"Really?" Sue should sneer at a sudden change of complexion and huffed, "In that case, I’ll let you try my monty swallowing skill! Come here for me! "

At the same time, Su Ying’s palm directly spewed a huge force to absorb Ba Tian’s unique body, which was immediately involuntarily moved forward and was directly grabbed by Su Ying.
Moment swallowing magic gas directly from Su Ying arm into Batian unique body began to absorb his whole body vigor!
Chapter 296 Swallow
Ba Tian off the whole person from the ground was Su Ying palm to absorb his head. He shouted angrily, "Being old is a master of immortality, even if it is abolished, it is not something you can learn! Ah, how is it possible! "
Suddenly, Batian absolutely felt a loosening of the body Xuan, and then his whole body seemed to be full of energy. The flood was drained directly from the top of his head and was absorbed by Su Ying!
"no! I don’t believe it! That’ll be the day! What is your skill! "
Ba Tian was absolutely frightened and shouted that he had lived for thousands of years, and he was the master of the nine halls of the Senluo Hall in the Arctic, the fourth master of Sumeru’s realm. For the first time in my life, I deeply felt that death was coming!
His blood gas is flying away, the sea is broken, and the mind is flowing out. Although his body has almost no mana, the simple blood gas and spirit make Su Ying feel that he is not a monk but a sea!
"Good good!"
Su Ying’s mouth was full of admiration and excitement. "If I devour you, I will definitely greatly increase my mind, especially my mind! How great is the immortal master’s spirit and blood! "
He turned a deaf ear to Ba Tian’s bellow with excitement and roar.
This person has been abolished, repaired and sealed by Gu Tianxing. Don’t mention the magical powers. Even the martial arts are moving. At this moment, Ba Tian is definitely a lamb to be slaughtered for Su Ying!
Imagine how exciting it is that a master of magical powers can absorb the vitality of a master of immortality.
"Little beast! What kind of magic power do you dare to absorb my spirit and blood! You’re done! Even if you die of old age, you will be blown up! Hahaha, if you want to die, you will die together! " Batian is absolutely crazy, and his limbs keep swinging to break free from Su Ying’s palm.
However, it’s useless to talk about him as a force, and he can watch his whole body being sucked into Su Ying’s body!
However, after waiting for a moment, he imagined that China and the Soviet Union should be blasted, but it did not appear.
On the other hand, Su Ying, at this time, grabbed Batian’s unique head with one hand and touched his eyebrows with one hand, and saw the sea of knowledge. As Batian’s unique spirit poured into the whole sea of knowledge, it soared again and began to increase crazily again from nine miles away!
9,300 Li, 9,500 Li, 9,000 Li, 12,000 Li!
Su Ying knows that the sea has actually broken through tens of thousands! It’s horrible!
The town monument is full of light, and how much spirit seems to shake him. The light like water waves radiates from it, and all the twists and turns know that the sea is calm!
Even if ordinary monks have opened up the destiny of the sea, people who know the yin and yang can reach three thousand miles and are already genius.
But Su Ying has reached 12,000, which is simply a fate!
Then Su Ying’s body changes. He has been practicing for half of his life, and his body is extremely strong. However, at this time, after absorbing Ba Tian’s whole body blood gas, his body strength actually increased again!
As soon as he saw it, his blood slowly turned golden red and thick, and the veins were thicker than blood vessels, and the veins were enlarged and tough.
Every trace of his muscles is strengthened like steel bars, and his bones are slowly contracting. His face is covered with light purple and gold and there is a rune-like texture!
"It’s so powerful. It’s a pity that you don’t have mana. If you suck half of your mana, I can directly enter the dragon and tiger territory. It’s even higher!"
Sue should mumble and feel the change of her body, and a surge of heroism can’t help but emerge in her heart!
A moment later, Batian was completely sucked up by him, and the whole person collapsed and curled up on the ground like a dying old man, and his life was dying soon.
It’s too overbearing to swallow monty. Lian Changsheng experts can swallow it and there will be no negative root.
In particular, Su Ying knows that there is a town monument in the sea. He actually has a feeling that even if he devours three or five immortal masters, he will know the sea safely.
"If you can give me a few more immortal masters to devour mana and vigor, I may be able to enter the long habitat directly!"
Su Ying shook her head after thinking for a moment to dispel this unrealistic idea.
What he can learn from Batian at this time is that people are ruined by Gu Tianxing and their bodies are sealed. Otherwise, Su Ying, the fourth master of immortality, will not be his opponent.
