Frightened, this fellow hurriedly waved the red copper sand, and then spread his feet and ran away in the distance. I ran seven or eight hundred miles in one breath, and when I looked up, the dark clouds were still chasing me.

"If you want to kill, kill, why are you so grinding?" Wang was so angry that he jumped up and cursed the dark clouds overhead. This fellow hoped that after some painful scolding, he could let the people hidden in the dark clouds come out to fight with him. In this way, it is also saved to continue to bear the unknown and inexplicable danger.
The idea was good, but after some painful scolding, the dark clouds did not move, and there was a strong wind blowing, and the dark clouds did not shake, as if they were born to be Wang Guang’s magic weapon.
In anger, he manipulated the filthy gourd to attack the dark clouds overhead. He never thought that thousands of bones and heads were stuck in the air and could not be approached. He also used the magical power of Yin Lei to get close to the dark clouds. At that time, this fellow forgot his fear and just cursed the people in the dark clouds to tease himself.
After a day and a night of walking and cursing, this fellow completely lost his temper. Think about it, but I think of the words that the tunnel people said. So I gritted my teeth, leaned forward and flew to the capital of the imperial dynasty, wanting to ask the crack tunnel people why they didn’t let him absorb those soul grievances.
There was nothing to say all the way. After this fellow returned to Tianyu’s imperial capital, the sight immediately surprised him. I saw hundreds of black clouds gathered over the whole capital. The small ones are only three or five feet in Fiona Fang, and the big ones are seven or eight or even more than ten feet in size. Looking closely, I saw a practitioner under every black cloud.
Male or female, old or young. Some people stand still, and some people squat on the ground and draw circles. Some talked in a low voice with companions in similar situations, and some women drank wine, ate, drank and had fun. There are also crazy people walking around the city at random. In short, there are many kinds of images.
These practitioners didn’t say anything when they saw Wang Guang go to town, but went on with their own things. Before Wang Guang came forward to talk, the stranger in the distance felt his breath, so he found it.
"If you don’t listen to us, you deserve to end up today." I saw that there were dozens of Fiona Fang with dark clouds above his head, and most of the dozens of practitioners who followed him had dark clouds above their heads, the smallest of which was seven or eight feet in size, and they looked pale one by one. There was a sympathetic look at Wang Guang without a dark cloud on his head, and he opened his mouth and didn’t say anything.
"Infinite Buddha! Dare to ask what the dark clouds above your head mean? " Wang Guanggan laughed and was very embarrassed. However, this fellow is cheeky, and the embarrassment disappears instantly, so he opens his mouth and asks himself the most concerned question.
"That’s all! I won’t tell you the truth. The dark clouds overhead are deadly things. Do you know now? "
"Taoist friends explain in detail." Wang Guang couldn’t help but turn over a supercilious look, but he suddenly felt ashamed of what he had done a few days ago. He now absolutely believes that the incident that the stranger stopped him from absorbing the ghost a few days ago has something to do with the dark clouds overhead now.
"You don’t have to be ashamed. Although we are a killer, if we look at a person pleasing to the eye, as long as he doesn’t hurt our life, we will definitely try our best to help." Cracked tunnel people with a snort of cold, but it seems that there is not much anger on his face.
"I heard from the master of Zongmen that the dark clouds overhead are the punishment of heaven and earth for us. Because of our bloodthirsty nature, we have been waiting for disaster today. If you spend it, there may be some benefits. If you don’t spend it, it is the final outcome. " Crack tunnel people sink a voice said.
"Infinite Buddha! I won’t let lightning strike me and wait for everyone! " Hearing this, Wang Guang was shocked. The words of the stranger who just cracked reminded him of the murals he saw on a stone wall when he was hanging out in the bloody abyss.
The mural depicts people killing tens of millions and rivers of blood. Then the dark clouds gathered overhead, and then lightning came out of the dark clouds to chop the man. Finally, the mural shows that the man was chopped into a mass of fly ash by lightning and dissipated between heaven and earth.
The tunnel digger took a slightly surprised look at Wang Guang, then nodded and said, "It was lightning that fell from the dark clouds, and we fled there, and this lightning was chopped there. There is no other way but to be hard. "
Wang Guang listened, and his head was dizzy, so he didn’t turn over and fell.
"Isn’t it that Taoist friends are afraid?" One side has a practitioner to speak. When Wang Guang looked around, he saw that the man was dressed in the clothes of a disciple who lived outside the clan. However, his magic was already very powerful, and he must be about to condense the elixir and become an elixir teacher.
"I have never been afraid, but I just don’t understand why this dark cloud will chop us down and leave them alone." This fellow pretends to shake the dust in his hand, and then points out that several practitioners with no dark clouds overhead sink a voice and say.
