Bai Meng rarely tried to refine the magic weapon again after many days. Although the second generation disciples did not come to help out, as soon as the news came out, Guangyang Zhenren and others took their disciples to see it.

Especially Guangyang reality, he has been heard that Lingbao Sanren Refiner is a unique skill, but he didn’t see it. The White Refiner immediately led Qingmei Sanren and two disciples under the banner of coming to help.
Bai Meng saw that almost everyone who could come came, so he simply let everyone help him. Now Bai Meng feels that his refining skills have increased a lot, not that he has refined more and improved technically, but that his understanding and application of magic weapons have improved after the war.
The use of magic weapons must correspond to everyone’s temperament. For example, Red Crescent is a strong woman who is too brave to fight, so the red silk sword she used before is very unsuitable for her.
This woman, Huang Yue, is smart, alert and knows the best way to advance and retreat, so it is more suitable to use some magic weapons that are both offensive and defensive.
Jin Lingzi is overbearing and sharp, but he can keep dexterity in sharpness. This characteristic is more suitable for using the magic weapon of Jiugong Xianhuan and Jiugong Excalibur, so that he can kill the coup when he is in chaos with Qi Fei.
Bai Meng’s understanding of Zuoqi is limited, but he is still very clear about his talent and animal sign, and he is somewhat sure what magic weapon to use.
This time, I owe too much debt, especially to deal with the mountain gate of the Shushan Sect in the future. Bai Meng naturally went all out to come up with his closet skills and add the magic weapon needed by Jin Lingzi, Red Crescent, Huangyue and others. He also thought hard for more than a year and played a draft for a year. Now he has been carried to the realm of refining master inside and outside the fairyland in Zi Xia, and Bai Meng knows in his heart that he will either refine the magic weapon or get the treasure.
Bai Meng originally wanted to refine a few suitable magic weapons for the people in the past 30 to 40 days, but this refining was more than March. With the help of six people, namely, the North Pole Real Person, the Guangyang Real Person, the Huang Lingzi, the Jin Lingzi, the Tiandanzi and the Jin Chanzi, the magic weapon refined by the seven-star small array in those nine days has passed Bai Meng’s original idea in terms of quality and efficacy.
After March, it took another month for more than twelve magic weapons to be released. These twelve magic weapons are all serious, and most of them are based on demon treasures. Besides, all the materials and magic treasures collected over the years have come to help, and the mystery in each magic weapon is natural and serious.

Chapter two hundred and twenty-five Twelve treasures
There are three sets of the second twelve treasures, namely, Golden Light, Guanghan and Suzaku, each with two pieces, all of which are one in the top and one in the middle. There are six pieces of scattered treasures left, which are based on the re-refined magic wheel of Sun, Moon and Star, the mixed dust and the mirror of Heaven. Except for the re-refined three treasures, most of these magic weapons are refined by demon treasures, so their respective effects are strange and mysterious.
Bai Meng only took the mixed yuan dust, which was originally a big five-element golden flower dust. At first, it was refined by Tiandanzi according to Bai Meng’s general plan. Ever since I met Yuan Yang Chi for nine days, knowing that I can’t beat this treasure and the gap is too big, I changed the mystery and took the original mixed yuan road of Qingyun Zi to avoid the five elements.
In fact, Bai Meng also knows that his fear of the nine-day Yuanyang ruler is a bit too much, but he can’t adjust it for a while. As long as he touches the nine-day Yuanyang ruler, he is panicked.
Anyway, with the mixed yuan dust, I left the moon, the moon and the vine to Huang Lingzi, which made everyone go to the Purple Palace and wait for the treasure.
"Huang Yue, you come first!" As soon as Bai Meng sat on his throne, he called the name of Huang Yue.
When I heard Bai Meng’s point, I quickly got up and others congratulated me. She moved to Bai Meng’s desk with a light step, and she had bowed down and thanked him before she got the magic weapon.
The treasure refining lasted for four months, and everyone has been watching. The most striking things are the magic wheel of the Sun, Moon and Star, the whip of the evil spirit of the fire cloud and the three treasures cut by the golden light and nine sunshine.
The people here are very knowledgeable people, and the Book of Commencement of Yin and Yang Sect is also open. Anyone who is in fairyland can read it, and everyone has some unique views on the refining device. The magic weapon has not yet been released, and we can already see some mysteries.
Sun, Moon, Star, Magic Wheel, Fire Cloud, Evil Whip and Golden Light, Jiuyang, Three Treasures, whether in material, mystery or temperature. Are among the best. Everyone will understand at a glance.
