Li Guanyun is very comforted and secretly wants to send him to the United States to study and send tens of thousands of dollars. It’s not a waste of effort. It’s not a waste of time. The family business can be safely given to him. After decades of hard work, he can go to Hong Kong to help him take care of his children and worry about his life.

It’s just different when you come back from America. You can see so much and go so far, unlike your two sons who went to France for several years and learned nothing. Wu Shounan was filled with emotion and asked, "Which university did you go to in America?"
Thinking that the president of the Republic of Vietnam should be an adviser to his alma mater in the future, Li Min smiled unexceptionally and said, "I barely got into the business school of Michigan State University and studied financial management for several years."
Compared with Harvard, Princeton and other well-known American institutions of higher learning, Michigan State University is not particularly famous, but people get in by the real thing, unlike many Chinese Yin Shang children who go to France to study with money.
Wu Shounan nodded slightly and smiled while greeting him to sit down. "People, my family and Changchun have just come back. You are all young people. You should walk around more and visit my house sometimes."
"I should have visited three uncles earlier. It’s black and blue that hinders my outlook and makes me ashamed to see people."
"Then wait until the injury is healed."
It’s really a shame for young people to go out like this. Wu Shounan smiled sideways and said, "I think the three people are very reasonable. Anyway, when the Vietnam League hits Saigon for a while, we can wait and see first, but the river business can’t be done any more. It’s time to withdraw."
Li Guanyun echoed, "If you are not afraid of 10,000, you should plan early."
Boss Qian put out his cigarette butts and worried. "It’s best to go to the guild hall one day and talk to Mr. Ma. There are many hipsters who can wake up and help, but they can’t watch them being liquidated by the Viet Cong."
In the eyes of the Viet Nam Union, most Chinese are capitalists and exploiters. chaozhou people has always been known for its unity, and this proposal has been unanimously recognized by all.
In case Saigon can’t guarantee where to go in the future, it will become an issue.
Li Jia has an industry in Hong Kong. Li Guanyun naturally proposes to go to Hong Kong and intends to slowly transfer his business to Hong Kong from now on. Wu Shounan is familiar with Malay and wants to go to Malaysia or Singapore. Boss Qian and Boss Zhang want to go to Thailand, and the Philippines has a good environment.
After nearly half an hour of discussion, the four of them finally decided to send people to several places to see and contact their fellow villagers and customers to prepare for refuge in the future.
Li Min was not qualified to take part in such a decision before he took over the family business. He sat respectfully with his sister and served tea to four elders.
The war is tight, so is the plane ticket. You can’t buy it with money.
Where do they go first? Li Jia’s passenger and cargo ship just talked about when the "Greater China" ship came out of Saigon to make a noise.
Go out and have a look. The bark pickers are fighting again!
A dozen residents waved sticks and chased two foreigners, one in his forties and one in his teens. Although his face was in rags, so many people besieged him and were able to fight back and hide from two giant trees nearly one meter in diameter. A dozen people would not be able to get close to them for a while.
Pingchuan sent the police not far from here, and if anyone died, they would blackmail him.
Pricking bark can be done, but you can’t fight in the wood factory, and you can’t kill people. The heirs have dealt with such an emergency. They immediately threw books and called the guards of the wood factory and the drivers of the transport team to encircle them. "Stop it!" If you want to fight, go somewhere else and call someone else. What about you? Put the stick away! And don’t come here to pry the bark after you give birth to me again. "
"Do you hear me? Stop calling the police!"
It’s not 1: 00 or 2: 00 in chaozhou people. There’s a riot in the United Wood Factory. The chaozhou people Department of the nearby warehouse and factory came running and clamored for all kinds of guys. If you don’t stop, you’ll have to fight.
It’s even worse if you offend the poor people who dare to fight with them. If you offend them, you can’t even eat. The heirs glared at each other and put sticks on their backs. Bags of bark hung their heads and birds and animals scattered.
