Solved the problem of restructuring. Tianxin devoted himself to the current airspace war with the Fang army, and transferred back the boss of Baishichao from the battlefield to assist him in the special training and reorganization of the 200,000-strong World Repair Corps.

There is no time to hurry, and while the internal and external situations are gradually changing, thirty endless years have passed by.
At that time, the Third Department of the Fang Army established a corps of 100,000 in the world in the assembly area of the boundless airspace, and the Fang 30,000 super bosses from the boundless airspace were not far from the sky, and they could be killed in 20 boundless years at most.
As the eyes gushed out, the thirty thousand super bosses, as don’t care. You know, before the rescue, he went to the extreme airspace above the five realms to retrieve the 52,000 mainland super bosses, and now these super bosses are leisurely in the manned sea specially set up by Hualien for nine days.
What Tianxin cares about is that there are many super-bosses in the boundless airspace in the remote area, and they happen every boundless year. Obviously, the Meridian Emperor has made up his mind to wipe out all the countries in the five realms, so he no longer hides his strength.
Tianxin hesitated whether to go back to the two-instrument sub-continent again, bringing out a few of the polar cathode Yang legions of Xiong Huazhong’s country, but putting the practitioners in the high position on the low position, which made Tianxin have scruples. This is different from the Xingyuan world, which is full of Lingqi legions. However, all the spiritual repairs in Xingyuan world are Xingyuan people. In addition, the star world has added countless stars, and it has connected with the infinite world through the blue sky for countless cosmic ages. Therefore, the astral world doesn’t exclude practitioners with infinite plane, but even so, practitioners with infinite plane whose predecessors are not astral people, such as the Emperor and other Taoists, are trapped in the astral law in the astral world, and their lives are not satisfactory.
Through the observation of 58,000 practitioners in the boundless world, Tianxin understands why the Meridian Emperor has such a strong power of super bosses, but he can’t see his super bosses in the boundless airspace or the boundless universe. It really has profound water and soil reasons. When super bosses are used in the five realms of the universe or the boundless airspace, not only can their true abilities not be brought into play, but the atmosphere of the five realms of the universe and the boundless airspace filled with too many stars will also weaken the power of the chaotic mass instrument of the super bosses. Of course, it is not difficult to gather yuan for the multiplier with the ability of super bosses. But this is always an extra procedure, which accounts for a part of the super boss’s heart.
Tianxin also suddenly realized why dozens of bosses can be seen in the five realms of the universe, but they can’t see the legendary Taiji diagram, the mysterious yellow tower of heaven and earth and other congenital chaotic spiritual treasures. It is because the five realms of the universe and the boundless airspace are not the living areas of these instruments. These jugglers. Every time a sacrifice is made, a large amount of chaotic yuan interest will be absorbed to increase its power. Although the five realms of the universe and the boundless airspace are full of chaotic yuan interest, they also confuse the stars, yuan and yuan, which are not the energy they need to increase yuan. For example, people’s violent breathing can increase their prestige, but if this breathing occurs in a heavily polluted atmosphere, it will not only be uncomfortable, but will only suffocate.
From this point of view, it is a waste for the Meridian Emperor to use the super-big power in the boundless airspace. So, let the behavior of Meridian Emperor become the most taboo oiling tactic in the art of war.
Tianxin quickly deployed.
The 8,000 Chinese super bosses who are fighting the 3,000 fangs of the Meridian Emperor will no longer fight one more, and the extra part will be killed by the fangs army who gathered to come to the army while confronting each other, and the 100,000 legions that have been reorganized in the sky will follow suit, striving to annihilate the existing enemy to the maximum extent before the arrival of enemy reinforcements.
Observing all this, Mo Cen’s beauty changed color. As the most trusted airspace agent of Meridian Emperor, she was not afraid of the sky.
