working, and get promoted to senior spiritual practitioners, businessmen, academicians of Kewu, lords and other responsible aristocrats with good reputation.
In addition, the hard indicators also made the Jin Empire cautious in the attitude of opening up its territory. The early years of the Jin Empire were full of ambitions. Fight every year. Militarism, not only the emperor’s old son’s military expenditure was exhausted, but also the land that was shot down was desolate or brought trouble to the original land because there was not enough manpower, which led to many problems such as poor people, insufficient funds for Kewu research, endless troubles and so on. The land that was shot down was either slowly developed or taken back by the enemy. Therefore, the empire stipulates that unless the population and development reach the cognitive saturation of the existing Kewu technology, the empire will not open up new territories.
This regulation has been implemented for ten thousand years. The empire has achieved great development and has a stronger ability to expand its borders. By the end of 280,000 years, the Jin Empire had 98 star domains. In the same year, the pet of civilization rose in the empire, and a thousand years later. With the approval of His Majesty, the system of civilized pet has taken legal effect at first, and it has been more than 10,000 years. The system of civilized pet has been perfected and gained final legal effect, which is said to be an effective way to embody the compassionate will of His Majesty and the empire’s conquest of his star field in disguise.
I don’t know if it is so, but since then, the golden empire has been in the beginning of 320 thousand. The boundary of the empire reached one hundred and eight star domains, and a new star domain was conquered almost every three thousand years, which greatly increased the revenue. In a word, the pet of civilization has developed to this day. Irresponsible aristocrats in the mainland of the empire flocked to see it as a test of perfect life and a shortcut to become responsible aristocrats.
This is the reason why the Earl of Sarai envied and the Duke and his wife of Yonghua were pleasantly surprised. Because they are all irresponsible aristocrats and salaried people. Originally, it was called a responsible aristocrat by the cultivation of the second section of the late real spirit of Yonghua City. However, Lord Yonghua did not want to join the army, so he was entrusted with the task of building a frontier by the Imperial Special Council. One hundred years ago, he became the city guard of 10,000 river systems in the Yuntian area of Liancheng desolate star field, responsible for developing and perfecting the most basic facilities, and everything was done. Then wait for the special Council to send thousands of lords. He will receive the frontier annuity and step down.