Tianxin tends to the latter, so it can’t explain the toughness of this guy whose body is full of metallic luster, and his armor seems to be black, but it’s actually gold. It can’t explain the strange things that Gao Chongxian’s wanderings have been chaotic for several years, but he can’t find the third space.

"This third space, Rao is that he has a baby, and it will be difficult to get in!"
Heavenly heart thought.
In the future, the third space viper found something wrong and was hit by the other side’s Yu Jian. He is losing more and more vitality in maintaining armor.
"Boy, you dare to cheat! Look at me! "
Viper’s adult with a roar, a vitality crazy turn, huge fighting body black smoke surging, disease.
Tianxin offered a sacrifice to the purple iron sword and wanted to wrap it.
Tianxin will never let the viper succeed. The black smoke exists in a foggy state, but it feels like wet iron to Tianxin. When the spirit meets the sword, it can’t be stopped. Instead, it is compressed. Looks like viper’s going to play smoky tactics!
Crazy turn to the internal classics, extract the mysterious brilliance of Li Yu Shen Ying, condense the baby’s body, transform the power of Shen Yi, inject purple iron sword Yu, and make the sword extremely magnificent. The mysterious baby of Tianxin has entered a big consumption.
Regardless of the cost, both sides regardless of the cost, want to see where their ultimate potential lies.
Lord Viper has the pride of a third person. Maybe he can keep his head in peacetime. But in the battle of enlightenment, there is no room for him to retreat.
Tianxin has no retreat. You can’t retreat by fighting to realize the Tao, not to mention there is a Huazhong airspace behind you that can’t let viper adults enter, which will bring unparalleled damage. With the strength of viper’s adult, perhaps the density of China in the atmosphere of Liyu can compete, but the 30 trillion billion light years circle with too thin density in chaos has no force to restrain this fellow, and it can’t form a suffocating space.

Hit hard, hit hard.
Viper’s adult sensed the afterburner of Tianxin, and his eyes flashed with strange light. At some point, the fighting form was full of black light. Then the viper disappeared into the void of chaos.
"This fellow actually exploded the fighting form!"
Tianxin has the feeling of being hit hard when the baby entered the cloud nine. When it entered the cloud nine, the baby form of Tianxin was all compressed in the infinite body, so the whole person lost his skill and became smaller. After ten years of integration of baby and body, talents grow up and skills are restored.
If entering the cloud nine is the first time that a baby has been robbed. Then this is the second time.
However, due to the pressure is positive pressure, and the baby’s posture is very huge, which is countless times more than the battle form of the viper’s adult, and there is a huge sword screen block formed by the purple iron sword and the sword, so the baby’s condensate has the feeling of drilling into the road, but the speed is tangible, which has given Tianxin a buffer time to solve this problem in time.
As soon as the Viper’s combat form disappeared, he fled from afar, while Tianxin fell into a closed state, and tried his best to pump out the mysterious brilliance of the divine baby derived from Yu Huazhong and Zhu Tianzhong, maintaining the condensed state of the divine baby, and at the same time, transforming the divine power to hedge all kinds of mass forces, mass fields and shock waves left by the self-explosion of the Viper’s combat form like a nuclear explosion.
Timely treatment saved the chaotic Hua Zhong circle from being ravaged by the poisonous snake’s black smoke, but Tianxin paid a huge price, because Shen Ying Xuan Wei Guanghua gathered too fast, and both Zi Tie Jian Yu Hua Zhong World and Li Yu Hua Zhong World Shen Ying Xuan Wei Guanghua could not supply it at one time, causing no big trouble. Fortunately, after the poisonous snake blew itself up, it has obviously lost its combat effectiveness, and there is no recurrence. Finally, it has made great efforts without losing too much. Otherwise, with the current weak and bad state of the baby, the supply of the baby is insufficient, and the enemy can attack again, and the heavenly heart will be big and big.
After the vanity class was closed and its hands and feet were in disorder for a thousand days, the heavenly heart washed away the black smoke left by the explosion of the poisonous snake fighting form of the third space person, and the God Baby who was scattered was provided with sufficient supply after the God Baby Xuanwei Guanghua was not used for other purposes, and returned to a steady state. After another 200 Li Yu days, the baby was solid, the heavenly heart was truly liberated, the power of God was wild, and the purple iron sword was sacrificed wildly, and the chaotic battlefield was finally cleaned up.
This clean-up includes collecting and refining a little black smoke and gold strength field left by the soul blood and attacking the three groups of Yu Qun.
The three groups of Yu Qun experienced ecstasy, madness and sorrow. When Tianxin was entangled in the poisonous snake of the third Yu people, the three groups of Yu groups shined brilliantly, beating the Li Yuhua legions and thirty-six eight immortals, causing rapid response and expelling the Xuanyu legions with serious attrition, that is, more than twenty space-based soldiers intervened, and the whole war situation was still dominated by the three groups of Yu groups. It seems that it was only a matter of time before they broke into the chaotic China. However, this good situation disappeared after the explosive battle form of the third Yu people’s viper adults. After the viper adults left, the two attendants of the viper who fought with the seven little spirits naturally followed far away, and there was no longer the enemy’s seven little spirits to control the property Xuanyu to rush to the battlefield here, and the three groups lost their last advantage. In a word, the fighting power may be supported again, but there is no doubt that the ambition is gone. If it weren’t for the huge black smoke that covered the heavenly heart and covered the purple iron sword, otherwise the purple iron sword was shining, and the three groups of Yu Qun were afraid that they would not immediately collapse into the depths of chaos.
When the seven spirits were killed, the three groups of Yu Qun were surprised and angry. What surprised them was that Li Yu Hua Zhong had recovered his breath. What angered them was that they wanted to do something, and they were actually entangled in it. It was easier said than done.
In the final battle, a heavenly heart with full spirit and baby swords restored to the best state joined in, and the three groups ate more than they could eat. The rapid response and expulsion corps of Liyu Huazhong eventually stumbled over the three groups at the great sacrifice of downsizing by 60%, and was tried by Zitie Yujian.
Shock wave rises to the sky, and the light is cold on fourteen continents.
Emperor Kunpeng lost several bird feathers and one foot before he opened his wings to escape. Ten statues of the League and several statues of the idle clouds group managed to escape, but the eight-fold Xuantianyu of each statue was seriously injured. The most seriously damaged Qingxuan Xuantianyu and the idle clouds Xuantianyu suffered a complete Kendo Nine Realms in Jiugong Town, and the Xuantianyu grade at the end of the eight-fold fell to the beginning of the eight-fold, which was sold once after decades of efforts to repair the space.
"Your Majesty, please kill the three groups!"
Hua Zhong Xuan Yu’s military chief Galo 12 is combative. Stimulated by just counting the battle damage, he hates the guts of the three groups. A rapid reaction legion at the end of nirvana is so only forty percent left. The injuries of all the rapid reaction Xuanyu soldiers made it impossible to predict that there might be 100,000 eternal warriors in the next three years. Galo 12 hates not killing all the attackers of the three groups.
"Rest," heavenly heart wanted to think, "the three groups came between people this time, but they were disappointed. Only the eight-fold Yuxian escaped, their wings were gone, and they were hit hard by my purple iron sword, and Xuantianyu lost all his skin, which was detrimental to his strength. Whether or not he could keep the eight-fold product order is all about. At present, it is meaningless for the army to pursue these guys. We should rest as soon as possible, resettle the downsizing personnel, and supplement the Xuanyu soldiers to cope with the new pattern. In the future, if there is an opportunity, I will let you chase the three groups who escaped this time. "
"… Thank your Majesty."
"By the way, the Nine Heavenly Heavenly Warriors have been exposed, and they must join the army for the Eight Heavenly Immortals belonging to the Chinese people. You can recruit them into foreign legions." "Does your majesty want to reuse the foreign legion?"

