"Boom!" Violent true Yuan fluctuates violently, and the grey-haired monkey confronts a practitioner at the peak of Yuan’s infancy, while Zhuge Bu Liang confronts two masters at the same time, and one of them is also the peak of Yuan’s infancy. Although the peak of Yuan infant period and Yuan infant period belong to the same realm, the gap is really different.

"The door of life and death, open!" When the two old men came up, they opened their own doors of life and death, and the monstrous spell Guanghua went straight to Zhuge before dawn.
Zhuge Liang also opened the door of his own life and death when he was not bright. Seven stars on his head rose and fell, sweeping out a big dipper screen and attacking them.
Heaven and earth * * *, Fiona Fang hundred meters form a vacuum zone.
Zhuge roared before dawn, with seven stars on his head and ink flying, and pushed towards the two old men step by step. He is holding the black plank brick in his hand, and a golden dragon is flying above the plank brick, which is vivid.
Two senior figures of Xianhuang Pavilion are full of murder, and each of them plays several magic weapons and goes to Zhuge’s dark cover together.
Zhuge sacrificed bricks before dawn and turned them into magic mountains, crushing several magic weapons into pieces. The Taikoo Magic Mountain is vast and mighty, and it is pressed against two elders of Xianhuang Pavilion.
On the verge of a war, Zhuge Liang stood alone against the two infant practitioners, and both of them had extraordinary means. The war was shocking, and the mountains below collapsed and became ruins under the violent sweep of Zhenyuan.
At this time, the middle-aged man on the fairy ship also made moves, but the goal was not that Zhuge was not bright, but that he was planning to break the vanity seal and the moon.
"Leave it to you, and I’ll deal with the old man." Phyl said, petite body suddenly burst into boundless momentum at this moment, and a complex totem picture appeared behind Phyl.
And charming drink, the totem flew out, toward the middle-aged man gaia. The mysterious totem seems to have infinite power, and it actually flies the middle-aged man out. "what!" The middle-aged man’s face changed, and his heart began to worry: What is the origin of this mysterious girl, and the means are really tough. When did Zhuge not have such a master around him?
The sky seems to have collapsed, and the chaotic battle has begun. Several people have shaken the sky, and the space has collapsed. The mountains below have become ruins.
The disciples of Xianhuang Pavilion on the fairy ship were dumbfounded. This kind of fighting is not something they can intervene at all. I’m afraid the aftermath of this battle alone is enough to destroy an ordinary practitioner in the then period.
Zhuge Feihong, the second in charge of the family, was equally frightened and secretly muttered, "Is this the battle between the immortals?" This is a disaster for mortals. No wonder it is stipulated in the cultivation of immortals that you must never get mixed up in the struggle of the secular world. I am afraid that this kind of strength calculation against an empire is also a disaster. "
Two Changhong flying swords were cut empty and cut to Zhuge’s dull neck.
Zhuge didn’t light up the purple light on his palm, but he caught two flying sharp swords with the palm of his hand alone. Seven acupoints flashed, and the magic weapon in the flying sword quickly passed away.
"Don’t fight with him!" The old man of Xianhuang Pavilion shouted, "The magic weapon below the ground level is just like scrap iron for Zhuge Buliang.". His special constitution is definitely the bane of all magic weapons.
Zhuge rushed up with a plank brick before dawn and took a head-on photo. At the same time, the Beidou light curtain was swept out, covering the two embarrassing figures of Xianhuang Pavilion. In close quarters, practitioners of the same realm are definitely no match for Zhuge Liang.
"Bang bang bang!"
The plank brick fell without mercy. Fortunately, the two men were the repairers of the realm of dzogchen in the Yuan infant period. If they were ordinary repairers, I’m afraid they couldn’t stand a plank brick.
On the other side, the gray-haired monkey iron bar swept away, throwing the senior figures of Xianhuang Pavilion out and into the ruins below. Then the iron bar was pressed down like a mountain, and the gray-haired monkey was as brave and unstoppable as a giant.
And * * * accused the mysterious totem, bombarding the middle-aged man.
The middle-aged man was forced to flee in confusion, secretly surprised and said, "The plan has changed. When did Zhuge family have so many masters?"
Seven stars fall like seven worlds, throwing a senior figure of Xianhuang Pavilion out, and taking a heavy picture with bricks. There was not much blood spilled, and the head of the old man was shot into the cavity by Zhuge Liang.
"You … damn it!" Another senior figure of Xianhuang Pavilion roared, and two long knives were cut to Zhuge.
The golden dragon above the plank brick seems to be alive. The dragon’s tail is wrapped around Zhuge’s unlit arm, just like a golden chain, which tightly connects Zhuge’s unlit arm with the plank brick.
Two long knives smashed, and the Beidou screen swept the old man out.
"Thousands of swords!" The elders of Xianhuang Pavilion drink a way.
Suddenly, all the practitioners on the fairy boat acted, and in the sky, a huge array was pressed down, covering most of the void. Thousands of people came to the sword shadow and chopped it down. One of all the sword shadows forced Zhuge not to shine.
"Sure enough, there is a Dugu family behind it!" Zhuge cold hum, he heard Su Xiaobai mentioned, this myriad sword array is their dugu family hit the law.
There must be some dugu people on the fairy boat!
"Hoo hoo!"
Zhuge Liang talks about the plank brick in his hands. The golden dragon figure chain is usually wrapped around Zhuge Liang’s arm. Zhuge Liang talks about it as a meteor hammer, whirring wind and forming a black hurricane with Zhuge Liang as the center.
The shadow of the sword shattered, Zhuge roared before dawn, and seven big stars rose into the sky, all of which exploded into the huge array above the sky.
The array was shattered, thousands of swords disappeared, and the practitioners on the fairy boat spit out one mouthful blood in order.
And at this moment, above the sky, a large area of flaming clouds enveloped and covered the vast sky. At the top of the cloud of fire, an old man with a full head of flowers and hair stood with a negative hand, rolling with a mighty momentum, and the whole world was shaking
"god!" Zhuge’s pupil contracted violently when he was not bright.
Chapter 268 Absolute peak