"At first, this seat was also confused. Later, I asked everyone carefully and got guidance from the master and the patriarch. Finally, I understood the origin of the dark clouds overhead." Cracked tunnel people grinned. Seeing Wang Guang’s eyes fixed on himself, he continued slowly: "If you kill too much, there will be dark clouds. The more powerful the mana, the sooner the dark clouds will come. Those Dan teachers in Zongmen have suffered from dark clouds and lightning chopping. It’s my turn to wait for everyone today. "
"Can Dan Shi die?" Wang guang’s heart thumped, and it took him a long time to ask aloud.

Chapter seventy-nine Don’t complain about what you deserve.
"There are many people who kill too much, and there will be no death?" Crack tunnel people with a snort of cold. "At first, I thought it would be some time before the dark clouds came to the top. I never thought it would be our turn so soon."
Wang Guang was silent. What he was thinking about was the impact of the death of Dan Shi in Zongmen. Moreover, according to his estimation, this Dan teacher has a dark cloud to overwhelm the disaster, and so do those who have not become Dan teachers. Presumably, the Yuan God and even the practitioners like deification will also suffer such a disaster. It can’t be said that this disaster has passed, and the pattern of the whole practice world will change.
Two people talk again, finally crack tunnel with his men to leave here. Wang Guangze found a vacant room at will to have a rest. As for the dark clouds overhead, I ignored them. After all, those Dan teachers can’t get rid of the dark clouds. How can he do it as a little practitioner?
After three or five days, I got the answer in my heart, and I was not too nervous about the danger overhead. On this day, while he was polishing his magic, he only heard a loud noise between heaven and earth. Before he could react, a lightning bolt was chopped on his head.
Fortunately, he had been prepared, and the red copper sand on his head turned to resist. An arm-thick bolt of lightning chopped on the red copper sand, only shaking the red copper sand, almost scattering copper pills all over the floor.
"Is this coming?" Wang Guang looked up and looked up through the broken roof, only to see that the dark clouds overhead had changed into dozens of feet at some time. Dark clouds creep, and lightning rolls around in them. Too late to be surprised, I quickly sprayed several mana into the red copper sand, which stabilized the red copper sand.
Just sprayed a few mana to enhance the power of red copper sand, and another lightning fell from the dark clouds. This lightning is still the thickness of the arm, hitting the red copper sand, only to hear a loud click, like a millstone rotating red copper sand was instantly blown up, and thousands of copper pills were banned and destroyed, or fell down.
"Good power." Wang Guangxin was surprised, and hurriedly pulled the waist gourd and threw it to the top of his head, and took out nine sandalwood from the treasure bag to light it.
The vile gourd spewed out a stream of black smoke, which rolled and burst, and ten thousand white and smooth skulls emerged from it. These skulls are all reduced to the size of thumb, and they are crowded together to form a millstone-like rapid rotation. The ghosts and wolves howl from the skull, which leads to the evil wind around them, which is murderous.
It was too late to feel distressed that the red copper sand was destroyed, and another lightning bolt chopped it down. This time, before the lightning fell, it was resisted by the filthy gourd controlled by Wang Guang. I saw that thousands of skulls opened their mouths and spewed out boundless and filthy gas, which condensed into a three-foot skull in the air and swallowed the lightning in one gulp.
Swallowing the thunder and lightning, the skull twisted a few times and dissipated in the air. Then there were several thunderbolts, each more powerful than the other. In the end, the smoke condensed by bones and skeletons could not resist the lightning, so Wang Guang had to manipulate the bones and skeletons to resist, and at that time he lost about half of his skull.
After the eleven thunderbolts fell, Wang Guang saw that the dark clouds overhead were still not shrinking, but his filthy gourd had lost about half of its skull, and suddenly he was so nervous that he thought he could not resist the thunder and lightning behind him.
Although a little depressed, but this fellow is also malicious, shoveled mana into the magic weapon for free. This filthy gourd was nourished by magic power, and suddenly it soared to the size of ten feet. Endless black smoke came out of the gourd and condensed on the top of the head.
The dark clouds overhead seemed to leave him time to prepare. This time, the dark clouds rolled and wriggled, and it took more than an hour to chop down a lightning bolt.
This lightning is only the thickness of a baby’s arm, and it scatters endless blue light and hits Wang Guang’s head. Millions of layers of black smoke are like paper meeting a flame, which is instantly broken down. Thousands of bones and skulls rotate to resist, and they are blown to powder just by the lightning.
After destroying thousands of bones and skulls, the thunder and lightning still did not weaken, and wait for a while continued to chop down. Wang was shocked, and without considering the damage to his mana, he bit the tip of his tongue and opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of Jingxue, which melted into the filthy gourd.
With the help of his JingXie, this gourd rose sharply to absorb lightning into its belly.
I saw a splash of blue light on the black and purple gourd, and the blue light scattered in the blink of an eye, and the huge filthy gourd instantly broke into tens of millions of pieces.