Tianxin decided to take Qian Yan’s three armies for a period of time, and the five realms base camp was a good hiding point.

The allied forces of the five realms were stupefied. After losing Qian Yan’s demon king and his hundreds of billions of troops, the allied forces of the five realms lost their goals rapidly. Although the five bosses at the core of power knew something was wrong, there was no solution. Just looking at the word "the universe", they knew what the environment was. After marching for more than 100 years, Yuanshenxiu of the five realms really missed that comfortable stronghold. In the past, there were hundreds of billions of armies of thousands of demons hanging around, and they could still bear it. Now, the target has not been seen for a long time, and no one can bear it again in this desolate wilderness.
After some urgent consultations, the five bosses at the power core of the Coalition decided to pull the Coalition back to the nearest five-boundary base camp for renovation. Anyway, Qian Yan and the five-boundary enemies were there, and whatever they said would come to the door.
The base camp of the allied forces to the nearest five realms is the base camp of the ghost world.
After five endless years, the allied forces arrived at the base camp of the ghost world. This is 30 years since they lost the news of Tianxin and Qianyan Armed Forces. Although the bosses of the five realms thought that Qian Yan’s demon king would have tricks, they didn’t know that 30 years without borders had been enough for Tianxin and the 100 billion three armies to design countless traps.
One of the traps, the base camp of the second, third and fifth circles has become a minefield.
The second trap is that many gadgets are buried in the easy-to-inhabit area around the base camp.
In a word, the allied forces of the five realms who want to rest comfortably can only look at the base camp of the five realms and the surrounding habitat and want to cry.
Indeed, when the allied forces of the five realms poured into the stronghold of the ghost world, countless allied fighters happily fell to the ground as soon as their feet touched the ground, or just walked a few steps, or touched something, the stronghold of the ghost world spread an explosion, and many unprepared guys died.
The allied forces of the five realms descended, lifted off, and moved, and the air and the sky were in a mess … The ground and the low altitude were exploding clouds for a long time, while the empty sky was the five realms of Yuan Shen Xiu who bumped into me, I bumped into you, and scolded each other.
What made the five-world allied forces most was that the vibration of the minefield started some five-element cannons buried in hidden corners, and one silo fired a series of shells into the sky, completely turning the air and the sky into a smoke.
"Qian Yan, we will never let you go."
In time, the bosses of the five realms who moved in the sky howled, especially the bosses of the ghost world, the allied forces of the five realms and the ghost world suffered the most, so all of a sudden, 120,000 Taoist ghosts lost 2 trillion yuan, and countless people were injured.
The whole 60 trillion allied forces in the five realms counted off at the base camp far away from the ghost world, and it dropped to 56 trillion. Of these 56 trillion, 20% lost their fighting capacity, and they can’t recover without ten eight endless years.

Chapter six hundred and fifteen Building down (below)
In the future, the situation of the five-boundary Coalition forces became increasingly difficult.
After all this, the base camp of the ghost world has become an evil wind ghost domain that is not suitable for living together, and the nearby place suitable for temporary rest is also a ghost domain. After paying another trillion casualties, the allied forces of the five realms have to give up the idea of "wanting to be comfortable" and camp in such desolate areas as the forest of death and the beach of terror.
Today is different from the past, dragging 20% of the wounded, and the five-bound Coalition forces can’t say that they will be greatly moved if they make a big move, unless they don’t want these 20% of the wounded who need ten or eight endless years to recover.
The situation is not good, and the army is distracted.
If it weren’t for the pressure of Qian Yan’s demon king, the bosses of the five realms would definitely pull up their horses and go halfway. However, the bosses of the five realms can be forced to join together because of pressure, but the Yuan Gods below don’t have this scruple. Qian Yan once said that those who dare to die in World War I will be free. Isn’t it just World War I? When your life is great, otherwise you will be dragged around like this, and sooner or later you will die in the hands of Qian Yan.
The allied forces of the five realms deserted again. Not only that, but there is also a wind blowing in the camp of the five realms: if you don’t take the opportunity to die now, you will die when the opportunity is gone.
