Cold frost Pei a mouthful of "don’t talk nonsense. Li Fuda’s martial arts is not as easy to deal with as you think. You can’t make a move and get yourself into trouble. You are our Yang Ji military machinery expert. It’s none of your business to build machinery and practice shooting."

Being interrupted by her is to dilute the mood just now, and the whole person is in a better mood. Far away, I saw Markov riding a red hare, Yang Chengzu, and he snorted and urged the horse to join the chase.
According to the information in the letter, Hao Qingqing is still in Qinglong Mountain. Once in the three provinces, Lvlin Dazhai has now become the leader of Wenxiang Sect. It is inevitable that the leader will be suspended after Hao Yunlong’s funeral. Although Hao Qingqing failed to take over the throne of the leader, he is still in a stalemate.
Hao Qingqing, if she wants to go, naturally, no one stops her, and no one dares to stop her. But if she goes now, it means that she has given up the position of the leader. Two of them are so deadlocked. Recently, Liu Wuer, a woman in the Yang family, finally got pregnant and has an identity problem. She can stay in the house like a fairy, a red peony, etc. She can’t be martial arts and inconvenient to accompany. She can give Yang Chengzu as a counselor. There are two people, Leng Feishuang and Amy Yena.
Amy Ye Na obviously doesn’t have much interest in making suggestions. After reading some information, she shakes her head repeatedly, and then sits in Yang Chengzu’s arms and displays her other means to provoke a man. A well-trained war slave and warm the bed, she has a way to make a man forget his troubles and devote himself to her entanglement.
Leng Feishuang shook his head and took the letter and the information of Jinyi and read it several times. "The problem of the unstable foundation of Wenxiang Sect is that I said at the beginning that the development of Wenxiang Sect relies on pulling sheep to absorb strength from Bailian Sect and directly transfer it to myself. It can really develop rapidly and expand its strength in a short time, but in the long run, it is not enough to believe that Hao Yunlong is loyal when he is alive. It is also normal that he can’t be accepted by everyone when he dies."
When the Wenxiang Sect developed, it directly rebelled against many real people in the Bailian Sect, that is, the local altar masters and incense masters, who all took their followers to surrender. At that time, it was of great significance to rebel against the Wenxiang Sect and attack the Bailian Sect, but it also led them to become real people, and it was difficult to control them.
There is no shortage of local big clans and big business people who believe in Hao Yunlong, but they don’t believe that Hao Qingqing’s Smelling Sect was founded and Yang Chengzu became the emperor. It is really difficult to make millions of people join us by relying on the status of a leader’s daughter.
Cold frost Hao Qingqing was a very close sister at the beginning, scouring this old friend and her lover’s family business, and she really had to find a way to take this inheritance away.
At this time, Yang Chengzu was caught in a fierce fire and hugged the cold frost. "It’s easy for you to come here. You won’t be so bent around. Everything you encounter is done directly. It’s okay to be a green forest. It’s just bad for you to teach her how to get a few so-called magical powers out. Are you afraid you can’t fool people?"
Leng Feishuang blushed and obeyed him and picked herself up, saying, "You … you and Ye Na together first, and I’ll think about it again. It’s not impossible for you to say something, but it’s still not safe enough. After that, Qingqing elder sister wants to go home with you and teach things. She can’t handle everyone’s problems at any time. Who should she go to? Many people don’t support her as a leader. I think that’s what they mean. What they need is a leader who can help themselves solve problems at any time, not a noble family, such as a wife. She can be a patron, but it’s normal for a leader to refuse to be angry … This matter has to be discussed in a long-term way. "
And this team’s former Li Zongyun battalion soldier carried a large sum of money. It was an imperial imperial inspection of the trilateral imperial edict. After more than a dozen homing pigeons flew in the town of Yansui, they were replaced by fast horses and handed several orders from someone in the military town to the capital.
