"That’s true!"
In fact, Tianxin still has a card in his hand. This card is the army of 1.4 billion heaven and earth imprisoned in the sea for nine days. Tianxin has decided to release these troops who have been locked up for more than 200 years. This billion troops don’t expect nearly 300 million fangs of them to attack meridian sky, but using them to attack the three-day alliance will definitely glow with strong combat effectiveness. Similarly, in an emergency of war, Tianxin can put 730 million troops of heaven and earth into the confrontation with Meridian, and the effect is absolutely shocking.
Just … At present, this billion-dollar army has only plans in its heart, but no entities, so it is not convenient to say.
Three-day alliance.
Adventure City has a calendar of 356 years. The Third Supreme was summoned by the messenger of the Meridian Emperor and gathered together to discuss countermeasures.
What do you mean by "Meridian Laoer"? It’ s really a loss for him to form an alliance! " Emperor Monroe quacked with laughter. "Let’s one day the army as long as back to half. Not to mention Adventure City, it is not a problem to win a big star! "
"After all, the old man was stung by a wasp’s tail. His broken thing was badly hurt, and the army couldn’t put out the near fire, so it could no longer pose a threat to Adventure City, so he wanted to use us as cannon fodder." Big Sui Jun despises the way.
"Ziwu Laoer is hateful, but Adventure City is not a good thing either." Big Sui Jun sighed. "Now the Lord of Adventure City is as smelly and hard as the star avatar of that year. When must we cure this guy!"
The Sanzhizun ended the meeting very late. Similarly, after the meeting, Sanzhizun returned to his own world and sent an envoy to Meridian. At that time, Adventure City calendar at the end of 356.
Star avatar, the most taboo and forgotten figure in the sky.
Star avatar is not a realm, but a hero of heaven and earth hundreds of millions of years ago, which is rarely mentioned in the book of endless stories, but this epic figure is described in some ancient heroic records collected by Tianxin.
At that time, the great stars and the heavenly places derived intelligent creatures, or the magical powers of the stars were the first natural creatures. According to legend, it was Xing Shentong who first discovered the wonderful use of the world and opened up a prosperous era of big stars, heavenly spirits and long creatures.
The fate of Star Avatar is not very good. About ten million years later, a more powerful figure came from Star Sky, who wanted to take Star Sky as his own. Of course, the star avatar refused to hold the sky with one hand, so there was a dispute.
The power of Star Avatar is beyond doubt. But he failed, his world group was smaller than the other’s, and he had only one sect, while the other had an army. Success and defeat, the failure of the star avatar is said to be a degree (absence) robbery in the big sky. No one knows the actual situation, but those who left their heroic aspirations said angrily that the star avatar had escaped into his own world. This man also predicted that when the supernatural powers of other stars came out of their own world, the big stars would shine again.
According to the ancient books, Tianxin does not intend to be archaeological. Hundreds of millions of years ago, when the stars and the sky were prosperous again, they could not prosper much. The vast world with millions of Taoists just developed remarkably. What Tianxin really cares about is a sentence in the classics, which says
After Tong escaped into his own world, the world was defeated by the guy of Star Avatar.
If so, in view of today’s big star world situation. Without intention, it is inevitable to spread many ideas. As far as Tianxin knows, even before his arrival, there was no dictator in Daxingtian, but many forces separated themselves. If you think about it carefully, it is not difficult to occupy the big sky with the cultivation of Meridian Emperor, Monro Emperor, Pilan Zun and Da Sui Jun. But the fact is, a few guys seem to have no interest in the big star day, and let the big star day evolve by itself. From the map of the infinite world, these guys even prefer to go to the distant world to explore, and they don’t take up this world that is close at hand.
This is a very strange thing!
Unfortunately, there is not much information. Tianxin has no way of knowing the truth of the matter, and can only boldly assume that Star Avatar may have got rid of the shackles. After all, in the Xingyuan world, then practitioners can directly ascend to the mixed heaven. Since Star Avatar dared to escape into his own world and was the first Taoist to discover the magical use of the world, it is hard to say that he did not know the secret of internal cultivation. Perhaps, it is precisely because of this that the Meridian Emperor, the Monro Emperor, the Pilan Zun and the Great Sui Juncai dare not make a big difference, and the four guys only try their best to expand outward in order to form a bigger force or improve their own cultivation. Against possible retaliation.
Of course, there are other possibilities. A few guys, for hundreds of millions of years Stay in Midday, Mongolia, Luo Tian, Punan and Dasui, which should be their goal.
Tianxin’s assumption is well founded. Take Emperor Monro, Pien Nan Zun and Da Sui Jun as examples. Their world has long been too light blue. It stands to reason that they should integrate with the light blue world and go to a higher level, but they didn’t. According to Tianxin’s experience from Dayan world group, Yu-level Taoists want to stay in this world and avoid the robbery of absence, so they have to practice the world group. Pull down the realm of high-quality world with low-quality world, so as to achieve the purpose of detention and gain greater strength. However, it is very difficult to practice in groups around the world. The threshold of the main world is very demanding, and its internal space should be above 240,000 star fields. Generally speaking, the world is light blue, and the internal space is only around twenty-four thousand star fields. Even if a world-class Taoist who knows all the ins and outs of the world group wants to practice the world group, it is rare. Because, before the space is enough, their combination with the light blue world will inevitably happen.
