"To hell with those Indians sheltered by the referee!"

However, when the pedestrians attacked, the cheers that were enough to break through the sky turned into boos again, which was even worse than before.
James really launched a personal defense against Li Cheng, and he kept pushing Li Cheng with his strong body.
Sung Jae Lee’s physical weakness was revealed. "Shit." Li cheng dark scold a way. James clung to him, and it was very difficult for him to run, let alone get rid of him.
"When Laozi’s level is high, the attribute of’ perfect body’ is high, and Laozi will use his body to bully others."
In his heart, Li Cheng has scolded James who bullied him purely with his body for ten thousand times. But even so, he is not going to give up. Li Cheng has always been a stubborn temper. Even if he hits the south wall, he will smash it. In his eyes, either the wall was knocked down or he died under the wall. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have tried his best to train when he was still a dark little substitute.
James said he wanted to freeze him. How could he not respond in action? Even if the strength between him and James is much worse, you won’t know whether you win or lose until you fight.
Chapter 25 Collision
"The first game will be over in 3 minutes, and now the score is 25 to 21. The attack power of both teams in this game is not bad."
"Since the Pacers’ second round show, China’s Lee started to explode, their offensive ability began to soar. However, after the conflict between the two teams, LeBron personally went into battle to defend Li. In these two minutes, Li only took the ball once and has not made a hand. It seems that he was successfully frozen by LeBron. "
"But LeBron personally watched Lee, and Granger’s pressure was much smaller. After he opened this point, Indiana still lost to Cleveland in the scene. I think this game will be an anxious game. "
Li Cheng contained James and really liberated Granger to some extent. The Pacers didn’t fall in the wind in the scene, but this was not the result that Li Cheng wanted. He couldn’t stand the fact that he was frozen by James. He began to spare no effort to run, and Miller’s words rang out in his mind over and over again … He was trying, and he was going to tear open the space with running, and then catch the ball and shoot.
LeBron opened his arms and held Li Cheng in his chest. He said contemptuously, "Rookie, you can’t get another point today."
"Are you bored?" Li Cheng was upset in his heart. After seeing James’ expression, his anger in his heart was even stronger.
"I will tell you tonight, what is the real nba. This is a man’s world, and a soft shooter like you has been eliminated by history, and you can’t succeed. "
"You can ask your mother how my shooting is." Li Cheng replied without hesitation, "Oh, yes. You still don’t know what your real father looks like! It’s really pitiful. "
Every word of Li Cheng pointed directly at James’s sore spot. When he heard Li Cheng’s words, James’s face was almost deformed. "Puppy, I hope your skills are as good as your mouth. Shut up before you score in front of me, rookie. "
The camera at the scene just caught Li Cheng and James talking rubbish at Biao. Everyone at the scene and those watching the broadcast of the game exclaimed in succession that Li Cheng, as a rookie, dared to provoke James. Isn’t he looking for death?
Miller, who was still a rookie, also provoked Byrd. When Byrd made a free throw, Miller made a strange noise behind Byrd in an attempt to interfere with his free throw. However, Bird looked back at Miller coldly and said, "Play this game with me? I am the best free shooter in the league. " At the same time, it will hit a free throw.
After that, Miller was ashamed to think about it every time. He told reporters, "I was so stupid and ignorant." It was this humiliation by Byrd, and then Miller fell in love with spamming the rookie. And this spray directly made him one of the top ten rubbish experts in American professional sports.
The scene of Li Cheng and James talking rubbish to Biao also caused more boos from the fans on the spot. Perhaps after today, Li Cheng will become the public enemy of Cleveland.
At this time, Bird and Miller are sitting together, drinking red wine and watching the broadcast of the game.
Seeing this scene just caught by the live camera, Bird smiled and said, "This kid has done his best in oral skills."
Miller curled his lips and said, "Did he learn running well, too? Before long, his game will become a textbook for pitchers all over the world. Besides, don’t forget, you old guy, I learned all my junk words from you. "
Bird smiled, said nothing, raised his goblet and took a sip.
But Li Cheng, who talks endlessly, never stopped running for a moment. He kept shifting gears and changing the pace of running.
He first rushed into the reasonable collision zone with a "V"-shaped running position, then Ilgoskas was blocked by his body, and then quickly withdrew from the inside line. Near the penalty line, he changed gears again and turned to the left side of the court. This time, Li Cheng runs faster, and the connection is smoother when the rhythm changes.
Murphy, who is preparing for singles inside, saw Li Cheng’s position and quickly passed the ball out.
At the same time that basketball is flying, James is approaching. Li Cheng took a step forward and caught the ball with his left hand. At the same time, he was ready to take off. In the air, Li Chengcai began to adjust the hand shape of his right hand. Before James rushed over, his ball had already been shot.
After the basketball fell into the basket, Li Chengmeng pulled his vest, revealing his chest muscles and roared. Then he made the action of "pistol" with his hands again and "shot" at James. Then he put his index finger in front of his lips and made a "shut up" gesture. He did this action not only for James, but also for the fans on the spot.
Then he shouted at James, "You can’t stop me, you can’t stop me." When speaking, his expression was fierce and ferocious.
The commentators were quite appreciative of Li Cheng’s goal. "What a wonderful goal! This kind of shooting is enough to rank first in top5 today. "
"I found that I like this rookie a little. Every shot he makes is a difficult move. It is hard to imagine that he is only 20 years old."