Outside the gate of the trilateral commander-in-chief Shuaifu, there was a costume full of red light, Luo Feihong’s smoke and flattery, and several Shuaifu aides came to the door to greet them. They were very warm, and they knew that Yang Yiqing was very close to his own commander-in-chief. It was very common not to take her as an outsider, but to jokingly ask her what she had come for.
Luo Feihong replied generously, "It’s nothing. My child’s father brought a large sum of money to visit us on three sides, so I have to ask my adoptive father to take charge of me. He has raised a child for several years. I will hang his head this time without giving me a hundred or two hundred thousand pieces of silver!"
Chapter one thousand and thirty-nine Revisit the old place
"This is Jing Zi. At the beginning, I officially met Qing Qing here. At that time, it was a piece of law here … and it was almost the same."
When Yang Chengzu’s guard entered Jingzi, it was almost noon, which was the busiest time in the whole town. The street was still full of pedestrians and caravans shuttling back and forth. The blacksmith’s furnace braked fire and forged weapons from morning till night. It kept ringing all the time, but its appearance was mediocre, but its figure was explosive, attracting pedestrians and attracting a large number of fighters to show their martial arts, hoping to be hired by the rich.
If there is anything different, it is that today Jing Zi is more prosperous and densely populated than when it first came, and some goods have also appeared in the market. Another point is that there are many more people wearing official clothes than secondary ones. In some places, you can still see flying fish Royal Guards.
This kind of local government power is not strong, but when a few security guards appear, local warriors will consciously avoid those security guards, touch them and then go to another stall to grab a handful of copper coins and put them in their pockets, which seems to be the representative of this local order.
Another difference is that there are a lot of incense-smelling teachings sold here, and there are some stalls selling incense-smelling teachings. A master has applied magic, incense, magical powers and blessed amulets, and so on. It is said that with these things, business can be guaranteed to flourish without accidents.
Many shops have put a small flag with the word incense on it. When you see these brocade clothes, the shops will not go in and get money. Those Jianghu people who are not so kind at first glance behave well when they see such shops. No one dares to touch these brains.
"Smelling incense teaching has really developed rapidly. If you buy it both in black and white, you will control such a big business road. It is no wonder that some people can’t sit still and want to take the whole smelling incense teaching."
Cold frost looked at the road scene and whispered to Yang Chengzu, "People die of wealth and birds eat food. If that person is ready to ask for money, I don’t mind giving him a ride. There are always people who can make some money for a specific group of people, and they always want to make money. When they shouldn’t make money, they can’t blame others."
Although this team of them is disguised as a caravan, it is large in scale and armed. Most people will know that they are masters by their expression. No one dares to provoke those murderers who patrol the streets. Seeing this team has also aroused alarm. Two people leaned in to interrogate Huo Qiu and immediately greeted him with a few words. When the two brocade clothes changed their faces, they quickly disappeared. When they arrived at the inn, they just settled down in Jinyibai and came to hand them.
The 100-year-old Shi Gangchang looks like a bandit with a big face. It’s natural that a robber can do jinyi in a place like this. He has also done a lot of shady activities on weekdays, and he is particularly afraid of the chief executive’s tracing. After seeing Yang Chengzu, he kowtowed repeatedly and then rushed to plead guilty.
"Lady Qing’s taking charge of the leader’s disadvantage is all a matter of asking the viceroy to punish her, but her humble position is also a matter of suffering. The villain is a hundred people whispering, and there are not many handles. There are hundreds of desperate departments in this acre of land, but I can’t talk about it. The most important thing is that those who oppose Lady Qing are not behind a few big businessmen, and there are also people behind Yang Yiqing Yang’s handsome villain. But don’t worry, Lady Qing has no problem. Qinglong Mountain eats well and lives well. No one dares to offend your sworn brothers. Command Lu brought a QinBing not long ago. It is said that Qinglong Mountain came to Mrs. Qing to support the viceroy’s brotherly command. When he came to Ann with a new army, he wouldn’t worry about how to deal with those people. Just listen to the viceroy’s words and say nothing. "
Liu Bing was sent to the Yansui New Army, and a general was given the title of commander in command. He didn’t have much prestige in his young army, so he might not really be able to control the soldiers. But it’s no problem to become sworn brothers in the future. Just control the troops and make a confirmation to see if these ten battalions can be retained or must be removed.