"It’s okay. Go home."
Heirs dug out a few boxes of cigarettes from the driver’s pocket of the motorcade and gave them to Chaozhou villagers who came to help. They didn’t run to the factory gate until they were sent away. He said with a wry smile, "Sir, you can’t go like this. It’s been called three times this month."
Hands-on people are not Vietnamese, nearly half of them are refugees, they can’t speak dialects, they can’t climb the villagers, and they can make a living without the help of five guild halls.
Li Guanyun sighed lightly and said with a straight face, "You have to give them something to eat. Keep an eye on it and don’t let them kill."
To his surprise, Li Min suddenly jumped into the wood and pulled the besieged middle-aged man in Mandarin and asked, "Listen to the accent. How did you come to Xidi from the northeast? There are not many northeast people here."
Running from the car, dressed in elegant clothes, a pair of polished leather shoes and sunglasses look very foreign. Don’t ask, you will know that it is a rich gentleman.
Wang Jingui pulled his son behind him for fear that he was young and ignorant and caused trouble. Then he enlarged the package and said carefully, "Back to the gentleman, we are from the northeast. The child is sick on Fuguo Island. The island lacks medical care and medicine. I want to come and work to make money, but I have never found a business."
My brother must be kind again. My little girl is afraid that he will be deceived and come over and ask, "Are you * * in Fuguo Island?"
"The First Corps Chief Huang has been evacuated to Vietnam for several years."
My little girl is not so gullible. She pursed her mouth and muttered, "Nonsense, the First Corps went to Taiwan Province early. My dad also visited Sir Huang on Fuguo Island. What’s the matter?"
Dozens of drivers and wood factory workers are eyeing up while the local strongmen are in trouble. Phoenix is not as good as chicken. Wang Jingui really dare not offend. He carefully explained that "Miss Hui’s big army went to Taiwan Province, but didn’t take it away. There are more than 100 people working in Vietnam’s married island."
On the eve of China’s liberation, Li Mihui, a Yunnan-born general of the Kuomintang, retreated to the Golden Triangle area on the Thai-Burmese border, where he planned to counterattack and beat the Burmese government forces to the ground. At that time, he retreated to foreign countries, not only the remnants of the third army, but also the first corps, which was little known.
After the defeat in Hunan, they retreated to Guangxi and were disarmed and entered Vietnam under the control of France, ready to "enter Vietnam by false way and transfer back to Taiwan"
They entered Vietnam from the pass, followed by the People’s Liberation Army and blocked the entrance. The new Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of China put pressure on the French side to accuse France of not allowing Kuomintang troops to enter the country since it was neutral in the China war.
French officials in Vietnam urgently asked Paris to instruct the French Commissioner in North and South Vietnam, General Alexandra, to tell Huang Jie that France would disarm public international law and not to intervene in the China war.
The French and Vietnamese authorities have another layer of consideration about whether to stay in Vietnam or not. They hope to select elites from them and build a strong strategic mobile force to curb the increasing number of people "crossing the alliance."
So the colonial authorities changed their temporary detention to house arrest, preferring to spend $30,000 a year to raise them, and in March 1995, they transferred the two middle camps, located in Mengyang, Beiqi, and Lyme Franc, to Fuguo Island in the south.
It was not until last year that Taiwan Province tried to allow them to go to Taiwan.
Li Min, a Vietnamese worker in his previous life, traveled to Fuguo Island in the past four years. He not only knew that there was a "Zionist Island" in Taiwan Province, but also knew that he had been a prisoner for three years. Huang Jie was praised as the "Su Wu of the Sea" and planned to take the revenge plan away from Fuguo Island of the Viet Cong as the first base.
The veteran who sent the door had to ask him to take a cigarette from Wang Bo and ask, "Why don’t you leave when the big army is gone?"
"When we first arrived at the island, we had to walk for miles to see a family full of jungles, no roads and no houses. The French should have little food on time. We cut down trees and built barracks to look for wild vegetables, and we had to take care of our wives and children before we fled to work as coolies."