This kind of coincidence is a great opportunity for people. Of course, it is absolutely something that can be met but not sought. After all, the master of long habitat is too powerful.
Especially at this time, Su Ying swallowed Batian, but also realized it personally.
Ba Tian never curled up on the ground, his body trembled and his eyes were full of disbelief and horror. He gawked at himself and wrinkled his skin like bark, and his mood was very complicated at the moment.
Out of the corner of his eye, Su Ying squatted down and suddenly had the strength to say, "You kill me. I asked for this."
Su Ying shook his head slightly and said lightly, "Again, I want you to tell me who sent you to assassinate my master. I can save your life and will let you return to your youth and send you back to the world to live in peace or you will die. It’s your choice."
Ba Tian’s eyes were slightly glazed when he heard this. His mind flashed with scenes of his happiness in the past thousands of years, and he couldn’t help crying at this time. He gasped and had the strength to look up and said, "Are you really going to send me back to the world?"
Sue should nod, "Yes, otherwise I would have killed you."
"Well, well, I ended up in this field now because I asked for it. I will tell you who asked me to assassinate Gu She’s baby." He said this sentence and gasped again. Su Ying waited for him in silence.
He really wants to know who can invite a master of revenge and longevity to assassinate Gu She’s baby. How much will it cost?
And he really wants to know who this person is. He must have a great history if he can invite the immortal master!
"I was asked to assassinate Gu She’s a mysterious person. I know him very well, but I don’t know his details. Later, I thought about it and found that this person seems to be a demon."
Sue should hurriedly asked "magic what? Say it quickly! "
However, Batian absolutely screamed suddenly, and the whole person violently twitched on the ground. Su Ying was shocked at the bottom of his heart and quickly retreated to see his body shoot hundreds of lacquered black flames and blink of an eye to burn him to ashes!
"forbidden law"
Su Ying didn’t expect that Ba Tian’s unique spirit was banned, something he had read in ancient books but didn’t really understand.
The clue of Batian’s unique death is also directly broken. Naisu should come to Gu Gu’s baby bed to think about saving her.
Chapter 297 Wake up
At this time, the baby’s lips are covered with a layer of faint black gas. Although her life essence has been flowing slowly, it is still in the process of passing from time to time.
Sue should have a closer look at this toxin, which is very strange. It will immerse the Godsworn Yuan Shen and his life will slowly fade away, and his ability is even more terrible than the original poisonous door.
Although the poison of heaven is fierce, there is no such thing as a long habitat for the master of avatar territory, even for the master of meta-fetal territory.
It can be imagined that the poisonous palm of Batian has played a role in repairing people like Gu Shooting Baby. How fierce this poisonous gas is.
"I have the world tree seedlings, which is equivalent to having the spirit of building wood and cooperating with Tianshui essence, which should be able to get rid of the poison gas of the master."
Su Ying wanted to think that he didn’t know medical skills at all. At this time, it was also based on the practice experience. After a while, he thought slightly and took out a drop of Tianshui essence again and sent it to Gu Gu Gu’s baby’s mouth to swallow. At the same time, he held Gu Gu Gu’s baby’s palm in his palm and entered a wisp of wood into her veins.
Tianshui jinggu shoots the baby’s body into a huge life, and the spirit of building wood is also with a huge life essence. The two-phase transfer immediately responded to the baby’s body.
First of all, her body is dark and poisonous gas, and the two vital essence are repelled, and she is slowly forced out of the place where she passed with the air of building wood in vitro, and the baby’s polluted tendons and mana are gradually purified.
Followed by Yuan Shen!
Let’s just say that the baby will not wake up because her Yuan Shen was polluted and directly fell into self-protection. At this time, when Jianmu entered her knowledge sea, Su Ying saw that it was dark and the knowledge sea actually went backwards and dried up a little.
"That is to say, a brother like me can save you. If you change others, you might be helpless."
Sue should shake her head and look at Gu She’s pretty face, which can’t help but make waves.
He just mana wandering about the baby’s body veins is equivalent to seeing her in a disguised form again and then associating it with the scene of the bath in the palace. Su Ying’s heart suddenly burst into blood again.
He looked at the baby at a close distance at the moment and really realized how beautiful this woman was. She woke up with a playful and arrogant beauty, but she slept with a quiet and different beauty
Sue should have seen a lot of beauty, but she is as diverse as a baby, but she is this one.
"Master, master, how did you say I became your brother? You and I have a sense of righteousness, but I can’t disrespect you at all. If I had been born a hundred years earlier, you would have loved you a lot, and I would have chased you to the ends of the earth."