"Yes, of course, I didn’t just go abroad to engage in diplomacy. I also saw a direction in which my turkey can become stronger! Now my flaming chicken fist is not what it used to be. Then let Mr. Qianli show you a flaming chicken fist! "

"arm strike!"
Just now, the hundreds of millions of tons of shock wave has actually lost its power in the second half. It is only after being hit by a wall that the flaming chicken can break free so quickly. Although it is unrealistic to say that it will recover what it hurts by relying on this point, it is still unrealistic to recover to the level of strength and skill. On the contrary, Slaking’s state seems to have not recovered from the initial punch. The flaming chicken should have been dragged back to the venue just now. Slaking saw that his arm was shining and followed the orders of Mr. Qianli. Out of his arms, but in Slaking’s eyes, the speed of the flaming chicken seems to be half fast, and the scene before him is still a little swaying. The flaming chicken rushed to ask for leave in Wang Huai, and then struck Slaking in the hook boxing, but this punch caused strong pain. Instead, it made Slaking wake up for a short time. Slaking grabbed the flaming chicken with one hand and the flaming chicken with one hand, and when he saw it, he kicked the other leg and got stuck in Slaking’s stomach. Slaking ate pain, but the horse also grabbed the flaming chicken with the other hand and kicked it over his leg and then roared it violently. Anyone who looks at it will feel that it is absolutely very painful, and Aaron is surprised at the degree of the flaming chicken in danger-both hands and head are lifted when it has been smashed, and then the backrest muscles bear this attack! This kind of reducing the stress area will greatly increase the damage to your back!However, this is also a fight for the head, not to mention protecting the shoulders and arms. I also want to keep my attack state as low as possible. After eating this impact, it seems that the lung gas of the flaming chicken was squeezed out because of the impact, and once it was impossible to spray the flame, the flaming chicken simply got up by relying on its strong abdominal muscles and back muscles, and then punched Slaking in the face like another punch. Slaking grabbed the flaming chicken with both hands, and his legs were also seen. The flaming chicken regained its balance and immediately sprayed the flame again, but this time it was a flame. Slaking was surrounded, and it was pointed out that it would continue to be damaged by the flame, and there would be symptoms of hypoxia. Although Poké mon could endure the anoxic environment for much longer than people, it was not a long-term policy after all. Slaking immediately ran out of the flame, and it was also safe to be on the safe side, not in the direction away from Mr. Qianli, but in the direction close to Mr. Qianli, and Slaking’s back exploded just after he came out!
"Air-to-air bomb?" Seeing this situation, Mr. Qianli also realized that his side movement had been completely seen through, and Slaking also once held a hand and Mr. Qianli realized it.
"Is the original punch to now still have effect residue? What exactly is the attack? " By this time, Mr. Qianli finally couldn’t help asking, have you seen such an attack on Mr. Qianli?
"This is a kind of boxing in China called Wing Chun, and then I joined Wing Chun just now! This is the fruit that I trained by imitating China’s national hand flaming chicken. This boxing can cause more damage than I saw. When I first ate this boxing, my flaming chicken’s arm was numb for a short time. It is so powerful that it is self-evident what would happen if I hit Poké mon’s head perfectly. "Aaron said," It will also cause damage to the brain because of the impact on the brain, which will have a certain impact on the visual, auditory and olfactory senses of Poké mon in a short time, but the effect continues to the present, which is really beyond my expectation. Perhaps the blow just now was too good, or.
"Is this what you call the direction of the flaming chicken? It’s a little inconsistent with your usual style to imitate others’ fighting methods."
"What are you talking about? It’s easy to reach the limit on my own. Even I will refer to other people’s excellent training methods, so will Mr. Bai Wusong’s teacher," Aaron said rightly. "But of course I won’t just imitate it. I’m very happy with my ancient martial arts credentials, but I’m not going to imitate it alone and I have to improve it. But since I know that Slaking’s state is not good, don’t blame me, Mr. Qianli. I won’t miss this opportunity."
