Lu Xun sneered and said, "A woman who betrayed her master and tried to destroy Yanhuang Village wants to change her master’s whole foundation and dream."

Suddenly, he shouted loudly: "The whole army listened to the order and all the mountain thieves who entered the range were shot."
The noise is like thunder.
Wang Qiang whole body blood, goose bumps are set up.
Such a fight, such a hegemony!
Frank! Happy!
In the past, all the small thoughts were put aside and shouted: "All the mountain thieves who enter the range are shot!" Repeat Lu Xun’s command again.
Ji Fan looked at the cottage in front of him in a forest, which seemed to be an intermediate cottage with more than 100 defenders.
Alert is very loose, just when JiFan was about to order two watchtowers, sneaking up to four, looked around, it is noon at the moment, and all the rest have a rest. There are not many people.
Under the scorching sun, two sentinels who were dozing were suddenly slit their necks.
Then I got off the watchtower, and soon there was a commotion and a smell of blood filled it.
Ji Fan smiled faintly: "It’s so cooperative!"
Then he touched the empty sentry tower and opened the stockade door.
JiFan looked at only Zhaimen, where the terrain was narrow and the rest of the place was very spacious, and immediately ordered it to be blocked at the door.
Shield hand in front, archer behind, shoot at the cottage.
The cottage was in chaos, and soon it was organized for convenience, and the first few people withdrew from the shooting range.
After a while, a man came out, wearing a black suit and sunglasses, and his head was naked. He pointed to Ji Fan in the middle of the crowd and shouted, "Is it a player?" I saw it at a glance. Let’s stay out of it. I have 100 people. How about you be better equipped? Let’s fight one-on-one if you dare. . . Well! Fight! "
Ji Fan, as if he hadn’t heard of it, gave the order: "Keep your formation and take three steps forward! Shoot! "
Immediately formation neat forward, to the front row of mountain thief shot in the past.
Suddenly, the blood was everywhere, and the horrible screams got up.
The man shivered and hid in the back, scratching his head and scratching his head, but his eyes turned and shouted, "Brother, don’t!"! We are all players, can I trust you? "
Ji Fan smiled and said, "OK!" After that, he made a gesture to take back the longbow on the back of the shield and walked to the player.
The player’s contemptuous smile passed, and he leaned forward enthusiastically and made a secret gesture behind his back. Mountain thieves also enthusiastically surrounded, vaguely surrounded.
Ji Fan walked proudly with a pike in his hand, and the player’s eyes were also a burst of murder.
JiFan moves, fools all know that when he leans in, he must do it first, so it is better for him to do it first.
The man looked at Ji Fan in disbelief, and Ji Fan shouted with a straight face: "Don’t kill those who drop!" Those who drop don’t kill! "
Those mountain thieves didn’t care, so they surrounded them.
I thought that when I surrounded JiFan. . .
Qiang Qiang!
In an instant, an iron wall stood in the middle and formed a small circle.
Boom! !
Handfuls of pike stood in the gap between the iron walls and stabbed it out.
Like hanging kebabs layer by layer, in a blink of an eye, only more than 10 mountain thieves were scared to get down.
JiFan disgust waved and motioned all beheaded. Go straight to the hall.
Dig the cornerstone as usual.
"Please choose: 1. Occupy, 2. Destroy."
The whole cottage flashed twice and turned into a lot of materials.
"Return to Yanhuang."
Lu Xun was as usual looking at only a few mountain thieves, roared!
"shoot freely!"
Mountain thief leader face fierce picked up a pike and rushed up, conveniently picked up Zhou Shuang, in an attempt to let Lu Xun get the boat.