"Ok, that big man, when he gets to his place, of course he wants to meet him." The bright and bold tunnel made He Yuming smile again. Yun’s identity is not what it used to be, but he is one of the four most respected marshals in the Greater China Alliance! Anyway, let this little boy make trouble.

In August, 2867, the reinforcements composed of the 5th fleet of the 2nd, 10th, 27th, 46th and 88th Wuxian Alliance and the 30-level immortals of 870 arrived in Yintun Void, where they met the Wuxian Expeditionary Corps confronting the 9th fleet of Li Xiang Dark Yuan.
On the same day, Tong Ya also led a thousand space-based soldiers, dark spirits, watery spirits and all dark and watery fleets to the starry sky in Yintun.
The two sides have different staffing, and the ships are similar. Each fleet of Wuxian Alliance embodies their deep pockets and long history, and each fleet consists of 200,000 starships. Most of the warships are 2000 meters long, 800 meters wide and 300 meters high, with 800 warriors of level 10 or above on board; The five flagships are 3000 meters long, 800 meters wide and 300 meters high, with more oval and flat shapes, carrying 2000 people; Small flagships of all kinds of auxiliary ships are 2500 or 2200 long, 800 meters wide and 500 meters wide. How about carrying 1000 people?
Tongya’s fleet here is much poorer. At present, there is only one legion for each yuan, and each legion has ten fleets, each consisting of 50,000 various interstellar warships.
This time, Tianxin Group has a total of 20 fleets, one million warships and another Qinglong starship, which are lower than the 1.2 million warships of Wuxian Alliance, but the strike force is designed by dark spirit and watery, which should be strong.
Dark Yuan warship is triangular star-shaped, with a length of 1000m, > 00m and a height of 200. Because the Milky Way galaxy lacks the dark energy substance of Dark Yuan Fairyland, Dark Ling listened to Li Qiang’s suggestion, changed the long-range weapon system of dark Yuan warship into a dark light shuttle with pulse strike force, and turned from destroying enemy warships to attacking enemy ships’ ground command system. In addition, it was equipped with a 2000kW nuclear fusion power device, a powerful laser and a passive optical nerve radar. There are 108 light emission holes in the warship from beginning to end and from top to bottom. When an enemy ship approaches and an immortal-level capable person pounces, it emits four kinds of super-strong laser columns with diameters of 20 cm, 500 cm, 100 m and 100 m.. In addition, the command system of the dark yuan warship is a unique spiritual power of the dark yuan celestial world; The moving speed is slightly lower than the speed of Huayuan warship, and the fighting moment is nearly one month away from the maximum and 8000 kilometers away from the minimum.
The Shuiyuan battleship highlights the characteristics of the dreamland Shuiyuan Fairyland, like a miniature version of the spinning planet with satellites, and like a cymbal folded on both sides, with the same diameter of 1000 and a height of about 500 meters. The movement of Shuiyuan warship is the most distinctive among all the warships. It does not jump in a straight line, but accelerates in a flying spin, and also launches long-range silver magnetically guided missiles in the flying spin. The Shuiyuan warship is divided into three enclosures, the outermost of which is the 20 million kilowatt nuclear fusion power plant, the power, shield and strong laser passive counterattack melee attack and defense system; The middle enclosure is the ammunition cabin, and the inner enclosure like a nuclear ball is the control cabin. The best thing about Shuiyuan warship is its long-range weapon system. The warship is divided into two floors, each with 12 main gun silos, 12 magazines and loading systems. The command system is naturally a water magnetic energy field with water element characteristics.

Chapter two hundred and fifty-eight The country is in dire straits
In terms of personnel, the armies of the Yuan Dynasty, except the heavy Yuan and Hua Yuan, imitate the seven-yuan fleet of light, dark, gold, wood, water, fire and earth in the dream star field. Because all aspects are envisaged, each starship has the least number of people, so there are only more than 20 seven-yuan fighters who have learned the primary fairy tactic of the seven-yuan Heart Sutra. The small number of people determines that they can only advance and retreat with the warships, but they can’t escape from the warships. This defect often makes the seven little spirits lament, and at the same time makes the eardrums of the soldiers who practice the Seven Yuan Heart Sutra super hard. Seven little instructors nag in their ears every day about the power of the intermediate fairy tactic, asking them to refuel and strive to abandon the ship and fly the sword at an early date.
"Moist, you should pay special attention to whether there are senior immortals like Sifangyu in addition to their star war equipment when you go to spy on the enemy of Wu Xianren."
"Ok, Sister MM Tong Tong." Moist and bright answer flashed.
"Sister MM Tong Tong, what about me?" Dark spirit see moist and fly away, tao track.
