A civilian who was scolded by an idiot was speechless and hid his face and fled in shame.

Kong Yu looked incredulous, but felt some truth. He said to the civil servant, "Go down and deal with government affairs!"
This scholar is just his guest, and his recruitment has been rejected by the other party. Now the other party is willing to make suggestions, so it is natural to reward him and attract people’s hearts!
But I don’t know that the scholar’s eyes shed a trace of disdain and expectation!
A very complicated look!
The scholar’s disdain is disdain for Kong Yu. Such a person is not worthy of his service, and he is old and has no ambition and is partial to one side.
Expect. . .
That scholar is still somewhat curious about this blockbuster Ji Jizhou.
At the beginning, on Kong Yu’s birthday banquet, he expressed his lofty aspirations!
Enter the plain in March and Jizhou in June!
Just over three months!
Keep your promise!
If you don’t sing, you will be a blockbuster!
There are hidden dragons!
If the other party can break his siege, what’s the harm in meeting him!
As for Ji Wu. . .
A despising, arrogant and arrogant dog will only cling to others.
If you don’t have a little struggle, even if you get the whole world, you will soon be ruined.
The scholar’s name is Yang Qi and he is only eighteen years old.
———————————— dividing line
In Beihai City, the scholar sat on a small case, looked at the map, and compared with the information, showed a confident smile and said, "They are here! In addition, I found out from their actions that the other side had two generals, one. . . I suspect that one of them is Ji Jizhou himself, and the other one, with a very strict marching style, is a talented person who unites the army. This way. . . Come with your ear. "
Three days later.
JiFan looked at the far away delivery team, revealing a smiling face.
But at this moment, the radar suddenly seemed to be crazy, and a lot of red ideas poured in here.
Ji Fan looked and roared: "Bo Yan is not good! A team is coming! The other party found us. "
Seven thousand rode off quickly, burned the village with a fire and rode to the west.
Because Ji Fan is worried; Linji Port is in trouble!
Among a large number of red dots, there are thousands of red dots, and the speed is approaching here soon.
Not good! If the other side intercepts with cavalry, then the infantry rushes in.
It’s doomed!
What to do!
At this moment, Lu Xun roared, "Master, I will lead two thousand riders to distract them. My Lord went to Linji Port. Can’t be surrounded by them! "
JiFan had no time to stop, tracing the cause with two thousand unique army ran to the east.
Ji Fan cursed in a low voice: "Damn it, I didn’t let anyone know where we are!"
Although cursing, the speed didn’t stop, but instead, he rode with five thousand to the port of Linji.