As soon as the wind blows, the deserters from the five realms change from one to another, making the bosses of the five realms and Yuan Shenxiu, a general officer, become professional households to intercept deserters.
The bosses of the five realms are worried, and they can’t wait to fight the Thousand Yan Demon King immediately, but the Thousand Yan Demon King and its Three Armies just disappeared. Just let it be, the problem is that since the base camp of the Ghost World burst open, they have no peace, a better camping area, and if they don’t enter a scenic spot, they will just blow up the ghost domain. Bad and unsuitable camping sites. Reluctantly camping, so many Taoist gods can make a peace together. But from time to time, hundreds of renju star bombs will suddenly fly to attack and maim the allied forces of the five realms …
The leaders of the five realms have teamed up several times to search Fiona Fang’s 10 trillion light-years area, but they haven’t seen any Qian Yan fighters.
As everyone knows, this is the harassment tactic that Tianxin launched alone. They didn’t put it to good use before, because the soldiers of the five realms were not expensive, and the allied forces of the five realms didn’t temporarily lose their ability to the wounded. With the ability of uniting the Taoist gods, they could completely avoid the sneak attack of the five elements artillery. Now A full 20% of the wounded who lost the ability of large-scale relocation by the allied forces of the five realms could not avoid the five-element space annihilation bomb anyway. Not to say that the five-element space annihilation bomb played towards the five-world coalition camp can hit these twenty percent of the incapacitated people. If so, these guys are the only ones to blame. The real intention of Tianxin is to disturb the enemy and make him restless when he loses the conditions for urgent marching, which will lead to the collapse of military morale for a long time.
The bosses of the five realms naturally understand what God wants to do, so they have to endure it, and dare not show any thoughts of those who give up their twenty percent ability temporarily. Do that. How bad the consequences will be, the five world leaders understand too well.
It’s a pity that the five world leaders understand. It doesn’t mean that all their generals understand it, and it doesn’t mean that all the soldiers who can "live and dance" can understand it.
"Keeping 20% of those who can’t be moved, isn’t this making the Coalition forces a living target?"
The allied forces of the five realms muttered in their hearts that the heads of the five realms joined forces to repair most of the Yuan gods.
Their whispers are by no means aimless, because they are echoed with more and more strange five-element space annihilation bombs flying up and down in the sky.
At no time have the five world leaders been so embarrassed and trapped in internal and external affairs as they are now!
After three endless years of harassment, every endless day was restless, and the five leaders finally gave up, and 20% of their abilities, which could only be restored in seven or eight endless years, were temporarily lost.
Twenty percent, that is, 1.2 billion.
So a cruel scene happened. After more than 20 leaders of the five realms left with the 4.4 trillion coalition troops who were skillful in the line, the 12 billion guys were doomed to fate. On the ninth year of infinity, when they were about to resume their cultivation, the 12 billion guys were bombarded by Qian Yan’s three armies first. Then enter, and finally wipe out.
The news reached the ears of more than 20 allied bosses in the five realms. More than 20 allied bosses were not angry, but only made a long sigh. The death of 12 billion Taoist gods. Qian Yan’s three armies are not the only "murderers". The murderers still have them. They gave up the 1.2 billion soldiers first!
For a while. The bosses of the five realms lost their spirits. 1.2 billion soldiers, it’s precious to lose them. In the past few endless years, their life has not been better because they abandoned 1.2 billion soldiers. The shadowy King Qian Yan wears a huge armor (the original lighter armor) and visits from time to time every day, or behind the mountains on the ground, or among the towering trees, or at high altitude, firing hundreds to 10,000 five-element space annihilation bombs at the five-world allied camp every time.
In a word, enough.
In particular, Tathagata, Monarch Monro and Monarch Yu Sui always feel jumpy. They always feel that the eyes swept by heavenly heart are a bit strange, but they don’t understand what it is.
