At this time, the semi-dragon soldiers around Sarah looked at each other and showed playful eyes.

It was as if Shafa had become their bag at this time.
And at this time, they also spread out and surrounded Xiafa to prevent her from escaping.
For those students who escaped from Shuilu College, they didn’t care.
Because these half-dragons seem to be enemies of their master Sarah here!
At this time, Xiafa has also found himself unable to escape.
This is not only the amazing strength gap between her and Sarah.
It is also because of this that she is almost unable to maintain her blood clan transformation state.
Until now, Xiafa hasn’t replenished his scarlet power.
It’s already close to running out of oil and lights.
Sarah looked at the in situ face rain or shine Xia Fa.
Show a lewd smile on your face
As he walked towards Xiafa, he said, "Bloody girl, it seems that you have given up."
"Come on, you fight. The more you fight, the more excited I am."
"By the way, you just said that Lu Yuan can come to save you, right? Then I’ll give you a chance to call him. You call him. See if he can save you if he comes. Hahahaha!"
Sarah soon came to the front of Shafa.
Looking down at the front of Xiafa.
But then suddenly a sound came from the distant forest.
"I heard that you … wanted to see me?"
Sarah one leng looked in the direction of the sound.
I saw a ten-meter-high toad appear not far from him.
And the direction of that sound came from the mouth of a blindfolded human teenager above the toad.
Liu Yuan Tam’s head looked at the front of Sa LS pull panel and suddenly appeared in Liu Yuan’s eyes.
Otherwise, this is a strong opponent of gold and nine planets.
When Shafa saw Liu Yuan, he was suddenly surprised and rushed towards him.
Seeing that Shafa wanted to leave, Sarah held out her hand to catch Shafa.
But at this moment, a rock wall suddenly appeared from Shafa’s side and blocked Sarah’s paw.
It is this kung fu that has made Xiafa come to Liu Yuan’s side.
Looking at your side, Liu Yuan Xiafa has never appeared like this before than when he longed for Liu Yuan.
Liu Yuan noticed that Shafa’s face was in shock and gave her a smile.
"It’s okay to have me …"
"Well …"
See Liu Yuan and Xia Fa actually see themselves flirting with each other.
Sarah, who has taken Xiafa as her private property, suddenly looked gloomy and said, "Don’t you dare to rob me with your uncle Sarah? Do you take yourself too seriously?"
"You are what they call Lu Yuan, right? You want to stop me, too?"
"With your gold …"
Sarah suddenly stopped in the middle of her words.
Because in the middle of his speech, Tam’s figure rose again and reached an astonishing fifteen meters in Chengdu.
And there are strange lines on Tam’s face.
The second stage of the domain … Fairy mode!
Sarah couldn’t believe that toad’s face was full of consternation before she looked at this incredibly powerful toad.
Liu Yuantam’s head was very calm and said, "I think you misunderstood one thing."
"I never thought to stop you from running away because of the dead …"
Words fall tam suddenly power belt landing source towards Sarah in front of the past …
Chapter 541 Professor Lu’s calculation
Looking at Tamsara’s face, which was rushing towards her crazily, she was not confident at first.
So he felt great pressure in Tammy’s body.
Sarah met her opponent before, although her strength was also very good
But compared with gold and nine planets, he still has a huge gap.
After Eye Tam opens the fairy mode,
Its own strength has reached the platinum level.
This level matches Tam’s great strength.
It’s almost like him with dragon blood.
If he doesn’t move his cards, it’s definitely not easy to beat Tam.
He looked at Tam and Lu Yuan coldly and said, "If you want to kill me, it depends on whether you have this thing!"
After Sarah roared, his original human figure began to distort.
Body muscles keep expanding and getting bigger, and bones support his body.
Let his body instantly expand.
Soon Sarah, who was more than five meters tall, turned into a giant black dragon with a height of fifteen meters.
Watching Sarah change from a dragon to a giant black dragon.
Liu Yuan was not too surprised.
Because he discovered very early that Sarah was not an alien but a taxiing dragon.
And this Sarah and Nana are very similar.
Show yourself, Sarah. Show confidence.
This ….. is his integrity!
Sarah aimed at Tam and opened her maw.
A second hot black flame came out of Sarah’s mouth and exploded in the direction of Tam.
Dragon Skills Black Dragon Breathe!
In the face of Sarah, the black dragon breathed, and Tam crossed his hands in front of him.
The flame hit Tam’s arm and burst into hot sparks.
But to Sarah’s shock
Facing yourself, Dragon Breath Tam didn’t get hurt!
How is that possible!
Why does this toad have such amazing defense!
Sarah soon found out why Tam could resist his dragon’s breath button.
See tam arm wrapped in a layer of illusory energy.