Compared with the Three-Day Alliance and the Three Sovereigns, the Meridian Emperor is even more unique. Because he has never seen the world or the world group, Tianxin is not sure whether the Meridian Emperor has cultivated the world, but judging from the fact that the emperor in the hands of the Meridian Emperor has fallen from heaven, the Meridian Emperor must be a higher figure in Bi Meng Luo Huang, Pi Nan Zun and Da Sui Jun.
The matter of the star avatar has gone away, and Tianxin can’t verify the truth of history. Only by holding on to the present, only according to the present situation of Meridian Day, Mon Luo Tian, Pi Nantian and Da Sui Tian, can we speculate on the trend of the Four Supreme and their true colors!
This is the reason why heavenly heart is stronger and harder! Moreover, it is necessary for Tianxin to be moderately tough. The situation of the three-day alliance is little known. But in the case of the Meridian Emperor, Tianxin knew a thing or two. The Meridian Emperor lost as much as two billion troops in the direction of the sky, and his biggest chip, the Emperor, fell in the sky, and was destroyed by a small part of the growth rule. Therefore, whether it is the army or the growth rules, the Meridian Emperor will never recover in hundreds of years. But such a meridian emperor, the three-day alliance is safe, not because his own troops are far away, that is, there is really a gap in strength. So, there is really no need for Adventure City to be polite.
There is another reason why you are welcome, and that is the baby! As a heavenly heart, the baby is born in a three-year system. If you want to wake up as soon as possible, everything under the three-year system must be put in place. You can’t continue such illegal things as official labor services when Adventure City has grown.
Four supreme and Tianxin’s men naturally don’t know the reason behind this. Therefore, the men of the Four Supreme and Tianxin will have the illusion that Adventure City’s wings are hard and his sword is bright too early.

第五百零七章 惟战而已(上)
"I wonder if you can represent the opinions of your great emperor (the Holy Emperor, the Great Zun and the Heavenly King). If you can, then we will turn around immediately, and the responsibility for all the consequences in the future will not be in Adventure City." The four ambassadors of foreign affairs shouted back without weakness, and did not give the four world receptionists a chance to respond. "Let’s go!"
The four messengers started to turn around, leaving the receptionists in the four heavens and the earth crazy.
You say you are crazy, and I am crazier than you! Anyway, they will turn against each other, and the Four Ambassadors will naturally pose as irritating!
"This Adventure City is more and more disrespectful to us!" Emperor Ziwu, Emperor Mengdian, Venenan Zun and Grand Sui Jun were furious.
However, what made them even angrier happened six months later! All the personnel, including agents, who were sent to various cities in Daxing and Tianxin were taken, and the guys in all the major cities, Harbin and Tiandi were also caught in the net. Big stars and sky, from now on, there are no more tiles of four worlds. Moreover, according to spies, Adventure City has developed the Yugoslav capital into the whole Star Sky, and the strategic defense zone has spread to the airspace of 5 trillion light-years outside Star Sky.
Adventure City, manifestly consumed with the four worlds.
Four supreme stunned. "Provocative, absolutely provocative!"
The Four Sovereigns didn’t know that the heavenly heart was to provoke them, that is, to make the Four Sovereigns lose their minds for the sake of fame, and they couldn’t calm down, and they didn’t have time to practice their heavens and the world. Moreover, with the mind of the Four Sovereigns, once they lose their minds, they will inevitably become independent. In this way, the four heavens and the earth and their belonging will be ravaged by the Four Sovereigns’ anger. Showing an inverted development trend.
"My 1.4 billion labor services in Adventure City are so delicious!" Tianxin’s sneer rings completely.
The meridian emperor’s eyes are cold for thousands of years. "Mo Cen, do you think Adventure City is looking for destruction?"
"Emperor, is Adventure City looking for destruction? Mo Cen doesn’t know, but Mo Cen thinks that if the emperor has no means to break Adventure City, he will have to endure!"
"endure? !”
"Yes, return the 400 million laborers in Adventure City and reopen the labor agreement with Adventure City."
"Return. Impossible! "
Meridian emperor waved Mo Cen to step down.
Three-day alliance.
"That Adventure City, in my opinion, must knock. If it is not used for us, it should be destroyed! " Emperor Monroe has a cold voice.
"Sir, Adventure City dare to do so, want to finish already have the consciousness of crash and burn. Alas, why don’t those guys give us some face! Do you really want Adventure City to become a city ruin? " Which the south half closed his eyes.
"Anyway, we should restore the original order of the big star day, and never let Adventure City take up the whole big star day. In the past, we all seemed to underestimate Adventure City. If you indulge it again, the four worlds will soon become a thing of the past. " Big Sui Jun’s voice is no longer overcast this time.
"In Lao tze see. Get up and beat it to powder! " Emperor Munro waved his fist bravely.