He brought a new army to come over, and this favor is also to be recognized. After all, in a place like Northwest China, fists often represent everything. Hao Qingqing has such a new army in his hand and her old team with guards in Qinglong Mountain, so he can protect himself. If she is okay, he will not be in a hurry.
Yang Chengzu ordered a few words to be kept secret. Don’t say that things are everywhere. Shi Gang nodded repeatedly. "Small people are trusting. People may be a little stupid, but they will never leave the air leakage. What is the command of the viceroy? I will do it."
It can be seen that the excitement and nervousness of a security officer in such a small place when he sees such a big shot are due to both the desire to please the chief executive and the fear of being punished for failing to do something well in the past. In this state, people had better let him do whatever you want.
Yang Chengzu chatted for a few words and asked Jing Zi. Now the situation is very casual. He sent him away, and then he called the shopkeeper in. This inn was also where he lived. At that time, it was a famous industry of Wuding Hou Guoxun, but the shopkeeper gave protection to a small steward of the Guo family and borrowed the reputation of Wuding Hou Fu. Now it is a real Yang Ji firm.
The shopkeeper or the identity of that person has become Yang Ji’s employees’ respect for the owner’s nature. According to the style of most shopkeepers in this era, the account things are ready to wait for the owner to check the town, and the shopkeepers of Yang Ji’s shop have also been recruited to wait for the summons outside.
They are now the owners of Yang Ji’s staff, and they can decide whether they will rise or fall in honor or disgrace in a word. In terms of life, they are nervous. Compared with Shi Gang, Yang Chengzu was very easygoing. The shopkeeper pulled a few words of homeliness again. When he lived here himself, the shopkeeper’s mood slowed down a little. He asked again the difference here. After chatting for a while, he seemed to say,
"What do you think about the leader of Wenxiang Sect? Yang Ji and Wenxiang Sect have always been partners. Many important people in the Sect are also our partners in Yang Ji’s life. You must know something about them. There is no pressure to talk casually, including Yang Ji’s operation here. Say what you think. I am not from here, and I am not too clear about the operation here. It is good for me to say that I have a big reward here."
The shopkeeper is hesitant, but Yang Chengzu is a heart-to-heart kind. If you don’t say anything, it doesn’t seem to be good. At this time, you can also join the persuasion at the right time, and finally let the shopkeeper make up his mind to say that he is almost the same as most shopkeepers here in Jingzi. Yang Ji’s business philosophy is very problematic.
Chapter one hundred and forty I won’t speak first when spring comes.
"Let’s Yang Ji pave a lot, but we don’t make enough money. Although we run a lot of money-making industries, the goal set by the owner is always to limit profit. We are tantamount to guarding the golden rice bowl and finally begging for food. It is a joke to be known by our peers."
Jing Zi, a prosperous place, has a wide range of fields. Yang Ji is also a very powerful firm here. Some scholars in the imperial examination can’t get a cashier or a steward. They have knowledge and culture. In this era, it is normal for high-quality talents to have their own opinions or opinions on management and operation.
An old shopkeeper like this is a shopping mall who has been mixed up for most of his life, but his talents may not be high, but he always has a vision and his own understanding of management.
"Like grain, Shaanxi Province, with more than 200,000 border troops on three sides, grain can make a lot of money, but the current owner doesn’t want us to make money from the border troops. This really makes us wonder. Although we are not shopkeepers, the assessment of the grain company is based on the strength of their implementation. How much money their owners earn is not the standard for the assessment of silk and satin, and the jewelry store is different from the store. The situation in Qinglong Mountain is almost the same. Many people who smell incense don’t have any opinions on the development direction of the fragrance teaching in the future."