Team, but that rushed to nearly five thousand Chinese super bosses, let her have a headache guy, is not suitable for army operations, if the five thousand super bosses alone, her fangs yu level legion can calmly deal with, and can be five thousand super bosses wrapped up without any temper. But if five thousand super bosses are followed by a large number of world repair legions, then her fangs legion will be greatly bad. As long as they specialize in one direction or attack only one world, the Yu-level legion in the Fang Legion will inevitably end up in a degraded order and combat effectiveness completely reduced, like the tens of thousands of Yu-level legions in the sky.
"Do the same to him."
Mo Cen’s beauty Taoist shook his head painfully. Qian Yan’s monarch is not an ordinary boss. So soon, she returned her previous means of dealing with the world’s legion. No, she also sent two thousand more super bosses.
"I hope that thirty thousand super bosses will come soon. Otherwise, the precious Yu-class legion of the Fang Army will disappear. "
What Mo Cen’s beauty Taoist doesn’t know is that when the 30,000 fangs super boss arrives, I’m afraid the blow she suffered will be more serious. Since the war, as will not miss any opportunity to reduce the tusk army combat effectiveness. When 30,000 fangs and super bosses arrive, the heart will release 40,000 Chinese super bosses from the nine-day lotus. As for not letting it out now, I’m afraid I’ll scare Mo Cen’s beauty Taoist and Fang Jun to run away. This boundless airspace, before the Star Trek’s 200,000 World Repair Corps was reorganized and dispatched, if the Fang Army ran away, it would really stop a few.
The battle is in full swing.
The sky is falling, and the 100,000 legions are fighting with the 100,000 legions of the Fang Army, and the whole airspace battlefield is turbulent. After three endless years, the god of luck began to favor the heavenly heart and the sky and the army. The same world builds military strength. This time, there are nearly 5,000 Chinese super-bosses in the army, which is a hundred-combat army with less fighting capacity than the fangs army. However, 5,000 Chinese super-bosses specialize in destroying the world’s attack style, making the enemy’s high-order legions become low-order legions because the world is damaged and degraded. In just three endless years, the Fang Army has a total of 5,000 Yu-level legions turned into Zhou-level legions.
"Mean …"
In the front of the fangs, several commanders who saw this change were angry and cursed. Five thousand Chinese super bosses are too ghosts. Their chaotic Yin and Yang multiplier is designed to attack the sky-blue world of the tusk army. Poor tusk army soldiers are already struggling against the same number of stars and sky-falling soldiers. How can they tell any strength to deal with the super bosses’ attack or interfere with them? Get enough attacks with chaotic yuan interest.

Not particularly so. One by one, the Chinese super bosses are purely eccentric, as long as the tusk sky blue world they attack is degraded and turned green because of the explosive power. The super bosses in Nahua immediately shifted the target of attack, leaving the scene to the army in the sky and attacking another world with tusks and sky blue.
The green legion is no match for the sky blue legion. Although it can still breathe for a while, the end of annihilation is undoubtedly doomed.
The Taoist Mo Cen, the commander-in-chief of Fang, looks more and more ugly. This beauty has a very strong sense of crisis. I understand that in the military war of the same order of magnitude, thousands of super bosses from the other side have brought unprecedented annihilation crisis to Fang’s 100 thousand legion. But the war has begun, and she has nothing to think about.
"No, I have to tell the emperor."
Repair the damage. The beauty Taoist mobilized Xuangong to spread the sound to the five realms of the universe.
Meridian emperor received a call without exception, and the report of the beauty Taoist in Mezen was extremely detailed, pointing out that if the current situation continues, there will be a hundred thousand legions of fangs. Including the most combative twenty thousand legions will be wiped out. Even if 30,000 fangs and super bosses in the airspace are coming to help, who can be sure that Qian Yan has no cause?
The analysis of Mo Qin’s beauty moralist points out very implicitly. The Fang-tooth 100,000 Legion can only withdraw from the battle immediately if it wants to retain its vitality.
Meridian emperor gave a wry smile, but he is much more clear than Mo Qin’s beauty Taoist. If Qian Yan’s prince has the means to fight against the 30,000-tusk super-boss who came to the rescue, then the 100,000-tusk legion who is now in war has no chance to escape, which means the loss will be settled. Of course, all this has to wait for the arrival of Fang’s 30 thousand super-big brother, and Qian Yan’s demon king can only make a decision by using follow-up means.