The boos of the fans at the scene were cut off by this ball, but after a short pause, the bigger boos rang. On the visiting team’s bench, everyone except George W. Deng Liwei shook towels and shouted.
Daniels, who hasn’t played since his injury, jumped and shouted, "Damn, this goal is so handsome." It seems that he was not annoyed that Li Cheng shared playing time.
On the court, Murphy, who assisted Li Cheng, ran over and shouted, "* * scared me to death. I thought you were fooled. Fortunately, you scored this goal, otherwise I would kick your ass."
"Listen, kid, I like your handsome way of playing." Tinsley shouted.
Granger has always been the most active one to celebrate with Li Cheng. He shouted, "I love your shot. Let’s beat them together!"
Cleveland Cavaliers quickly returned the favor under the leadership of James. This time, it was not James’ goal, but the little emperor’s assist. He played a beautiful "inside and out" match with Ilgoskas, and the Lithuanian hit a jumper.
At this time, the score between the two teams was 27 to 23, and the Pacers still led by 4 points. After the Cavaliers’ goal, O ‘Brien called a timeout. After Li Cheng’s goal just now, O ‘Brien had a vague idea that he would make some changes. He is going to let Sung Jae Lee put some pressure on James when attacking, so as to reduce the pressure on the Pacers when defending.
James’s existence is indeed a bug on the basketball court. Now he still has a lot of skills that have not been developed. When his skills are gradually improved, the little emperor will truly reign in the nba. But … Now the emperor has not ascended the throne. Tonight, the walkers are going to overthrow the little emperor in the "Palace". Li Cheng, in particular, is in a hot state now, and he and LeBron have made an issue. Tonight, they must decide a winner. The next collision will be more intense.
Chapter 26 My barrel is burning (I)
Because the match in the first quarter is coming to an end, both teams are ready to start the rotation of the lineup.
"Li, are you physically okay?" O’ Brien asked.
Li Cheng paused. He didn’t know why O ‘Brien asked this question, but soon his heart flashed with ecstasy. This question of O ‘Brien showed that his position in the coach’s heart was getting higher and higher. He quickly replied, "coach, I won’t have any physical problems if I play for 48 minutes in a row."
Since entering the nba, Li Cheng has been insisting on hard training, and his physical fitness is completely fine.
O ‘Brien nodded, and he continued: "Next, our attack revolved around Li Lai and gave him cover. As long as he runs out of the chance, he doesn’t have to hesitate to throw the ball to him. Daniels will wait for you, so don’t be soft. Give me their inside man. As long as you can open up space, you can create opportunities for our insiders. "
The game started soon, Li Cheng was not replaced, and LeBron remained on the court. When playing, Li Cheng and James’ eyes met in the air, sparking a spark of fighting.
"Kid, you haven’t been replaced? You will continue to accept my abuse, which will be a kind of torture for you. " James’s strong body clings to Li Cheng.
Li Cheng curled his lips and said, "I told your mother that she knows my ability. You can go back and ask her if I can beat you up with my ability."
After the pause, everyone found the change of the pacers, and their attack actually revolved around Li Chenglai.
"Judging from Li’s running these times, the Pacers’ attack turned out to be around Li Lai. Now Li is no longer running by himself to seek cover. Now other players of the Pacers will take the initiative to cover for him and pull space for him. "
"The Pacers closed the door twice, and James was completely blocked. Li received the basketball on the right side of the free throw line, and he raised his hand and hit the shot again. 6 of 7 shots, Li’s hit rate is surprisingly high. "
James gritted his teeth and the fierce personal attack scored again. The little emperor’s competitive spirit is not weaker than anyone else, and every genius is paranoid. Kobe’s paranoia is famous in the nba, but James’s paranoia is not too bad.
Li Cheng is ready to continue to respond to James, but he will not ignore his teammates for his own goal.
He attracted the defense on the weak side, and the distance from the free throw line to the basket was completely empty. Li Cheng passed the ball between James and Shannon Brown, and Daniels started immediately after receiving the ball, rushing to the basket and dunking it successfully.
Daniels finished the first dunk when he came back from injury. After landing, he gave Li Cheng a grateful look. When he returned to defense, he gave Li Cheng a high five to celebrate.
For the rest of the first quarter, neither Li Cheng nor James scored again, and the two teams ended the first quarter with a score of 30-26.
"This game was not noticed before, but it was really wonderful. Li, a player from China, didn’t fall in the wind when facing James. He made 6 of 7 shots and scored 12 points in the first quarter, while Xiao Emperor scored 15 points on 7 of 9 shots. Both of them have surprisingly high hit rates and are looking forward to their next performance. "
Li Cheng and James didn’t play at the beginning of the second quarter, but after James volunteered to be replaced three minutes later, Li Cheng also said to O ‘Brien, "Coach, let me go up!"
O ‘Brien was a little worried that Li Cheng was defeated by James, who was in a good state today, but he nodded his head when he thought that Li Cheng was in a hot state today. "As long as you have no physical problems, and in this rotation lineup, you have unlimited fire rights."
"Unlimited right to fire?" Li Cheng never thought that O ‘Brien would give him this right, although it was only the unlimited right to fire in the rotation lineup.
He was grateful for O ‘Brien’s trust in him and nodded firmly.