"Ah, no problem. Come on!"
And Mr. Qianli’s voice just fell and the flaming chicken rushed out from the rear flame whirlpool. At this time, although Slaking had turned around, he was still dizzy because of too sudden. He couldn’t respond. The flaming chicken once again hit a heavy blow and got stuck in Slaking’s stomach! Even Slaking spat out saliva this time, and the blow knocked Slaking down on his knees on one leg, and just as the flaming chicken was going to attack her, she noticed something strange.
"But since I came here to work against the leader of the center, I must not let you win!" Mr. Qianli said it, and then suddenly Slaking looked up and the powerful light flashed! Aaron didn’t expect such a situation, but just like when the flaming chicken was thrown to the ground just now, it couldn’t spit out the flame. At this time, Wang should ask for leave because of a heavy blow to the abdomen, and even if these factors are not counted, it is only natural that the flaming chicken can’t fight back when it is instantly hurt. After the blow, it realized that the other party might crash and burn, and Slaking flaming chicken immediately realized that it was not good to suddenly look up. Then there was a defense. The death ray caused a big explosion. The flaming chicken was blown out, but it kept its hands crossed to protect its head. Although it fell to the ground, it didn’t seem to be decisively hurt. After a while, the horse got up and the explosion smoke dispersed. Slaking couldn’t get up.
Challenge 234! The strong sundae?
"Finally, Mr. God won! It is worthy of being the top one in the world, but Mr. Qianli is also very strong. We are here to thank the two national players for bringing us a wonderful game! " The host made a big announcement. "Then it’s time for a live challenge. If you want to try your own strength, you can challenge a coach in the war center! Of course, it is no problem to challenge Mr. Shen and Mr. Qianli, but you need to beat one of our coaches before you can enter the competition! " When the host said this, there was a commotion in the audience. Many people got up and went to the entrance of the square to register. The flow of this person was beyond Aaron’s imagination.
"So even if a coach blocks six people, he can’t stop it." Aaron looked at the number and scratched his scalp.
"No, it won’t last until then. After all, today’s activities will end at 6: 00 p.m. Even if it takes five minutes for a coach to block for half an hour in preparation for a race, the horse will start. The first battle is a sundae," said Mr. Qianli, and then he was chatting. The race began when the other side chose to challenge the sundae, and the challenger was a teenager who looked like he was 14 or 15 years old, making Bosco Dora and the sundae called out Nidoqueen!
"Hey, hey, you played the trump card from the beginning. Speaking of which, has the injury from the battle with Kang been recovered?" Aaron couldn’t help but worry that the race started. Bosco Dora rushed to Nidoqueen with great momentum, but Nidoqueen stood still and then took Bosco Dora’s head-on impact! Bosco Dora needs a G, compared with Nidoqueen, although it gives people the impression that Nidoqueen is also like a fortress, but that’s relative to the size level of Poké mon in Nidoqueen, the size gap between the two sides is too big, but surprisingly, Nidoqueen is blocked instead of being knocked out!
"impossible!" The boy seemed very surprised.
"Angle, posture, way of applying force, and the most fundamental force should be combined to see that it’s no wonder that Nidoqueen meets Bosco Dora’s impact. It’s not a big one, so it’s bound to hit a small one. Oh, my Nidoqueen still has just combat damage. Now it’s impossible to beat Bosco Dora in strength, but it can still cause such an effect if it’s stressed properly, and then it’s a counterattack! Use brute force! "
Then Nidoqueen began to shout, and then he saw that in the wrestling, Nido’s hind foot tripped Bosco Dora, and then the instantaneous force turned to say that Bosco Dora had hit the ground!
"finally break the rock!" As soon as Nidoqueen hit Bosco Dora in the abdomen! By this blow, Bosco Dora was hit with both ends cocked up! It seems that these two moves brought down Bosco Dora!
And such a battle also brought shock to the challengers and the audience.
