. . . . . .

On the other side, JiFan also arrived at Baima Port secretly with Dian Wei, Xu Chu and 6,500 Hu Wei.
Cheng Pu is obviously absent, and the port is guarded by a lieutenant. Seeing JiFan hurriedly opened the gate.
Ji Fan roared sullenly: "Hebei’s headquarters listened to my orders, Cheng Pu rebelled, and now the evidence is conclusive. One hundred thousand troops can arrive. Do you choose Cheng Pu or me now? "
Stay. . .
After half a ring, the lieutenant hesitated and asked questioningly, "General Cheng is very loyal to his master. . 。”
Ji Fan roared, "Dian Wei took this man down. Who else? "
JiFan heart also some uneasy, the other ten thousand foot soldiers, if all crossbows, I’m afraid the fairy also have to be planted here. But he has a glimmer of confidence.
The 10,000 foot soldiers here are all foot soldiers who took Jizhou at the beginning.
"I’ll wait for your orders."
At this time, Cheng Pu just came out and saw JiFan’s cold pupil at a glance, and his heart vibrated. Just on the 18th, JiFan appeared here. How is it possible?
Ji Fan coldly spit out two words: "Take it down!"
"promise!" Ten thousand foot soldiers rushed to take Cheng Pu down on the spot.
Cheng Pu looked at Ji Fan for a moment and asked, "Do you know all about it?"
Ji Fan sneered: "I knew it as early as March 2."
Cheng Pu said with a straight face, "I didn’t betray you."
Ji Fan growled at Cheng Pu: "If you betray me, I’ll kill you directly, and there’s no need to arrest you. Do you think my six royal guards of the three armed forces are blind or just a decoration?" Cheng Pu, during this time, you should reflect well and come out when I kill Sun He, Ding Feng and Wang Xiang. "
Cheng Pu cocked his head and asked, "Are you suspecting that I am a snitch?"
Ji Fan said coldly to him, "At least I won’t take the risk."
Cheng Pu bowed his head with a sigh and stopped talking.
Chapter 3. Be a good boy
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In fact, Cheng Pu did have the idea of secretly informing Sun He. After all, it was his great-grandson’s existence. Although he was not close, he grew up watching him.
Now he naturally can’t bear to see Sun He go to the wall, and there is still a little luck in his heart, hoping Sun He can succeed.
After success, he may find a place to watch the rise of Sun He quietly and realize the wish that the old master didn’t realize at the beginning.
Now, seeing JiFan’s return, he just remembered that it was a miracle that JiFan swallowed up Wan Li in just one year, and he became a person who dominated Hebei from a small cottage.
Ji Fan looked around, checked the radar, and made sure that there was no problem. After that, Cheng Pu and his lieutenant were put under house arrest, but they were still provided with delicious food every day.
Then wait here, according to Jia Xu’s intelligence should soon know that he JiFan came back.
So he just needs to wait here, and prevent someone from tipping him off. Ji Fan specially asked his 6,500 Hu Wei to give 6,000 patrols led by Xu Chu, and stick to two village doors, and no one was allowed to enter or leave.
The next day, a man came by a horse in front of the village.
The slender eyes reveal a trace of wisdom and poison, wearing a gray robe of scribes, with a dull temperament, just like an ordinary man standing there on horseback, without shouting or talking.
As it happens, Xu Chu took people on patrol, and after hearing the report from his staff, he glared and walked quickly.
When I came to the gate of the village, my mouth opened wide and I slapped the foot soldier with my backhand: "You bitch, don’t mess with me if you want to die!" Darling, Mr. Jia, open the door quickly, quickly! Speed! "
After Jia Xu entered Baima Port, he glanced at Xu Chu, who quickly stepped back three steps and said weakly, "The master is in the hall."
Jia Xu nodded and said, "Please also ask General Xu Chu to guard the two gates, and all those who intend to approach this gate will be killed on the spot. Be sure not to let a person go, otherwise, I will raise my head to see it myself! "
The tone is cold, and the murder seems to be condensed into substance.
There can’t be any accidents this time.
Otherwise, it will once again consume tens of thousands of foot soldiers, countless grains and money on the raiders.
In this way, it will be another fatal blow to the four empty cities of Hebei.
Xu Chu gave a quivering and nodded his head obediently.
Jia Xu then went straight to the hall.
At the moment, Ji Fan is sitting in the small courtyard in front of the hall with her eyes narrowed, basking in the sun, and she says to the newly arrived Jia Xu, "Wen He is here. What is the movement? "
Jia Xu said calmly: "Yuan Huan and Dong Zhao told me that Ding Feng had looked for them."
Ji Fan asked with interest, "It took them a few days to find you."
Jia Xu held out a finger.
Ji Fan nodded and said, "They are still loyal to me. By the way, did Ding Feng wipe out Xiang Ping’s army?"
Jia Xu nodded and said, "Some diehard people were killed by him, but I changed some people in the film department. At present, the number of Xiangping troops that can be controlled is 30,000, and the rest have not been changed in time."