"In the second year of Jiajing, Shaanxi earthworm rolled over and killed a lot of people, and Qinglong Mountain was also affected. It was not too many people who died. Master Hao had a large number of medicinal materials in his hand. At that time, many people were injured, and many medicinal materials rose ten times. Everyone could make a fortune, but in the end, these medicinal materials were sold at a fair price, so no one rebelled, but we didn’t make any money. Like a villain, this shop was commanded by the owner at that time. It was also a waste to pay for the relief materials. It was the court that we were businessmen. Thinking about how to make money is not about not letting people starve to death and rebel. Besides, it is not necessarily a bad thing that some people can’t afford food and clothes. How can they sell their fields to us and be workers for us? In the past two years, our artificial rise in Shaanxi is still a matter of food prices. "
Kan Kan, the shopkeeper, talked about the fact that many grass-roots shopkeepers in Yang Ji are still a little loyal in this era, thinking that they should seek high benefits from their families if they get high benefits. For example, once these shopkeepers retire, not only women can enter Yang Ji and enjoy retirement benefits from a very high starting point, but also a considerable number.
With this kind of interest involved, they naturally hope that Yang Ji will prosper and don’t want such a golden mountain to suddenly collapse, so that they can rely on other ideas in their later years or how Yang Ji can make money and compress the supporters. Moreover, Yang Ji’s rules and regulations are also very difficult for them to make a fortune themselves
Yu Wenxiang taught those people to get rid of the grass-roots parishioners and outsiders to join the church. There are benefits to get through a certain trade route or border trade. Others hope that they have such an amulet and an extra boost and bargaining chip when the government negotiates. Whether the court wants money or food, Wen Xiang teaches people to come forward and help them, so they can’t be held too hard by the government.
For most parishioners, if they are loyal to the imperial court, they certainly don’t believe it. Even if the mainstream of the doctrine of smelling incense is to teach people to be loyal to heaven, it is the incarnation of the God, and long live the letter, which can fool the middle-level Christians, how can they be fooled by their own theories?
At the beginning, they had opinions on these modes of operation, but Hao Yunlong forced the pressure and didn’t make any big waves. Now Hao Qingqing is not qualified to make a town after his death. It is mainly an attitude for these people to ask her to see what policy Wenxiang teaches will pursue in the future, especially some big leaders are not satisfied with tinkering around the edges and want Wenxiang to make real money.
"It is very profitable for the imperial court to resume the Sino-French transportation of grain into the border, but the food price can no longer be like this. We Yang Ji now controls the grain transportation in Shaanxi, and we can make the food price rise by 50% with a little effort, and then say a few words in the court to let Viva reward the soldiers of the Nine Sides. This money will be turned around in our bank first, and then it will be another income. When Yang Ji makes money, the men in the border army will be happy, which is actually a happy thing."
Yang Chengzu’s face is also very kind. "This opinion is very good. As I said, I’m not from here. I don’t know a lot of things. Like you said, I didn’t see business opportunities. You can see this. It’s commendable. Did you come up with all these things yourself?"
The shopkeeper smiled. "Little people dare not be greedy for this credit. This is why we shopkeepers usually think about whether we can live more years and have more experience than our owners. Sometimes we may see more owners who are kind and want to be bodhisattvas and loyal subjects, but we businessmen always want to be bodhisattvas. Besides, if we have more money, we can build more courtyards and invite more gentlemen to teach children to read. This is also a great merit of good deeds."
Yang Chengzu seemed very interested in his proposal, and took him to chat for a while before sending people out. After all, he was a leader in his previous life, and now he is an official. There is always the shopkeeper who decided that he was appreciated by his owner because of his constructive opinions until he left.
In the back, several shopkeepers are Yang Ji Jing Zi, the person in charge of the big shop, and their opinions are similar to that of the shopkeeper. Wait until the last person goes out with a cold frost and snow a smile. "These people really want to feel at ease when they are shopkeepers. What do you want to do? Most of them have to be unplugged themselves. I didn’t expect that even Sun’s rice bowl was broken."