"How did this happen? I won a lot of pavilion competitions." The player said sadly when he looked at Bosco Dora Poké Ball after taking back Bosco Dora.
"Of course, the duty of Dojo trainers is not to defeat you challengers, but to test whether you are qualified to participate in the league tournament. For ordinary Dojo track trainers, if they can be defeated by you so easily, there will not be so many people who want to practice in Dojo trainers," said before the sundae.
"So if I enter the battle center and practice with coach Shengming, can I become as strong as the coach?"
"Well, what will happen? Poké mon still depends on himself to fight this kind of thing, but if you come to me, I don’t mind giving you a push in the back." The trainer seems to be very happy. Aaron and Mr. Qianli can’t hear their conversation clearly in the back, but it seems to have a good rhythm.
Then the horse fought more than a dozen battles, and the instructor won! It was a surprise to win, even at the TV station. It was a great change to call the instructor in the battle center. Then there were a few people who suddenly appeared alone at the challenger entrance, which suddenly made Aaron feel a headache …
"What’s wrong with Aaron?" Mr. Qianli asked Aaron according to his head sample.
"Then things will probably become very troublesome," Aaron said.
"Aaron, do you know the girl who looks good?"
"Mr. Qianli doesn’t have to highlight those words specially, but I hope Mr. Juandao won’t get carried away when he sees that the other person is a beautiful girl. That person is very strong," Aaron continued. "Speaking of which, don’t you know Mr. Qianli? How do I feel that you should know each other? "
"Well, before I met you, I often saw this girl following you not far away. At first, I thought she was in a situation similar to idolize, and then I heard May talk about it."
"Mr. Qianli … you all know and pretend you don’t know …" Aaron Bonai.
"Nothing, I just want to see if you will be honest in front of me."
"I am so untrustworthy."
"It’s not just because it depends on whether I can give my daughter to you or not. If you have a daughter, you can understand what it’s like for my father to give his daughter to another man now." Although Mr. Qianli said it with a smile, Aaron felt that Mr. Qianli said, "I will never give May to you if there is something wrong with you … Aaron can bless himself and think too much.
At first, the horse race made Aaron feel more at ease. Although Mr. Juandao looked a little frivolous, he was still very serious when fighting, but in the end, it should be said that it was the strength. Mr. Juandao lost! This also became the first coach to be knocked down this afternoon!
"Mr. Juan Island, you didn’t release the water, did you?" Mr. Juan Island came up to Aaron and Mr. Qianli with a face of nai, and it seemed that he was going to apologize for his defeat.
"How come this is a matter of my salary and reputation? It can be said that this girl is really a master. I’m sorry, I lost, and then I want you to appear." Mr. Juandao said that the host was also asking if the girl would continue to challenge.
"No, I don’t have this plan, but I do have a wish," said the girl after receiving the microphone from the referee.
"Please let me be a disciple of the Green Love Road Pavilion!" The girl bowed to Aaron and said! What should I say? Aaron didn’t expect this development at all. When he looked at Mr. Qianli next to his eyes, Mr. Qianli put on a look of "I don’t care about you". It was a problem for Aaron. Accept it, Mr. Qianli and May. Don’t accept it … I don’t think I should take it for granted, but I don’t think I will accept my brother sooner or later. Aaron knows that her strength and people are all right. At this angle, Aaron didn’t expect that he was really so unreasonable to start correcting it …
"What’s up, Mr. God!" After waiting for Aaron for more than ten seconds to see Aaron still didn’t reply, the girl asked again.
"Hey girl over there!" At this time, the sundae came in with a microphone. "Look, Aaron is also bothering over there. How about leaving it to me to decide?" I’m one of Aaron’s old friends. "The sundae came out and said," Let’s have a match with me. If I win, we can stop here. If you win, I’ll help you say Aaron is like. "The sundae said that the host seemed to be surprised by this mess, but it was also a way to continue to stir up the atmosphere. Because the girl just knocked down an instructor, it seems that many people are looking forward to the girl’s battle and cheered for her to accept it.