Wang Jingui looked back at a glance with a face of frustration and then said, "Mr. Huang also wants to counterattack the island’s reorganized troops and practice fake guns. We didn’t take part in the reorganization and didn’t take part in the training, so we didn’t take us when we left the army for Taiwan Province."
The little girl frowned slightly and asked, "Are you a deserter?"
"I want to support my family and not run away. My wife and children have no way out."
Tens of thousands of people have been detained like prisoners. How many people have died of illness and starved to death in foreign countries? Is it interesting to engage in those flower stands in the so-called image of the national government? Just run away. At least be a responsible husband and a competent father.
Li Min helped him light a cigarette and asked with interest, "What rank should a child be in his forties when he is so old?"
"Back to the gentleman, my name is Wang Jingui. When Huangpu retreated to Vietnam in the eleventh period, I was a major."
"Huangpu Eleventh Phase?"
"In the 22 nd year of the Republic of China, Nanjing registered for the Japanese invasion of China at that time. Every day, Japanese troops occupied my territory, humiliated my people, and created troubles to report the national salvation. Many exiled students like me entered for the military school in July, and I was enrolled in the recruitment month. I was included in the second corps, the captain of Yilong No.1 Corps, the president of Jiang Zhongzheng, and Zhang Zhizhong, the education director."
It’s not surprising that Huangpu students seem to be popular in the first few issues and have fallen into such a field like him. After all, this is Vietnam, not Taiwan Province, and I can’t find it, and I’m a disgraced deserter.
Anyway, it’s fate to meet
Li Minheng got up and said, "Heirs, their father is strange, please arrange a job for them."
There are still people in Chaozhou who have no food to eat. How can there be so much work for the northeast people? Wang Bo woke up sadly and said, "Young Master Wood Factory is not short of people!"
"There is no shortage of people in the wood factory to go to the warehouse. There is no shortage of people in the warehouse. Let them get the boat right and give them some money to buy some medicine and try to help them take it to the island."
It’s not easy to make a living these days. My wife is sick like that. How can Wang Jingui miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and quickly pull her son to thank him repeatedly? "Mr. Xie has the strength to take us in. We can do anything. You are our second-generation parents. You are our hit person …"
After giving birth to a wife and children, an anti-Japanese war veteran who should have fought many wars, a once-respected officer was reduced to such a situation that Li Min patted his arm with mixed feelings and said, "Don’t thank me. Let’s work here first and talk to you later when I get back from the United States."
"I listened to the life of the gentleman and gave it to the young master Jingui. In the future, the young master will go through fire and water."
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Chapter VI Burning Cold Stove
There must be a reason for him to take in the father when he is older. It’s really no big deal. Li Guanyun didn’t object that Wang Bo could have Wang Jingui’s father sent to a warehouse not far away according to the gentleman’s request.
Send Wu Shounan and other Chaozhou bosses home in the same car.
A driver, Li Guanyun, went directly to the cart door of the Li family mansion on the drive-in hole street and walked into the office on the second floor before asking, "Are you going back to the United States?"
There are five Li family mansions in Saigon, but there are four Li family members.
It’s natural that such a big room can’t be the first to enter the office area. On the left is the "Nansheng Rice Industry" and on the right is the "Hefacheng Shipping" office. Guests who want to buy tickets to Hong Kong and Singapore or transport goods to Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur will come here to buy tickets or discuss the shipping industry.
There are workers in the wood factory, rice factory and shipping company, and there are also guys who go home after closing. The west dike has not settled down and lives with drivers and bodyguards. The second one is equivalent to a dormitory.
The third entrance is also the dormitory, but it is only for the captain, chief officer, crew, boatman and boatmen of the shipping company. It is very hard for the boatmen to run, and the room is very clean. When someone cleans and cooks, they will rest and don’t care about anything.