"You, the task is heavier than watery," Tong Ya said with a smile. "In addition to guarding and observing the starry terrain, before watery returns, exercise your duties as an instructor and practice the Dark Yuan and Shuiyuan legions."
"good!" The dark spirit was led away.
The sky is empty and looks through the eyes, and two flowers bloom for another yuan.
While Tong Yaling’s Dark Yuan Shuiyuan Army Corps was preparing for the first round collision with Wuxian Alliance, four women, Tianxin and Due Jin Wei, Haixin Liuxiang, Qinghong Wanbo and Xuanyuan Fantasy Sunny, were not idle, and they met a nuclear state battlefield.
Because the coordinates of the original black star fortress were the dreamy seven-yuan star domain detected by Tianxin, when the star fortress soared into the middle of the star path in the void, Tianxin explored the long-lost earth, so the black star fortress diverted and went straight to the earth. I didn’t expect this diversion to deviate from the desolate and silent starry sky. After a while, the black star base soared into the sky and bumped into a shining starry sky.
Lonely for a long time, Tianxin and four women naturally went to join in the fun. When the black star base approached, the heavenly mind found out, and it was gloomy for a long time. Four women looked at each other and asked each other. Turn pale when asked.
The Gemini system is a star system equivalent to the size of the solar system. The only difference is that there are only two habitable stars far apart. There is a war now, and one of them is the planet Qilu. There are no humans on Qilu, but all kinds of hairy orcs. Science and technology have developed to the primary space stage, and the first powerful country, Leopard People, has been able to freely enter and leave the two satellites of Qilu.
Venus is twice as big as the earth. There are more than 30,000 orc races on the whole planet, with a population of 1.2 billion. There are 6000 countries, one land, and the rest are oceans. The proportion of land area in the whole planet is slightly lower than two fifths.
The long history cannot be verified. Kailu calendar In 2006, Yingren, which is near the west pole of Kailu Star, made an industrial revolution. By 2160, due to the development of aviation and navigation industry, the ancient natural moat boundary was opened and sixteen big countries collided. In the next 200 years, the eastern countries of Qiluxing were ravaged. In the next 200 to 2560 years, the ancient countries in the East will all be broken, six multi-ethnic powers will rise in the war, two multi-ethnic ice and snow kingdoms will rise in the north, and the south will fail to live up to expectations, with more than 1,000 broken countries. One country in the west is the only one, and it is sheltered by 200 countries.
The two hundred years’ rise and the war against the rise made the war-torn Qixing quiet. Three hundred years after the Cold War, the Qiluxing people entered the space-like era, the population soared to 120, the consumption of all kinds of resources soared, and the contradictions between countries, races and frictions also increased with the change of various forces.
Hatred, religion, extreme politics, elitism, hegemonism, stick diplomacy, unfair trade protection, and extreme liberalization, all the countries of Qiluxing in 2860 entered the most impetuous era. Under the influence of peaceful evolution, sexual openness, democracy, human rights, and popular star winds, although big countries do not go to war with each other under the influence of mutual hi-tech nuclear bombs, they secretly make things difficult, such as imposing sanctions. In another hundred years, by 1960, 12 big countries in the east, south, west and north will be dismembered. Trapped in the fierce racial conflict, the remaining big countries attacked each other more fiercely, and the suppression and resource demand for small countries became increasingly fierce, which ushered in the era of terrorism.
In 3010, the western powers became great. Leading Qilu Small Country 6000. At this time, the separatists realized that they had made a big mistake. Without checks and balances, the Leopard People’s country recklessly promoted its elitism with gold dollars and sticks, plundered all kinds of resources for enjoyment and tempering weapons, and the already extremely serious biology began to flourish, not to mention the word human rights, and solved all small countries that improved by financial means and all small countries that did not agree with elitism by force. All countries that do not listen to enlightenment are unruly countries, and all hard-spoken races are violent people.
External difficulties and internal difficulties, lack of resources, malaria everywhere, disasters, in addition to the leopard country and its strategic allies (actually affiliated countries), thousands of small countries in Qiluxing fell into a state of mental shock and humiliation, and the country was unable to live. In the 3100-year history of Kailu, the near east raccoon country rose up and thousands of small countries followed, fighting against the sophisticated weapons of Leopard country and its allies with weapons that were not very good but not low in lethality.
"Don’t resist or give me death; asynapsis
Save. "
Four women, such as Tianxin and Due Jin Wei, arrived too late, and the national war of Qi Luxing also had a deer year. The original raccoon country that rose up has died out, and now leading all the small countries is the most strategic jiaqi country. During the ten-year war, 120 people died 80%, 2.8 billion people in the leopard country and its allies were badly rewarded, and only 300 million people fought against the allies of 3.7 billion countries in small countries. Under the destruction of modern high-tech weapons and various small nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs, neutron bombs, electromagnetic bombs and high energy laser weapon, Qiluxing was also in pieces, and nuclear radiation flooded most of the planet.
