East, south, west and north gathered together to study countermeasures, and the adventurers who will be found outside the nine heavens were invited to tell stories.

At the same time, jade qing day people from all walks of life.
Snowflakes are fluttering and white fog is boundless. This winter, Jade Qing has a good word "Noisy"!
As previously expected by Tianxin, it’s not clear in the sky, and now no one dares to have any more infidelity with the other side’s floating island in Los Angeles, while the western Maoshen is less whining and saying one thing and two things about the falling of Maoshen’s star.
"The prestige is already there, and you can go to Yuqing Tian." As this day is dark, I feel that after a war, the gods are recovering faster now. Originally, they couldn’t reach Jade Qing Day, but now they can reach a layer of 100,000 light-years away. All souls are even more visible under the gods.
There is another reason why Tianxin is in a hurry to go to Jade Qing Day. Although crack day Road, Faxu Old Buddha and Six-armed Spirit did not say much, Tianxin has awakened, and many adventurers who broke into Jade Qing Day or Shangqing Day may have fallen into the hands of a willing heart or a superior person. Otherwise, it is impossible to move in unison, and the troops are so comprehensive.
The world beyond the cloud nine is absolutely taboo for the superior in the cloud nine. Nine worlds away, one boundary core, thirty-six boundary worlds, vast interstellar space, and the most developed civilization have no share of the three religions. It is conceivable that when the civilization outside the cloud nine enters the cloud nine, what kind of shock will happen, and how can we not be surprised that the power of activism is the leader of life?
Therefore, jade qing day, or go early.
Ten days later, Tianxin set off after vigorously rectifying the many countries in Tsinghua, which integrated the four continents of Wanling with the thirteen continents and the western businessmen Mao Shenxing.
Jade Qing day, a floating island Yuming town near Shaoqing day.
As usual, Bo Tian, an old man with a short robe, rushed into the inner room and shouted at the young people who were meditating, "Yihua boy … Yihua Daoyou, good news, good news!"
The young man opened his eyes. "Bo Tian Lao Dao, you interrupted my practice."
"Ha ha, yi hua boy, sophisticated today received an emergency book. Wonderful! Jade Qing’s Big Four actually suffered a big loss in the clear sky. Except for three escaped, all the others were wiped out. Gaga, thousands of fairies in the sky and hundreds of golden fairies have all been killed, which is awesome. Friend Yihua, don’t play hard training today, and have a drink with me. By the way, that girl Yao Xin is coming. "
"What, Lao Dao, you want to kill me?"
"What killed you? It’s ugly," Bo Tian said with a strange smile. "Who told your boy to learn more and say something strange, like it’s true; The strangest thing is that you, who have just arrived at Jade Qing Day, are surprisingly low in cultivation, but can withstand the tangible and intangible pressure of Jade Qing Day. Yao Xin, that girl has been practicing medicine since she was a child. How can she not be curious about your situation? That alone, she will haunt you. However, your boy seems to know how to cure diseases. She speaks highly of you and regards you as an eternal bosom friend! Bosom friend, understand, boy, accompanied by beauty, what do you have a headache … "
"Stop, stop, old road, don’t pull it. Do you know that I was angry and turned to Sunday, and I was about to enter the breakthrough to the true spiritual realm."
"True spirit, boy, how many times have I told you? In Jade Qing days, it is not planned like that to fix for the realm. This is called Golden Wonderland … "
"Be, be, sophisticated. My golden wonderland has been stirred, you have to pay for it! "
"Pay a fart, boy, you are over 20 years old, and you have reached the top level of the fairy, and you have made a breakthrough. If you don’t want people to live …" Botian Road criticised.
"You don’t understand. Lao Dao, I have told you dozens of times that I am an adventurer, and the fun of my life is adventure. Besides, I’m not only twenty years old. I have lived for 6,000 interstellar years, and I am at least 50 or 60 years old, if converted into Jade Qing years. Although I am not as sophisticated as you, I am not much worse. Yao Xin Shantou is the real 20-year-old. "
"Again, interstellar years, what at sixes and sevens. Jade Qing doesn’t have a young man of 50 or 60 years old like you. Hey, boy, you’d better understand that Laodao is giving that girl Yao Xin face before calling you a young man, otherwise, he will call you a little guy. "
"Well, well, well, you can say whatever you want." Young people smell speech wry smile, busy change, "by the way, sophisticated, you just said jade qing day beaten, this is going on. You don’t say that all those fighting immortals are trained by Jin Xian. Like me, I can’t stand them if I stand out. Who knocked them down? "
"Ha ha, sophisticated I don’t understand. According to the biography, because Wan Lingtian made a big event, a chaotic system called Sizhou Huazhongguo challenged Tianwei for hundreds of millions of years, so they went down to the lower bound and did not expect to be wiped out by the whole army. "
"Four continents and many countries?" The speaker has no intention, the listener has a heart, and the young man looks grim. "Old road, I believe what you said. If there is a four-continent, multi-China country in Wan Ling’s innocence, don’t say that Jin Xian is finished, even if the top price in your heart is high, it will not be good! "
"Hey, boy, you seem to know something!"

Chapter four hundred and eighteen Boy leak the secret
I don’t know, that’s my original world. I thought at the beginning, I was also a nine-day Xuanxian (God fix), but I was accidentally sucked into this terrible place, and I was repaired to my original shape, leaving only strong ones. Sophisticated, you should understand why in less than a jade Qing day, I went from a smelly boy who seems to have no cultivation to a top terrace fairy. That’s because it’s just a reshaping cultivation, and I know everything about the realm. "
"You are really from outer space." Bo Tian Lao Dao’s face showed a little strange.
"Of course, the road, after I recover, give you two punches and you will know. I don’t care about calling me a smelly boy now, but I’ll call you an old boy and give it back later. But now, to further prove my origin, let me show you something. I’ll give you these things. " The young man took out a few pieces of Yu Pei-like things and threw them to Botian Laodao. "After reading the information, you will be much better to me!"
"What is this?" Bo Tian Lao Dao caught it and ignored the evil appearance of the young people. "It seems very beautiful."
"Three countries in China’s auxiliary brain. You are a 10th-order Jin Xian, so you should be able to interpret the auxiliary brain that records 186 kinds of reference materials of true spiritual methods. What’s inside should help you break through the current realm. "
"Boy, you’d better not lie to me. Otherwise, I’ll ask Yao Xin to show you! " Bo Tian Lao Dao turned and ran, and forgot all about drinking two cups.
Bo Tian went, a fragrant wind was ethereal, and Yao Xin arrived.
"Brother Yihua, why did Old Botian run in such a hurry?"
"It’s Yao Xin sister! Nothing. I got a few things and was busy going back to study. Sister Yao Xin, I have something for you, too, "the young man Yihua took out several auxiliary brains." There are a lot of medical materials very different from this world, which should inspire your current medical skills. "
"Are you? Brother Yuhua, that’s great. " The voice of surprise sounded.
"Rightness, Yao Xin. What did you come to see me for? This is not the time for me to go through the customs. "
"Brother Yihua, I’m not looking for you, they are looking for you." Yao Xin whispered, and the voice fell, and two old roads floated outside.
"Nine days XuanXian," yihua double pupil contraction.
"Boy, good knowledge. Come with us! "
"Go … where?"
"Tianhe true gentleman summoned, boy. Two first-order fairies come to invite you, which is enough face! " The two sophisticated voices became somber.