In cross-country turbulence, the blade of the palm is obviously something to break apart!

It’s also because cross-country has a certain confidence in the secret technique of the whirlwind. When the cross-country palm slaps on the dark part, the sneer at the corners of the mouth turns into a faint smile!
Suspected cross-country, that’s the feeling that the dark side is in a whirlwind, and the power must be losing its fighting ability!
But in a second, suddenly "om" rang!
In an instant, cross-country makes the wind feel that something is broken in the palm of the wind. In the cross-country idea, the broken thing must be the flesh and blood meridians in the dark shoulder are in the bones!
Who wants to "hum" one after another, one after another, one after another, black matter actually emerges!
Then in the cross-country that slightly stunned pupil turned out to be that mass and mass of black matter shattered!
On the contrary, it was the dark shoulder that hit the palm blade of the cross-country whirlwind, as if it were not injured!
And it just happened that when the cross-country eyes were slightly stunned, a mass of black matter came out again along the right arm of the secret department, and soon it spread along the shoulders of the secret department in the cross-country body!
When cross-country came to my senses and perceived what the clouds of black matter were, then cross-country was very shocked to find that the clouds of black matter were actually devouring his body, chakra!
"What the hell is it?"
"It seems that I haven’t heard that the family in Muye Village has the secret art of devouring others!"
Secretly heart, a cross-country seal quickly made a body double, which was the possibility of chakra’s continuous consumption from that mass of black matter.
But after body double’s operation, he saw the dark side commander’s mass and mass of black substances, and even his arm didn’t need to be there to control those black substance attacks. When he came, he suddenly gave birth to a bold guess!
That guess is that the dark part in front of his eyes is a ninja of Muye Village Oil Girl!
The mysterious insect control family!
Oil girls endure the dark side!
Chapter 195 Dark Root ()
The oil girl clan is a very mysterious family!
Although cross-country is familiar with the original plot, in terms of understanding the oil women, except for some secret skills of the oil women, the rest are shrouded in mysterious clouds. It’s really cross-country, and even if you want to know it, you can’t understand it.
After all, in the original story, there is a characteristic of the oil girl clan that there is no sense of presence!
The oil girl clan is really a family that is very good at hiding its own family, and it is simply a family born in the dark with no natural attributes!
of course
These are just cross-country ideas. In fact, apart from the fact that the secret department in front of us is an oil girl family, there are still very few people who really join the secret department.
Besides, cross-country is best known for the hermetic problems of oil women.
In cross-country, it seems that three words can always be used to control insects!
When the oil lady gens was very young, the elders of the family would implant some very special insects into the body of every oil lady gens. These insects grew up by devouring the host chakra and gradually became the host, that is, every oil lady gens made secret roots.
In the original plot, the people who are most familiar with cross-country oil girls must be Aburame Shino.
The Aburame Shino parasite named "sending bad worms" is the most commonly used worm of the oil women.
It’s like cross-country in front of the dark part. He made the parasite be Aburame Shino’s messenger. Cross-country saw that the dark part was covered in a windbreaker, and the only exposed face was wearing dark sunglasses. Only when cross-country was dressed up, did it have a little guess. Before guessing, the dark part was an oil girl.
Then wait until the cross-country really finds out that the dark part controls the black matter but sends bad bugs one after another. The cross-country is really sure that the dark part is the oil girl gens. Yes!
"It turned out to be the secret part of the oil girl clan. No wonder he can make some kind of swallow chakra’s occult arts."
"I think that guy just sent bad bugs over me and sent bad bugs to devour chakra and chakra?"
"Fortunately, chakra has just lost a lot, or we will be in trouble!"
"But I’m afraid I’ll have to spend some time just to deal with the occult skills of the oil women!"
"You can’t be as casual as before."
"Be serious!"
I know that everyone in the oil girl clan looks very low-key, but the strength is very scary.
Is almost in front of the recognized the secret part is the oil female gens instantaneous cross-country is a fiercely in the heart even eyes became dignified.
But in front of the cross-country, the secret department obviously didn’t feel the cross-country change.
Even though his performance before cross-country is beyond his expectation, he still feels that cross-country is a ninja who can easily deal with it.
So when the whole off-road person’s breath is like a drawn sword, which makes the elite ninja have to face it squarely, the secret part of the oil girl family obviously made a big mistake!
That is to still despise cross-country!
Control one piece after another and send bad bugs like black fog.
Seeing that the cross-country didn’t attack first, the secret department actually directly looked at the cross-country seal and then controlled one piece after another to send bad bugs, which was a direct attack!
"hermetic! Send bad bugs! "
"Insect jade!"