Now the spark scene is the final attack launched by the allied countries. People kill people and things are destroyed. There is no pity, only blood. The allied countries are irrational, and the Leopard People’s country is also red-eyed. A group of high-level officials of the Leopard People’s country in the space station are discussing whether to cover the nuclear explosion to open the intact area of Luxing.
"Damn, these rogue countries, these violent people, these beasts," a leopard-headed star-rated officer gnashed his teeth and then cried, "Poor Babaan, you were only 10 years old and died." The officer wept for a while, and then pointed to an old man dressed in clothes and shoes with a painful face. "Hogwarts, what are you dawdling about? Give me, burst those base countries base race … "
"General Gruzi, I can’t do that. There are 200 million leopard people … and 100 million troops fighting to the death!"
"Bah, give me a blast," Gruzzi growled. "Do you think they can survive in front of those crazy base countries and families? This world. We leopard terrans respect each other, and what we can’t have can never be left to those lowlifes. Blast me, Hogwarts, your fingers are no longer in line with the main brain. I’ll shoot you first. " Gruzzi pulled out a laser gun.
Inside the black star fortress.
"Brother, shall we take a trip?" Degree of urban Jin Wei raised a Zhang Furong qiao face light ask.
"Um …no." Tianxin wanted to think, "civilization is robbed, just like Taoism. Even if we help them through it, it will not help them solve their contradictions." Now that both sides are red-eyed, it is not a temporary impulse for the Chinese allies to destroy the leopard country, but a long-term racial bitterness and extreme racial hatred. It is up to them to decide whether they will survive or perish. Alas … "
"Why does Brother sigh?"
"Jin Wei, you don’t know. The development history of this deer star is similar to that of the earth. At the beginning of the 21st century, the earth is in the primary stage of this situation. I really didn’t expect that the evolution of civilization would have such a hierarchical spiral state. If you think about it carefully, this is indeed a possibility that will appear in the state of planetary civilization that is unable to go to the stars. "
"Brother, after hearing what you said. I think this leopard country is very similar to the Qin dynasty you mentioned, but why is the earth good? "
"No, the leopard country is not a simple Qin dynasty. The leopard country should be the sum of all feudal dynasties in the history of ancient China, and the reason why the earth will be fine. That’s because the change of the ancient China dynasty took place in the era of cold weapons, so at most, the royal family was slaughtered and the lives were ruined, which did not have much impact on the ecology of the whole planet. In the thermonuclear era, the deer star is different, and the level of dispute has also risen from the level of civilian to official to the level of race and country. The dehumanizing killing achievements of various high-tech weapons have excited various commanders. Instead of letting them shed two tears, the planet certainly has to go to reincarnation. "
"Brother, so miserable! Don’t you save them! " Qing hong wan bo came up.
"It’s not that you can’t save, but that you can’t save." As primly, "we’re late. If the war didn’t happen, we could still struggle to do it. Now the whole Venus thermonuclear radiation is shrouded. Even if we help them stop the war, whoever dissolves their hatred will not be grateful to us because they have the means to kill their opponents. And the winner will definitely look at us with bloody eyes, angry that we interrupted their successful revenge. It’s no longer a question of who is right or who is wrong. Life is their decision, and death is also their decision. Outsiders have no way to intervene. "
"Brother, enforce the three systems on them!" Qing Hong Wan Bo shifted the blame.
"Now is not suitable for. The civilization form of Qiluxing is the beast people’s supreme worship of power, and the three cultures of politics, military affairs and diplomacy, which represent power, are infinitely magnified and knotted, coupled with the fumigation of extreme liberalism and extreme elitism in the leopard country, thus forming an omnipresent abnormal shock wave. In the waves, although the people are free, the country is as uncomfortable as a trapped animal. Many separatists who fought for the independence of their own race should have seen this problem after a period of ecstasy, but unfortunately they can no longer be one. The director of this scene will never allow another big country to appear. Therefore, when all nations are small and the Leopard-Man country is dominant, when more than 90% of the land resources are exclusively owned by the Leopard-Man country, and when the Leopard-Man country openly flouts international law, the seeds of recurrent destruction are planted. It is not necessary to enforce the three systems before the seeds bloom, but once the seeds bloom, it is impossible to implement any system. "
"Brother, how about I be a salvation hero?" Haixin Liuxiang, who hasn’t spoken, approaches with a smile, his eyes shining with inexplicable cold light. At this time, the black star base has been close enough, and her true consciousness has been able to detect everything that happened on Qilu Star. Obviously, this gorgeous
The strong woman in the media got angry.
"Is it necessary?" Heavenly heart sighed, "Qi Luxing’s ecology is finished, and the life of the orcs will be worse than death …"