In fact, the induction of the three bosses is absolutely true. As a result, it is still they who harass the allied forces of the five realms all the time. Three hundred years ago, as a heavenly heart, through a little exploration of the magical powers of Xingyuan starry sky, it issued an order to the countries of Xingyuan Zhutianhua to develop the Tathagata, Munro Magic Group and Feather Sui Demon King Xingyuan starry sky. After the three bosses and other bosses formed the five-world Coalition, they were as busy as a bee, and there was a lot of activity in repairing the starry sky outside, which meant that before the dissolution of the Coalition, the three bosses could not have time to repair their starry sky outside, so it was difficult to find out that something had happened to their starry sky outside.
The key point is not this, but the stars of the three bosses are growing rapidly in the world of thunder and fire. Growth is not a bad thing, but if the population growth is not fast, it is a bad thing. It is the eternal responsibility of Zhu Tianhua countries to open up the lonely starry sky and increase the strategic living space for them. Since there is this gap in the three bosses’ starry sky, Zhu Tianhua and many other countries will of course try their best to seize the ownerless star field.
The careless three bosses don’t know, they are drifting towards the starry sky in the center of Xingyuan. In just three hundred endless years, that is, in Xingyuan’s 30-star day, Zhu Tianhua’s multi-country thunder and fire area has sent 1.5 trillion fire and thunder legions and 1.5 trillion star corps to serve as pioneering legions, and there are also immigrant troops on the road who can complete the occupation of 30 million star fields. Plus 300 Lingqi soldiers and
The gay soldiers. As long as this boundless world is in chaos for three hundred years, empty space will lose thousands of star fields, and because these star fields are newly generated, they are far from the star center of the three bosses, and the possibility of being discovered by the star center of the three bosses is small. Of course, from the perspective of immigration deployment, the Star Center of the three bosses can’t help it even if someone breaks into it. They have to deal with the Firethunder Corps and the Star Corps first.
Xingyuan, Zhutianhua and other countries are in action, and in the boundless universe, Tianxin certainly can’t calm down the three bosses. These three guys played Yin in the annihilation events of several trillion Lingqi Xiu and Qian Yan Yuan Shen Xiu. They can’t blame Tianxin for reaching out and engaging in their starry sky. Doing the same thing to others is the core component of the three-system counterattack system. Now that the war has started, we must use all means to destroy the enemy’s fighting capacity.
The three bosses never thought of the Xingyuan plane, and their Xingyuan starry sky was hacked. Even if they find out later, they will not doubt the heavenly heart, the demon king, but will think that it was done by the Meridian Emperor.
In the fog, in the fog.
In the Xingyuan world, when the intelligence officer Lan Binglong and the two intelligence corps sang loudly, in the boundless world. The heart rate of the three armies is extremely harassing the five-boundary Coalition forces.
Time goes by, time flies.
Three hundred endless years passed quietly. The allied forces of the five realms are getting weaker and weaker. In the 300 years without borders, it was unbearable to be harassed, and the spy wind blew. The five-bound Coalition forces reduced the number of 44 billion to 25 billion, and a full 19 trillion became deserters. No, they went to the place designated by Tianxin.

The bosses of the five realms are overwhelmed, and they are always looking for a decisive battle between Tianxin and Qianyan Armed Forces.
Unfortunately, I have been unable to find it, and I have only heard from it recently.
"What, they are in the blue sky!"
"Really or not?"
"Blue sky. Qianyan Mojun has been running it, and it is actually the base camp of Qianyan Mojun. Moreover, those Yuan Shenxiu who escaped seem to have been transferred there by Qian Yan. "
More than twenty bosses stood up in shock when they heard the news. A blue sky full of war is not desirable. But a quiet blue sky is definitely a spiritual resort. Qian Yan’s demon king asked the deserters from the five realms to practice in the blue sky, which … is no good. If you don’t go there as soon as possible, those deserters will get enough time to practice, and one by one, they will make four turns or more. Not only that, Qian Yan, the devil, will also take the opportunity to train deserters into magic soldiers. Oh, my god, that’s more than 20 trillion yuan of Taoist gods, and they’ve really become the hands of Qian Yan’s demon king. What else do they live?
