Song’s craftsmanship is very skilled and exquisite. According to him, this craft is from generation to generation.

By the time he was killed by his enemy for the first two generations in his life, his revenge was not successful and he was arrested by the secret service.
Easy to leave thirteen Wei satisfactorily put away his play for a while.
Then take out the satellite phone from Gankun’s bag and look at it. It’s buzzing and vibrating, and there are many short messages and missed calls.
I’ve played all my acquaintances, especially Tinger. I left her a copy when I left.
Yi first went to visit Gu Ming, Ye Yao and Xu Rou, and asked them to come out to comfort each other in a secret place. After all kinds of things were not known to others, she quietly went to Xu Rou’s boudoir, where she chatted for half a day and accompanied her to drink some wine.
All three women felt the change of temperament, and there was a strangeness. Fortunately, they were easy to think and exquisite, and their wrists were flexible, bending their beautiful eyes with laughter.
It’s already night when Xu Rou comes out.
Yi went to Baimo Mountain to visit Tinger. After meeting her, she looked haggard and cried, and said nothing to let Yi go again.
Yi coaxed and persuaded her to be happy.
I don’t know what Gong Yuetong has been doing these days. Without the abode of fairies and immortals, he doesn’t want to concentrate on sleeping with his baby all night.
Early the next day
Tinger bid farewell to the ancient capital and found Shen Changming. They entered the chamber of secrets for the past month and then got down to business.
Shen Changming took out a pile of paper and told Yi Dao, "Is this the secular real estate of the Five Elements Sword School or is it that I learned from a confidant?"
"You can find so much now, otherwise it will disturb the other party. You are not good at fixing the true world. There are also places where the Five Elements Sword Sect is known, but the locations of a few sects are very secret. After all, it is a hidden sect and it is hard to find."
Easy to take it and quickly look down and say with smile, "Hehe, my brother knows me very well, and he can jump out when he hits a small place. If you want to know, just say it, you don’t know how big the Five Elements Sword Sect is."
Shen Changming clasped his fingers on the table and said, "It’s not certain that these sects are generally single-minded, but all of them are very powerful and have excellent understanding. When I met that person, Yuan Shen was not weaker than all the elders of Shushan Sword Sect."
Yi asked, "that seems to be a bit tricky, but let’s see what happens. By the way, do you have any news about the mysterious wasteland in Shushan?"
Shen Changming’s right fist clenched and worried, "I heard that the Sect has been practicing and I don’t know the specific situation. I have never been out, but it is said that the mysterious land always stays in Qin Province and swears to avenge him. I have always inquired about the situation and I have received it once."
Yi stretching his legs leisurely said, "This person doesn’t care about him. The important thing is that Xuan Huang was destroyed by us at the beginning, and he must hate me for waiting."
"At the beginning, he was the only one we met, and maybe I remembered some details that I didn’t pay attention to. This person is not only mentally uneasy, but you plan to lure him out and then we kill this person at one stroke to make the daylights out."
" excellent job for this, or expose our efforts in vain." Shen Changming patted the table and echoed it with a bitter smile. "The Shushan Sword Sect’s fix-up circle has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts for thousands of years. I used to have trouble sleeping, and I was afraid that I had never thought of it before. Alas, your courage is still great. I am older than others, and my courage is smaller. Later I will call my brothers to plan one."
"Well" Yi casually said, "What happened to them? Is there anything unusual recently? Can want to master our hands. "
Shen Changming’s face seems to have a painful color. "Now there are more than ten people left, and both of them have been designed and removed by ten of us. Although it is very unbearable, they are all mentally uneasy. Everyone is suspicious. When they listen to others’ comments about what they have done at the beginning, they can’t control their looks, so they will be exposed sooner or later."
"We can’t be kind-hearted, and we’ll be killed if we don’t stop doing it."
"There are also ten of us who have made a vow of heaven to tell anyone who is tight-lipped, so as to ensure that even the original memories are cast in turn to hide, and they are afraid that the carelessness will be captured in the future, so that people will know that there will be an external force to search the memory theory, so that no one will know."
"Oh?" Easy to surprise, "this memory can also be hidden? How come I have never heard of it? "
With an evil smile, Shen Changming said, "This is a cover-up for Juexue. The memories of the ten of us have been hidden. It is unclear that he led us to help."
Yi nodded and said, "Well, you can call him over later and I will ask him myself. There are still several very important people in my place who need this method to hide their memories." I thought it was Jiang Pingshan.
He asked again, "What about the other ghost things in Wuyin?"
Shen Changming’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled and hesitated. "Years ago, someone got a dead man in the Northeast. Many people are said to be Mangshan Sect. I don’t know who it is. When I got the news, the man had succeeded."
Yi was a little annoyed and dissatisfied in his heart, but he didn’t move his face as usual. "Continue to inquire and call Yang Guanzhong to decorate my mansion. These small tasks will be designed according to the original design to get you to help me pay attention to it. I may not have so much free time after I."
His heart said, "Mangshan Sect remembers that the East China Sea knew Suoya at that time, and it was also this faction that also ingratiated itself with a guide kid, um … ask him after finishing business."
The fourth volume Gan Kun copulation Chapter two hundred and thirty-four Inducing five elements
Chang Ming nodded and said something about the mansion, asking him to wait for him in his secret room.
Easy to see the cover-up, straight to the point, I asked about the secret method of hiding memory, and my face changed greatly.
After half an hour, it is easy to walk in front with a piece of "Zhen Shen Cang Yi Da Fa", satisfied and covered up with depression, pale face and trembling slightly behind.
