I don’t know if it’s because he loves sweets. He cooks two or three times more chocolate than usual. Even the cake he makes is a big cake.

The spoon suddenly stirred and squeezed, and then threw it away. The whole bucket of chocolate pulp went straight with the spoon like a water column. When all the chocolate pulp flew into the middle, it fell in two ways.
The new killer grabbed a pair of bipolar slender chopsticks in his right hand and two forks in his left hand. Before touching the cake, he inserted the chopsticks into the chocolate paste and waved it left and right. Then the big fork was used to shape and pinch the chocolate paste, and soon the dragon and phoenix coiled the cake head.
This is called "the subtle double technique of Chinese essence following the western meaning"! The host praised, "I heard that many players challenged this skill, but they all failed. At present, only a few people can learn this advanced technique! 」
Exaggeration is that when the cake dragons and phoenixes were formed, there was a cloud of smoke around the cake. The dragons and phoenixes seemed to be alive again, shaking their heads and flapping their wings.
You won’t wait for the dragon and phoenix to fly, will you? I have some wry smile.
"Look! The chef in the field is moving! The host called for everyone’s attention.
The wild chef’s food is a hundred-eyed ghost. When she saw her with two sharp knives, she dug Dodomeki’s body and eyes, and then strung the dragon’s whiskers into several strings. After the preparation was completed, she didn’t light the fire but murmured a spell.
In a short time, the original sunny day suddenly turned dark, and the thick clouds enveloped the thunder. From the clouds, a series of flashes flashed to the cooking table of the wild chef, and it was not long before a golden flame appeared on the cooking table.
"This is" lightning strikes fire "! The host dutifully reported the name of the move. I heard that everything in this kind of flame barbecue is crispy and soft, and the flavor is excellent! In addition, because the chef chooses Dodomeki’s eyes, these eyes are the most suitable ingredients for barbecue! After baking, it will have a unique sweetness in addition to the original fragrance! It’s an excellent one! 」
In the end, the host was very greedy, swallowed saliva and stared at the dish with glowing eyes.
"It sounds like a very powerful dish," Ziyue said with some worry. "Will there be a chance of winning if it snows at night in Beigong? 」
"Rest assured, rest assured that his cooking skills are first-class! "Dead chains are full of confidence.
"That’s right! "Ling nodded in agreement." Snow is the least worried person! 」
Of course, the night snow in the northern palace lived up to everyone’s expectations. He walked to the front of his food, the unicorn whale, and drew a Tai Chi figure with his bare hands. Then he pointed out the four directions and read a few spells. After that, the Tai Chi actually turned, and then the four directions released light. Several strange beasts appeared from the light ── Qinglong, White Tiger and Suzaku Xuanwu.
Four Holy Beasts holds the beluga whale high and reaches a certain high point, and then the beluga whale circles around and flies like a rainbow, covering the whale with dazzling light, which makes people look straight …
When the light formed a halo, the day after tomorrow, a bergamot shook hands with the light. When the hand was released again, a giant lotus flower with buds slowly floated down to the desktop and slowly bloomed in front of everyone. The original white whale had become a well-prepared ingredient, and the lotus flower was presented to everyone as a dinner plate.
"This is a great trick of" praise of sacred animals "and" bergamot twisting flowers and making them rich "! I didn’t expect this hidden trick, which was just discovered a few days ago, to be cracked by this player! If you really want to shape this dish, it can be said to be a miracle, a miracle! 」
After they showed their unique skills, everyone’s cooking was completed.
"Now to score! Ask the judges to review! 」
After the host finished speaking, the judges checked and tasted the meals of both sides one by one.
"This really can score? "Fei Mansha language with confused way
"I doubt it, too," I echoed
Despite our doubts, we are still looking forward to the moment when the results are published.
"Well, now please review the winners! "The host handed the microphone.
"After discussion, we feel that it is really difficult to tell the difference between the two sides, but this is the venue after all …"
Just say who is the winner in one sentence. I didn’t expect the judge to pull a bunch of miscellaneous words and make all of us wait very impatiently.
He finally stopped speaking and announced the winner when someone was about to run to the ingredients section and hit someone with eggs.
"The winner of this competition is the challenger on my left! 」
Hearing that we successfully passed another card, everyone cheered and moved the finished meal to the rest area to celebrate together.
"The next thing to do is to cut wool! 」
In an instant, a large flock of sheep and three shepherd children appeared.
"The way of competition is very simple. Whoever can cut one hundred sheep’s wool fastest will win! The host spoke out the rules of the game.
"I’ll take care of this." Ling Yi walked directly to the stage.
After the whistle sounded, Ling Yi pulled out his waist and double swords, and his skill was extremely neat. Seeing wool flying all over the sky in the flock was like falling snowflakes …
In less than a few minutes, Ling Yi has completed the challenge and won the victory.
"I didn’t expect this kind of wool cutting method. It’s really amazing." The shepherd boy fell to his knees.
"I, we give up …"
"A sharpening card! 」
"Sharpen? "Can this also be regarded as a card?
"Hum, I am the most famous sharpener! An NPC appeared patting his chest and said, "Even if the rust is serious and the blade is dull, I can make it look like new! 」
"Who here is good at sharpening knives? "Purple yue curious to ask everyone.
"Black warrior should be? "I asked him.
"Yes, but I didn’t practice this skill perfectly." The black warrior was a little unsure.
"Sharpening is an auxiliary skill, and no one will practice it in particular," others added.
"Then what should I do? "A group of people face to face in distress.
"Let me do it." A female voice with an air voice came.
The girl who spoke was holding a small parasol in her hand, wearing a blue dress and gray hair, and the sun was shining.
"Becca? "She never told me that I had forgotten her!
"Can you sharpen a knife? "Asked Labrador some questions.
"Don’t look down upon Beja," promised Fighting Day Maru with a big smile. "She is a master sharpener! 」
Didn’t say much. Beja’s lips smiled back and put away the small parasol. A green light covered her and let her float slowly from the ground to the competition venue.
"It’s a woman." The other party smiled contemptuously.
The figure of that man is Kuiwu, and he looks like a robber and a sharpener. Bejia looks very petite like a child.
"At the same time, please polish the sword for one hour. The sooner you finish it, the sharper the sword will win."
The two men were compete with two rusty and blunt swords.
Because they are experts in this field, it doesn’t take too much time to polish, and both of them finish their hands at the same time.
"Now let’s test the sharpness! 」
The other party picked up a piece of white paper and put it on the blade head, but it was just blowing air from the head and putting a little pressure on it, so the paper was cut in half.
Follow each other and stab the tip of the sword to the ground. The front end of the whole sword just goes underground.
After the exhibition, the other person’s face appeared proud smile.
Beja also responded to a shallow smile. Before she walked slowly, she raised her long sword and waved it to the ground. The long sword was immediately cut in half.
When the broken blade fell to the ground, the other side’s face became extremely ugly.
Bejia raised his sword again against the light, but the gap was still flat and smooth.
Becca easily won this card.
"That’s amazing. I didn’t expect you to have this skill …"
"Could you please help me polish my weapon another day? 」
"What would you want to learn to sharpen a knife? 」
As soon as he walked back to the rest area, Beja was surrounded by a group of people.
"Because I like it …" Bejia said softly, "I like the grinding sound very much."
Isn’t the grinding sound harsh? How could …
We don’t know how to respond when we hear that Bega has this special hobby.