"We are so stupid. We shouldn’t have chased the ass of Qian Yan’s demon king. We should have stayed in the blue sky and waited for Qian Yan’s demon king to come to the door."
Monday morning quarterback, everyone will put, more than 20 bosses this is talk in a dream, when the coalition forces of the five realms were formed, they aggressively killed the blue sky that they thought was the base of Qian Yan’s demon king. At that time, their soldiers were strong in Ma Zhuang, and Qian Yan’s demon king and his hundreds of billions of troops had been "fleeing (later considered to be a trick to lure the enemy)", so they could decide to do Kun in World War I, so how could they stay in the blue sky? Even if they wanted to, at that time, the 60 trillion Coalition forces with bitter hatred would not agree.
More than 20 leaders from the five realms quickly assembled all 2.5 billion troops and marched towards the blue sky. Of course, it also fell into the Armageddon plan of Tianxin.
Armageddon is a plan that Tianxin has to make. There are more and more deserters from the allied forces of the five realms, and the mood of more than 20 bosses of the five realms is changing urgently. Today, although this mood has not developed to the extent of "breaking up", if it develops according to the present situation, breaking up will be a matter of endless years.
The five world leaders are dismissed, and Tianxin welcomes them. Because the bosses of the five realms broke up, this is more conducive to the pursuit of action by Tianxin and Qianyan armed forces. However, Tianxin is afraid that once the stars of the five realms are scattered, the Great Sun Tathagata, the Monro Demon King and the Yu Sui Demon King will disappear without a trace, which will ruin the great event of Xingyuan Zhutianhua and other countries to open up the starry sky of these three big names. You know, in Xingyuan thunder and fire world, the armies of many countries and immigrants are entering the Xingyuan starry sky of these three bosses one after another.
Therefore, the plan to lead the allied forces of the five realms to the blue sky war for thousands of endless years came into being.
As a matter of fact, at this time, Tianxin is no longer afraid of the allied forces of the five realms. In terms of forces, the allied forces of the five realms are no longer dominant. For hundreds of endless years, Tianxin has received 20 trillion deserters. All these deserters have received training, and more than half of them have practiced in the blue sky for at least 200 endless years, and they have been upgraded a little. Together with the defense work of emergency repair, the skyshatter army has invented and manufactured various power defenses for hundreds of endless years. Even if heavenly heart and Qian Yan’s three armies don’t come forward, 20 trillion yuan Shenxiu of the Daoist Sect can resist the endless years of the allied forces of the five realms. This is still the situation that the five realms bosses will only form if they take part in the attack. If the bosses of the five realms only command, or if the five bosses of the power core don’t make moves, the five realms Coalition forces will capture the blue sky, which is not a matter of thousands of endless years. What’s more, Tianxin and Qianyan armed forces will also help prevent it.
Therefore, this Armageddon, although there are many leaders of the five world allied forces, has lost the most basic advantage by attacking away from home. As for the main defense, there is an early home advantage. Although there is only one leader, there are ten world divisions and solid work forces. To be exact, it is an exaggeration to say that the two sides are evenly matched here and there. However, the heavenly heart party that has been prepared in advance is not much different from the five world allied forces.
However, Tianxin doesn’t need success. He just needs this decisive battle to stall the five world leaders, and the longer it lasts, the better.
More than 20 bosses in the five realms are very depressed.
After 20 years of rapid marching, the five-bound Coalition forces reached the blue sky. Can the blue sky still be the blue sky? On the periphery of the blue sky, ravines criss-cross like canyons, close to the blue sky, towering in nature, carving castles everywhere, cold and murderous. What makes them look dignified most is that the three armies of Qian Yan form a ball array and float in the blue sky at a height of 100 million light years. The gas, liquid and solid force fields formed by them are intertwined, breathing and rolling. Qian Yan’s demon king is nowhere to be seen, but the bosses of the five realms are very observant, and he faintly finds Qian Yan’s demon king sitting in the center of the blue sky, as if he were practicing.