"I’m a little confused about why it’s so difficult for Qingqing to take over. This problem is not that she is my body, but she’s a silly girl who can’t think so far. She’s probably to blame herself for not being pregnant now, but she shouldn’t be too sad. Please help me persuade her."
Leng Feishuang nodded. "What should these shopkeepers say?"
"What else can we do to sort out one and then rectify one Yang Ji? We have been rectifying it from its establishment to reality, but it seems that it is not in place yet. This time, we are going to make some big moves, or even some people will jump up and ruin my event."
Chapter one thousand and forty-one Which worm dares to do it
When late every day, Liu Bing, a thousand Duan Biao from Shaanxi Jinyi, brought a group of people to come to the pier to see his brother Duan Biao. Yang Chengzu once changed his post, but with the change of his identity, even if Yang Chengzu was out, Duan Biao would shout a viceroy, but he wouldn’t really be able to call his brother.
Liu Bing is more casual to meet. He called the eldest brother first, and then Yang Chengzu sat down. "Don’t worry about the mountains over there. Those people dare not do anything to her, but they are ashamed to hear that they have alerted you to your wife’s sister-in-law. After meeting you, you have to coax her yourself. And you have to tell her that I have to make meritorious deeds before the army. Don’t rush to find my mother’s engagement."
Qingqing people are sincere and don’t have much wisdom in officialdom. Liu Bing is really looking at this enthusiasm like his brother. Liu Bing is very moved, but on the other hand, she is as busy as a passionate peasant woman to get a wife for her brother-in-law, which makes Liu Bing a bit big.
He is still young and has a big mind, and he doesn’t want to get married too early to tie himself down. For Qingqing’s kindness, he refused to come to Yang Chengzu for mercy. I want to talk to Qingqing recently and give him a matchmaker.
See Yang Chengzu a face of smile Liu Bing quite some regret worry that the good couple will join hands to make a marriage for themselves and repeatedly charged.
"I really don’t want to get married because I have something important to do now. Besides, my mother is not in such a hurry to hold her grandson and let Qingqing mind your business. Just don’t worry about me. It’s not too late for me to take over the things. It’s not clear that eldest brother needs help. I will definitely do it."
He is wise and brave, but he is not weak in that type of strategy, but it is precisely because of this that he will not regard himself as a feather fan, and Zhuge Liang knows that there will be no such people in the world. The so-called strategy is to make plans based on intelligence information, and it will be even worse to make suggestions at random.
Duan Biao said, "We have a lot of people in the Wenxiang Sect and have a lot of information about them. According to common sense, we will arrest anyone who doesn’t obey. They don’t want to rebel yet, and it’s easier to deal with it. But this time it’s not that way. There are a lot of opponents. If we arrest people, almost the whole Wenxiang Sect will be arrested, and this Sect will be scattered."
Liu Bing took the words "there are people behind those people, and their backer is Shanxi merchants. These people have been helping the border troops to transport food, including military equipment, without their building. There has always been a way to transport here, which is hand-eye borne. This time, several big business gangs in Shanxi came out and said that they would join hands with Wenxiangjiao to do business, or they would rob the market with Yang Ji. These people gave higher profits. Those Wenxiangjiao people were tempted and Yang Yiqing also forbade us to arrest people indiscriminately. Everything was so deadlocked that there was no master of Wenxiangjiao in the future, and nothing could be discussed. Shanxi people didn’t talk about Yang Ji or Yang Zhi Shuai. I don’t know what he was worried about. This trilateral system didn’t talk, and we couldn’t do anything well. "
Duan Biao was a little embarrassed. "The viceroy handed over such an important place to the genus, but he couldn’t get things done well. There were negative viceroy’s entrustment to ask the viceroy to drop the military law."
"You two have worked hard to master so much news, but it’s a great contribution. What else can you do to teach me military law and smell incense? When I find a way to get people myself, you can escape. What’s the situation like in Shaanxi? I also need you to give me an answer."