Angry eyebrow reality a bunch of disciples stumbled out and threw themselves at each other. "Chang Ping, the founder of the school, respected the teacher and died miserably! You can always make decisions for your disciples. " The bearded Taoist snorted when he heard this. He looked around and asked in a heavy voice, "Besides angry eyebrows, were there other disciples robbed?"

"Grandfather,no." Angmu saw that the twenty-four elders were depressed, and apparently they had not recovered. Here they were the biggest, so he came forward and replied.
"jaw, it seems that the other hand ah, but why so vicious? So many disciples have been spared, but they have to make the angry little guy lose his mind. " A funny-looking old man in a gray cassock shouted loudly, pointing directly at the center of the problem.
"Numu, tell me, what’s going on?"
"It was the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect that made the ancestor."
"Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect!"
"Yes, just now, after the man killed Angmei Changjiao, he warned us that anyone who has different opinions on the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect and puts them into action will be killed without forgiveness." Angmu took a deep breath and told the elders what Tianxin had said before he left.
"What a big tone," fairy Changping smell speech anger extremely the smile.
"He calmed down, the other party didn’t far off the mark, have already done so. Five elders and hundreds of second-and third-generation disciples, from Angyan, who personally went to Huaxian Town to hide the sword fairy gate, have all been killed by the other side. "
"Say, from beginning to end is how to return a responsibility? How could the Four True Immortals get into such a ruthless magic door? " The fairy Changping heard the bad news again, and his heart ached, and a Taoist heart could no longer be calm, and he stormed!

Chapter one hundred and sixty-two A good fighter is wise
Monk, don’t call names, "the funny old man waved his hand." To people, you disciples can still stand and talk to you. Moreover, the other party took the whole reason. In the final analysis, it was the anger that angered him first. Even at the robbery meeting of the immortals, we could not stand up. "
"Road, you …" Fairy Changping nu way.
"jaw, you are impatient. Angry-browed kid was reckless and didn’t know who he was, so he made a mess of things and gave away his life for nothing. Today’s meeting of the immortals is no better than in the past, and there are always people who are against us. Hey hey ….. There is no evidence of the other party’s residual poison. Just a printed copy, a few rules and a little art, saying that the other party is a demon, the meeting of the immortals will be ignored. What’s more, there is such a sect for no reason, but I don’t know if it is … "The funny old man’s eyes are shining with folded mans, and he laughs wisely.
"Old road, you have something to say. What do you say?"
"Jaw, we’ll talk about it later. Let’s calm you down first! Isn’t there a lot of immortals joining the WTO in Huangji Xianmen? Let’s visit them, and then go to Huaxian Town to learn about the situation, see the scenery and see the situation before making a decision. " Funny old road positive color road.
"Well …, but it has to be arranged. This door closes the mountain. "
"Don’t get excited, Chief!"
The enlarged meeting of Daomeng lasted all morning, but it was still noisy. Elder Nuzhen, the representative of Sizhen Fairy Sect, was worried. Looking at the meeting table, he felt desperate because of the creeping tongues. When will this argument stop?
On the leader’s throne, Emperor Shi Tianjun squinted and had a sarcastic smile on his face. He paid no attention to anyone but Nuzhen, and the expression of Nuzhen’s elder was extremely rich. From the hope at the beginning of the meeting to the hope of dying over time, watching this process is as interesting as watching how to torture a living person to death.
There was a flash of light in the sky, and anger really seemed to catch something. "Flying a sword to pass a book", the emperor extremely Shi Tianjun felt a flap in his heart, and news came. However, look at the anger really turned from despair to livid. This news seems bad. Is it that anger is over? His heart is tight, and he really wants to grab the Cambodian article in Nuzhen’s hand. See clearly.
Sure enough, the livid anger really stood up from his seat and growled at the most hotly contested conference center, "Stop it. Noisy you niang of … "The audience was quiet, rather stunned by anger really swearing.
"Elder Anger … We know you are in a hurry, but there must be a procedure."
"I’m in a hurry, who said I was in a hurry. I am not in a hurry. " Anger really numbed the elder’s livid face, and his voice was as calm as an old well in ten thousand. "Being original is to tell you that you don’t have to argue. This sect has been killed and lost. In addition On the orders of our ancestors, we quit the Daomeng. Since then, the mountain has been closed. Infinite longevity Buddha, fuck you, you continue. " Anger really say that finish, turn round and then walk, back dancing, desolate flavor.
"Brother Dao, stay," cried Emperor Shi Tianjun. Angry eyebrows and physical death were originally in his fifth guess, but Sizhen Xianmen therefore withdrew from the door. But greatly surprised him. This is the first incident in which a member of Daomeng has left the alliance since its establishment, and it is of a serious nature. As the saying goes, one must have two. If all the Xianmenkou factions quit one by one, he will still be a ghost leader.
Although he shouted eagerly, Elder Nuzhen didn’t seem to hear him. The wind was blowing at his feet, and the sword light flashed away, and the sky flashed and disappeared into the sky. Leaving his sound waves to summon between heaven and earth.