Easy to get out of the World League, return to the French prison pagoda, continue to practice while the iron is hot, control the body flame elements freely, and ponder the fire dragon method against the enemy by yourself.
When I sent a photo, I finally found the difference. The fetus seems to be a little bigger, and there is a unique smell. It is suspected that it is dragon gas.
The interesting thing is that in my spare time, I can’t help but feel itchy, so I refined some small things recorded in the Secret of the Purple River Returning to Tibet, and some of them seem to be magic weapons, which is very interesting and very strange
Yi bought these magic weapon-like objects and went out to find more than a dozen materials to refine them successfully. It took two days, but it was worth it. It was unbearable to think about it.
It’s also easy to do things conveniently in the future, but you can’t treat people as they really are at any time. In addition, you can deliberately forge a jasper soft hairpin.
This treasure is small, exquisite and gorgeous in style, but three materials, Softbank, cork and nephrite, are mixed with a little other solution according to a certain proportion to form a jasper color after many times of blending.
It is soft as mud, tough as iron, and can be stretched, bent at will and not folded. It can be used as both a hairpin and a hairband, and it can be used to curl hair in many forms.
The greatest achievement is that when you think about it, your skin will be covered with a thin layer of fog, which is as mild as mercury.
But it can’t be cracked through clothes. The strange way to crack it is to turn around the jasper soft hairpin. Besides, this treasure has the effect of clearing the brain and eyes.
It’s very defensive, and it can’t be damaged by seven layers of skill. It can make it as flat as mud, and it will recover when you think about it.
Yi also spent some time refining, which is a small and forbidden combination with reference to various magic weapons.
There is no array method, which is also a new attempt. It was quite successful when one was completed on the 11th.
I want to refine more for people, but it’s too late to refine it when I’m done with my business and leisure.
Ten days have passed since these things were done.
Yi came to the sea again. According to the investigation information of the World League, there are five elements of sword factions behind the Guanghui Group, which are suspected to be secular Chinese industries.
Zhu Chengjun, the president, has made great efforts to repair this sea of people, and he is quite influential.
Guanghui Tuanguo is also very prestigious and can rank in the top 20. Of course, it is not known whether there are illegal industries behind it.
Yi, wearing a suit and a mask of ordinary appearance, took a taxi and found the Guanghui Group. The car found a cafe near the crowd, went in and ordered a cup of coffee.
Mind into the Guanghui Mission Building, be careful to find out that the ninth floor of the Mission is full of ordinary people, and the other floor is a bit of a bodyguard. They have refined the handles of all important places in the realm of gas.
The office on the right side of the top floor is shrouded in array law, and the spirit can’t penetrate it. It seems that there are also protective measures.
It’s getting close to class, so I can sit in the cafe and continue to wait for my thoughts. During the exploration period, I also heard a lot of secret things, but they are all urgent. The only certainty is that Zhu Chengjun’s office on the top floor is no longer full of thoughts.
Easy-to-stealth floating wave technique followed Zhu Chengjun’s red flag car all the way ups and downs. It seems that two cars have four bodyguards in the golden elixir period.
It’s easy to think about countermeasures while tracking. It’s bound to disturb outsiders if you fight halfway, but when he gets home, there are many people at home and the array is shrouded in strong cracking, which is too conspicuous to attract special people.
Yi andao: "Living in this secular world is also safe to look at the information. There are many rich people in a villa in his home. Most of them are in trouble in the field of fixing the truth." I changed my mind and thought about the countermeasures
The commander of Zhu Cheng is of medium height, not surprisingly handsome, with his hair parted and his eyes in Phnom Penh, somewhat weak.
At this time, he looked at the file by car and suddenly an old gloomy sound came into his ear. "Young players!"
Affiliated Five Elements Sword School? "
Zhu Chengjun’s mind was startled and he swept around quickly, but he found nothing. The man asked again, and he made a sign to the bodyguard in the co-pilot seat.
Zhu Chengjun couldn’t find anything to silently transport the true qi to protect the body. Be careful to guard against the gas and wonder and play dumb. "Who? What five-element sword school? "
"You, a young fellow, would be a good old man. A few years ago, you sent people to the Five Elements Sword School to be wounded and struggling to close the door. After twenty years, you sent these five elements Sword School, and all these people became kings, and they couldn’t retreat."
"The other day, I heard from my fellow Mangshan Sect that you are an outside bigwig of the Five Elements Sword Sect, and I came here to find out that it was not easy for me to miss your practice that day. I want you to call a few table figures of the Five Elements Sword Sect to the old Sect, and it won’t be difficult for you."
Zhu Cheng Mangshan School with awe-inspiring morale. This is the magic school. How did it know that I was such a nobody?
He also tried to find out, but he didn’t find each other. He knew that he was not as good as others, but he was also single-minded. "I don’t know if the younger generation was injured at the beginning, or it would be better to report to his legacy to meet the contract."
"Hum, if I knew that people were still looking for you, I would know that this is your unique magic weapon of the Five Elements Sword Sect after seeing five flying swords being injured by that scumbag."
Zhu Chengjun’s face is "when the elder saw five flying swords, he concluded that it was my Five Elements Sword Sect. Do you know that other sects also have such a magic weapon? Is the elder wrong? I sent flying swords in five colors: white, blue, black, red and yellow … "
Before he could finish, the old and gloomy voice said with anger, "What do you mean by ordinary young players? Do you have these five lines of swords? The mountain gate and the ground? It’s no longer difficult for you to say it, old man. "
Zhu Chengjun’s face is unwilling to be colored. "The junior qualification is dull and failed to get this sword. In addition, the junior at the gate also doesn’t know that they are all sent here regularly to check the name of their predecessors …"