Magic Capital Fudan University vs. Beijing Tsinghua University.

The game went on to the eleventh round.
Although the magic capital Fudan University has strong hardware and powerful output, it is crushed by the opposite Beijing Tsinghua University.
"It’s not so good to call if you pick it up."
"The Devil’s Village in Fudan University, the magic capital, has been lost and wz has also been slaughtered. Although Han Xuanxuan’s Datang government output exploded, it has not been shot since the second round."
"If you go like this again …"
Sook didn’t say much. He bit his lip.
The former Beijing Pakistan commanded the urk battle, and he was also in the field. He did not see that Beijing Pakistan showed such strength.
Still angry?
Suk frowns.
The pk emotion of fantasy westward journey is a big problem.
If you are influenced by emotional contagion, it is easy to make a wrong judgment, and once you make a wrong judgment, it will have a chain reaction, which is also called one step wrong and one step wrong.
And the situation is not a leak in the eyes of Beijing.
As soon as the fist is tightly grasped.
It shouldn’t be like this!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-seven Shook his head
At the moment, the idea of Beijing bus is also the idea of students in the place.
Because in their minds, even if the command level of Beijing bus is not as good as Fang thought, it should not be too different. After all, Beijing bus still has a layer of old Murk aura, but at this time they found that the expectation seems to have a great deviation from reality.
It has been twenty-five rounds since Beijing-Pakistan conducted the magic capital Fudan University, and it has gradually fallen into the wind.
A team that goes beyond the ordinary million-dollar team hardware to play a team that doesn’t even have 3 holes actually fell into the wind.
Jingba … What the hell does he do?
Suk is anxious, but at this time he is the Beijing ba player who explains life and death in the whole battle.
And the magic capital Fudan University battle seats ended, Han Xuanxuan and Ruo Shuiguang all frowned.
From the very beginning, they could feel that Beijing bus was in a very wrong state today.
Super wrong!
In general, even if the command level is very general and the hardware gap is so large, it is impossible for Beijing and Tsinghua University to be like this.
A sure win turned out to be like this?
If the water took a deep breath, there were some words in his mouth ready to spit out, but he found Han Xuanxuan around him and shook his head to himself.
Looking at the end of the curtain is the same expression.
What the hell are these two seniors thinking? If we can’t let Beijing bus get lost at this time, then they may lose the game, and once they lose the game, it will lead to 9 college leagues. After all, 9 college leagues are very cruel and wrong, and one game means that they will be eliminated if they lose.
"Connected words …"
Jingba took a breath. What should she do next?
His head is white.
He doesn’t even know what will happen now.
The 31 ST round of the game
"There’s another Cihang Pudu in Tsinghua University?"
"So they put two CiHang over there? Is the magic capital Fudan University * * *? Don’t even control the SP anger value of a family? "
Taiwan students can’t help but burst into swearing.
Previously, Fang Xiang commanded a few games that ended with Raleigh’s popularity. Originally, if they didn’t end the battle in a few rounds, it would be about ten rounds, right?
Unexpectedly, the command of Peking University, the magic capital of Fudan University, has reached more than 30 rounds, and it seems that it is still going to be defeated from the scene.
It’s also about Beijing Ba. At the same time, the eyes of these students can’t help but sweep to the man in the middle of the field at the moment.
Brother SK should be having a hard time at this time, right?
"Suk …"
Ah Wan doesn’t know what to say. Yuan and Suk came here to witness the victory of Han Xuanxuan and others, but judging from the eye situation, Han Xuanxuan and them seem to be losing.
There is no answer. Suk’s eyes are tightly fixed on the battle seat of Fudan University.
Even forgot to explain, and at this time, no one will say anything about Suk, not only because of Suk’s identity, but also because they can feel Suk’s feelings at this time
The 43rd round of the field
"Now we can see that Han Xuanxuan, the Tang government and Ruoshui Wuzhuangguan in the magic capital Fudan University have all been killed, and there are two BB left in front of them. If we go according to this situation, it should be the victory of Beijing Tsinghua University."
Forty rounds ago, Haowen was handed over to Suk to explain, but after watching several rounds, Suk kept silent. By the time of forty rounds, Haowenshi didn’t resist carefully asking Suk if he wanted to explain. Suk didn’t answer, but he nodded lightly and sighed before Haowencai took over the command.
To tell the truth, even he didn’t expect such a situation to happen
If this is a CC live broadcast, if it is known that there are three former old Murk main players in Tsinghua University’s opponent Fudan University, he will definitely open a quiz and put all the money in his card on the winning side of Fudan University, but … The situation is obviously different from what he imagined.
"However, according to the rules of 9 college league matches, Magic Capital Fudan University is not without hope. We can see that this time, Magic Capital Fudan University played so hard because they directed the replacement, and then maybe the team members didn’t cooperate with each other so tacitly. If it can be dragged to a draw in 50 rounds, then an extra game can be played. If Beijing Bus can adjust its mentality and improve the tacit understanding of the players for half an hour, there may still be a chance."