The elders looked at each other, angry and angry. They can ignore it, but they can’t ignore it if the four true immortals quit the Daomeng. And listen to the tone of the angry elders, four true fairy gate out of the au, or his fairy level ancestors to make the decision. What does this mean? It means that the antique who has mastered the lifeline of the immortal road in the other world has begun to be disappointed with the Taoist League. This is not a good sign. Everyone in the Presbyterian Regiment has a tight heart. If all the immortals quit like this, they will be finished. The problem is that they don’t have any means to stop this withdrawal. People have the support of their ancestors, and they take the most extreme approach, closing mountains. Dao Meng completely lost this power.
Supposedly, it’s not that Daomeng didn’t save the scene. It’s just that no one expected the Hidden Sword Fairy Sect to really get it, and it’s also expensive. The Daomeng suffered a lot from this dark loss. Without an ally, it also left a very bad reputation for from ruin to the Xianpai in Daomeng. If it is not handled properly, the disintegration of Daomeng is just around the corner!
Dozens of elders in the Presbyterian Regiment look gloomy and deep, but there is no case where they show malicious color. What the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect did in just three days was so radical that it began to disintegrate the foundation of Daomeng and shake their power. Several elders turned to Emperor Shi Tianjun, "Leader, you see …"
Finally, the enlarged meeting of Daomeng changed from the initial discussion on the rescue of the Four True Immortals to the discussion on how to strangle the Tibetan Sword Immortals. There are two resolutions. First, deploy all kinds of experts from Daomeng to investigate the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect, and make sure to master its crimes of bamboo writing, make it known to the world, and report it to the group of immortals for the record, which is the responsibility of the leader Huang Ji Shi Tianjun; Second, all the immortal sects of the Taoist League have made efforts to form a strike force to strike at those who are considered by the Presbyterian Group to be detrimental to the foundation of the Taoist League or different immortal sects. You don’t need to ask the leader for instructions, but the elders’ group can decide.
The result of the enlarged meeting of Daomeng can be called happy, especially the Taoist school headed by Xuanjingzi, the elder of Wuyin Xianmen, who has a lot of complaints about Huang Ji Shi Tianjun in Daomeng, is even more delighted, thinking that this greatly weakened the power of Huang Ji’s faction in Daomeng. Although Huang Ji Shi Tianjun is still the leader, he is only the head of the intelligence department and has no actual power to control the Presbyterian Regiment. The true supreme power of Daomeng falls to the Standing Eight Elders of the Presbyterian Regiment. It can be seen from the thousand-year-old face of Meng Chan, the great elder, that there are signs of melting ice, and that the two elders are all excited to raise their hands and gestures. Of course, some people are not happy, that is, Huang Ji Shi Fang, who ranks eighth among the standing elders, but no one cares about him.
"This group of idiots," in the leader’s room of Daomeng, Emperor Shi Tianjun laughed wildly for a long time, and the tears he laughed flowed into his mouth. "Wonderful, haha, wonderful, and the Hidden Sword Fairy Sect had a good time. These old antiques have been suppressed for too long, even a little abnormal, once in power. I’m really looking forward to it! "
However, are things really as he imagined?
The rain is coming, and the wind is coming. Day after day, Huaxian Town is very lively. After the Tibetan Sword Immortal Sect expelled the Four True Immortals, it gained great fame and was told by people around Huaxian Town that the hide the sword Tower became a place of pilgrimage, especially at night, which made the whole Huaxian Town bright and resplendent and made it declare its future. A large number of people flowed in and out, which made Tianxin have to delimit the area dozens of kilometers east of the original Linyang martial arts training hall. And design sketches to Lin Zhengyang, organized by him.
Lin Boer became a female shopkeeper. After the mountain of Sizhen Xianmen was closed, the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect unceremoniously took it as its own in the foreign affairs hall of Huaxian Town. This is a ready-to-use lot, well-built, and the site is huge. The front hall, the middle court and the backyard add up to dozens of acres. Tianxin after consideration. Make minor modifications, install crystal lighting, and overnight, turn it into an inn, which is in the charge of Lin Boer. In fact, this is a management training for Limbauer. Don’t worry about customers, but manage them well. It is not so easy to get the maximum benefit. Limbauer is new to management. Practice is the best teacher.
Tianzang and a group of his friends went to purgatory, and were arranged by Tianxin for a heavy course, practicing in the corner of the first floor of hide the sword Tower every day.
There is another thing that surprised heavenly heart, that is, Zi Qingbai actually succeeded in making the entrance to the second floor of hide the sword Tower, which gave great encouragement to the people who practiced, and also made those who wanted to be the core disciples of the Tibetan Sword Fairy Sect flock to the fog, and even more encouraged them, Zi Qingbai was a week after making the entrance. That is, he was entrusted by the Tibetan Sword Immortal Sect with the important task of managing the internal affairs. And Zi Qingbai also announced to join the Tibetan Sword Fairy School.
Purple blue white this move is not aimless. After entering the second floor of hide the sword Tower, his vibration was enormous. On the second floor, besides hide the sword’s exercises and corresponding techniques, there are things that he can’t come into contact with in his life. Especially after talking with Tianxin in detail, he opened a new horizon of cultivation and formally embarked on the road of cultivating immortals completely different from his master Zi Donglai. His Yuan Ying has broken into all meridians, and it is just right to practice hide the sword’s gas refining and the last four-order method of internal energy. As a result, Tianxin simply gave him a bunch of top-grade purple light stones to hold and practice. This surprised Zi Qingbai. There are stones in this world that can be compared with Ganoderma lucidum.