Bai Meng didn’t go down to Topaz Temple of Heaven. People have begun to discuss who will get the three treasures. The magic wheel of Sun, Moon, Star and Magic Wheel is not to mention the magic weapon of Huoyun Baal Whip and Jinguang Jiuyang Scissors, but most of them are estimated to be given to Red Crescent and Jin Chanzi unless Jin Lingzi also wants it. Jin Lingzi’s star life is also called Xiao Wuxing’s person with this life. Five elements don’t hurt the soul. To the point of nine planets, even the magic weapon of the big five elements can’t hurt the slightest.
It’s just that Jin Lingzi can palm the magic wheel of the sun, moon and stars, and surely he won’t rob these two treasures with others.
Red Crescent and Jin Chanzi were congratulated several times by others, and their hearts were full of expectations. These two treasures have not yet been refined, and the truth of Dabao has been revealed, which is very exciting. I don’t know how happy I would be if I could really get it.
When Huang Yue thanked him. Bai Meng was thinking about other things and had no expression in her heart. She just took a sword and a needle and gave it to her, saying, "You are a wise man, but you have a slight weakness in your personality. The Guanghan sword and Guanghan needle I forged this time are both made for you. They are both things that can be attacked and defended, which can make up for the shortcoming that you are easy to look forward and backward in times of crisis. I’ll write you the specific tips and methods in detail in a few days. Take the magic weapon and go back first! "
Huang Yuedun retired with a magic weapon.
When Huang Yue returned to her seat, Bai Meng looked at the magic weapons again and whispered, "Zuoqi, come too!"
Many people didn’t expect Zuoqi to be assigned a magic weapon, and they were all amazed. You know, the magic weapons that were refined this time are rare and rare treasures. Everyone said that they are a generation of disciples, but many people were a little depressed when they looked at Zuoqi and rushed to Bai Meng with great surprise.
"In those days, I took away your six Yang fire mirror and let you practice with Jin Lingzi. Time flies like a sword. It’s been three years, and I’m very glad that you’ve cultivated for it in a thousand miles! "
Bai Meng mentioned the fire mirror of the Six Yang gods. Many people who know the root of the fire mirror are shocked to know that the mirror of heaven is going to change hands. They all stare at the dragon with a little regret.
The unique source of the mirror of heaven for science involves too many secrets when starting from the fairyland in Zi Xia. The prototype of this mirror is the six-yang mirror of the Shushan School, which was obtained by killing six evil spirits. Later, it was obtained from the left flag bearer that the six-yang mirror of fire was combined with the two mirrors to create this mirror of heaven for science.
This time, among the many demon treasures killed, it happened that a flamingo’s sacred fire knife mirror combined to produce this new mirror of heaven. Originally, the mirror of heaven in science was in the hands of Tianlong Zi, and it is reasonable to give it back to Tianlong Zi.
But Bai Meng just said this, and Tian Longzi’s heart is also helpless to secretly shake his head and know that this science mirror and his own fate are over.
After a while, Bai Meng took a banner and handed it to Zuo Qi: "This banner is called the Raytheon fire banner, which can turn the thunder into a thousand miles, hide your body, stand up, put 36 purple house thunder and 3,000 six-yang fire, and even divide it into nine. You need to make good use of the Raytheon fire array method next day!"
Zuoqi was overjoyed and bowed down to give thanks.
I went to the Sambo at once, counting the mixed yuan dust and the magic wheel of the Sun, Moon and Star, which has long been taken. There are only seven magic weapons left, such as Qingsong real person, Qingmei scattered person and so on.
The magic weapon in monasticism is a floating cloud, but it can decide life and death in the war. Everyone pays special attention to the magic weapon in the fairyland of Zi Xia after the last successive wars.
Everyone is counting who can spend the twelve treasures, and even the casual green lotus scattered people are quietly looking at the mixed yuan dust, hoping that Bai Meng will suddenly point to himself and let himself go up and get this magic weapon, even if it is not mixed yuan dust, anything else can be done.
Counting the repairs, she feels that she is one of the people who quickly broke through the mid-Du Jie period, and the main forces such as Huang Lingzi and Guangyang reality can also have a magic weapon in their hands, and it is quite faceless to refine it by Tiandanzi.
If we say that there were so many magic weapons in Ziyang School before, she has never moved these thoughts before, just asking for an early rise.
Ever since I entered Zi Xia Wonderland, I’ve seen this treasure today and that treasure tomorrow, and I’ve been thinking quietly.
Although the real people of Qingsong have taken the purple-purple-green evil sword, they are really much worse than these twelve treasures, and naturally they are eager to get one. If there are two. That’s even more wonderful
Bai Meng sat on the throne. Looking at many magic weapons, I am also thinking about how to divide the magic weapons behind. He kept silent for a while, and everyone could not help whispering.