Chapter seven hundred and one The eventful force yu (on)
Sanyu, a heated debate.
The realm of power brought back by the viper’s adult, no, the news of the realm of power is amazing. As the third space closest to the space of power, we have to pay attention to such a sudden existence. Suddenly, emotions such as strangulation, preemption, non-contact and development broke out in the third space. In a word, even the Lord God will look forward to and be crazy about a new celestial world that is the same as the New World and can evolve from nine immortals.
Those who advocate strangulation are important people in the Third Mansion who are very remorseful. They are afraid that the new celestial world of Liyu will become a threat, so they throw out the New Territories threat theory.
Those who advocate preemption are naturally powerful people and adventurers. In their view, a new celestial body has been formed and has a bright future, but the owner of the new celestial body is a guy whose ability can only match the garbage of poisonous snakes. Such a new territory is neither white nor occupied.
Those who advocate non-contact are some very old people. These seasoned people know that the formation of a divine world is by no means so simple, and the infinite potential of a self-contained divine world is beyond imagination. The positive and negative contact between the third universe and the new gods at any level will bring opportunities for the new gods to grow rapidly. From this perspective, the third universe should ignore the new gods and let them grow up. Of course, during this period, necessary monitoring is needed.
Advocating developers, it is hard to tell the purpose of such people to the new gods. Those who love have it, those who use it, and those who expect to get higher benefits have it …
As a result of the debate in the third space, the final mainstream conclusion is that Li Yu, a new god, is ignored, but when will the Lord God overpower smugglers?
In Liyu, Tianxin is speculating about the third space based on the data obtained from the battle with poisonous snakes. However, the situation of the third space is not well inferred by Tianxin, for example, it is difficult to know the fierceness of summer heat by cordyceps sinensis. Summer insects can’t talk about the coolness of winter ice. However, in order to cope with the possible crisis, one thing is known to Tianxin, and Li Yu must have at least 100 times the strength beyond the viper monomer to survive in the future.
Tianxin is not afraid of contacting any third-party people, but is afraid of contacting third-party people groups with more than three members. That’s definitely a disaster!
"It’s hard to hide for a while!"
Tianxin decided to turn back to the lower star world, and he could wait and see in the celestial city, which can definitely hide the baby’s body. As for the third person who may come, Li Yu or they are a barrier area. In addition to finding thousands of nine immortals who are no different from ants, they can only face a Li Yu full of yin and yang energy. In the study. Tianxin proved one of his findings, that is, the Liyuan atmosphere formed by the secondary energy of Yin and Yang is a great threat to the property-related people. The viper had been stuck in the space of Liyuan for 30 trillion light years, and the scene of Liyuan that he saw was just a condensate made by the mysterious brilliance of a baby. In a word, the viper’s cognition of Liyuan was flawed.
Another reason why Tianxin is going back to the astral world is that Zitie Jianyu, which has absorbed the third material of black smoke, needs to supplement the mixed elements, especially the astral force. What is the most abundant place for Li Yu Xing Li? Naturally, it is Yu Xin Qi Yuan Jie Tian. However, the mysterious brilliance of the infant in Xingyuan and Qiyuan is strong enough for Tianxin to refine the power of God and knead the third matter of black smoke at will.