"Withdraw, the other side chase, fangs legion has no chance to escape. It is the right way to fight flexibly and persist in waiting for help. I will let reinforcements to speed up the rescue … "
The meridian emperor sent back a message to convey the spirit of China.
At the same time, it also played several sounds to the infinite airspace.
After the message was sent, the Meridian Emperor wanted to think, called in Mo Qin’s little boss, and asked her to step up the training of the Fang Yuan Shen Xiu Corps. If the situation in the boundless airspace was dangerous, he would send a Fang Yuan Shen Xiu Corps to the Xingyuan World.
"Xingyuan world, I am determined to win. Qian Yan, even if the crisis of deep cold and silence does not occur, I will destroy Xingyuan Jietian with the army. The game between you and me has just begun. Although you are good at coping, I don’t believe that my 10 billion-year reserve is a vegetarian. "
There is a thought in the meridian, and the battle situation in the boundless airspace near the star is getting hotter and hotter.
Twenty years of endless fighting, for the combatants, is like a year, for the commander is on pins and needles, but in fact, it’s just a moment. The Mohist Taoist tried her best to fight for thousands of years, and finally made it to 30,000 super bosses to help, but it was also this time that the 100,000-tusk legion and the 30,000-tusk legion assembled again ushered in a more violent blow.
According to the established strategy, Tianxin released 40,000 super bosses from the nine-day Hualian manned sea.
Wan Yuekong searched for war, and 10,000 entered the airspace battlefield, singing for the Fang Legion.
The battle between super bosses and super bosses. That is, in the boundless airspace, it’s a battle that has been fought for thousands of years, but the world repair is different. They are all repaired in the world, and the super bosses have the means to deal with the world. Therefore, in the case that the sky is falling, there are more than 10,000 super bosses, and the fangs world repair corps begins to collapse.
The beauty Taoist of Mezen knows that the 130,000 tusk world is finished.
The Meridian Emperor, who received the news from the battlefield, frowned, and Qian Yan, the demon king, was really careless. Where did he get the 48 thousand super boss? In the boundless world, there has never been any news or breath of these super bosses. You know, the infinite airspace, almost all the heavens and the earth are taken captive by meridian. Qian Yan appeared in the boundless world, but it took tens of millions of boundless years, and in tens of millions of boundless years, the boundless world may produce big bosses, but sterilization can’t produce super big bosses.
"The high-level surface must be a high-level surface."
The meridian emperor murmured.
"But the boundless world has been disconnected from the upper bound of chaos, and it is impossible to cross this section full of all kinds of prohibitions only by the cultivation of super bosses. There must be something I don’t know for the cultivation of super-big brothers. "
Five words popped up unexpectedly in the mind of the Meridian Emperor, "Two instruments went to the mainland." But he couldn’t believe it. Where the bird doesn’t pull to death, it can breed life, and there may be people soaring in the sky. But it can’t be as many as tens of thousands, and those who soar will not obey the orders of Qian Yan.
It should be said that there is nothing wrong with the Meridian Emperor’s thinking. What is wrong is that he has omitted some things, such as more than 10 billion years of absence from the two-instrument subcontinent. For such a long time, the two-instrument subcontinent has been in the star world. If nothing changes, it will be really strange. Of course, the Meridian Emperor not only dared to be so sure, but also had his reasons. It’s just that the Meridian Emperor never imagined that the two-instrument subcontinent was not the continent he knew was all wrapped in black and bright empty layers. It is a continent where a part of the black and bright void has been replaced by the black and dark void that carries the crisis of deep cold and extinction. Although the mixed stars and stars in the dark sky can’t cover the two-instrument subcontinent, the interest can always transform and promote the two-instrument subcontinent to a certain extent in the endless years. And make the chaotic Yin and Yang get the opportunity to evolve creatures.