Kick out the sand monk with one hoof and be overturned with one hoof, and immediately call out, "You are an animal and know the guardian, but it’s a pity that you should be in my belly today."
Hei Hu roared off his hoof and gathered a mass of water to spray on the sand monk.
One strange thing and one horse are all fierce things coming and going in the water, fighting with each other. The sand monk knows perfectly well that this group of people who bumped into the disaster today is difficult, so they lost their minds and went back to the river. If those two come back and surround him, they will not be able to get away.
As soon as splash jumped into the water, he met the returning bear holding palladium and built it on his head.
Wu Ming hit the sand monk into the bottom of the river and jumped out of the water.
"Let’s go"
Immediately, the avatar bear and Hei Hu became the same and set foot on a cloud to rise to the sky.
Said that the sand monk was hit by a stick and fell to the bottom of the river. After a long time, he woke up faintly and felt irritable as if his muscles were broken.
"Where did this happen?"
I can hide my bad luck, turn to my water shelter and lick my wounds.
Wu Ming was about to explore westward whether the demon kings and others were in place, but when his mind moved to his place, the gap was touched!
Immediately face a clot charged Hei Hu carrying a bear back to the view first.
While he was driving a cloud of light to the place secretly to choke tactic chanting to hit it and enter it.
It’s as small as mustard, and there are plumes of black gas seeping out of the hole, and the hole is slowly expanded.
Wu Ming’s eyes suddenly shrunk the world’s creatures!
Do you want to kill the opponent directly before he enters the third world or wait for him to come over and beat him?
After thinking for a moment, he decided to wait for the other party to come over and be curious about the world of Wu Ming. Since he didn’t want to risk going deep into the unknown, it was rare for a native to cross-examine him.
It’s a big guy to prevent it. Wu Ming will also take out two cylinders of Yin and Yang, but he can’t run away at any time. Tubo Youdu seems not far from here
Gradually, the black gas slowly condensed into a dark face, and you couldn’t see that the facial features were followed by a slender neck, which was almost the same as the little black man in Conan.
It was the face that showed one leng after seeing Wu Ming, and then slowly drilled into the hole.
Wu Ming grabbed it.
"It’s not a hospitality way to go across the world without a cup of tea."
That fellow doesn’t seem to be able to speak with his mouth full of fangs. Click and bite Wu Ming’s arm, and the shadow creature’s teeth immediately broke.
Wu Mingli pulled the black shadow out from the inside and immediately let him get mad with pain.
"Don’t move. Since you can come, there must be some things that won’t die."
It’s easy to move mountains and rivers with his strength, but it’s very difficult to pull the shadow figure’s body. Fortunately, that fellow knows each other or he will be torn into several pieces.
It was not until Wu Ming’s forehead saw sweat that the fellow was pulled out, and it was conceivable how much pressure there was.
Pa a shadow finally entered the three realms, but Wu Ming’s face gradually became similar.
"Let me replace you when you finally get into the middle place!"
That fellow monster laughed and then grabbed Wu Ming with both hands.
Wu Ming, who was ready to take out the bottle stopper of Yin and Yang by hand, grabbed it in one hand and went to the fellow hood. After the bottle was plugged, Wu Ming didn’t worry that this fellow wouldn’t melt for a while.
What gave you that illusion that you could kill me?
Then Wu Ming continued to keep the cave, and I don’t know if this thing came alone or called seven elder sisters.
After waiting for half an hour, I still haven’t seen any creatures continue to drill through the small hole, so my heart is calm.
He released the fellow and tied the dragon rope for questioning.
"Come and sign this contract first."
Wu Ming walked over and took out a contract, which was roughly what Wu Ming asked, and he had to answer truthfully and there could be no lies.
That fellow monster is sneering at this side of the world with Wu’s name in his heart. Are all the creatures in the world honest? What contract should I hold?
Then press the handprint.
Wu Ming put away the contract and said, "Then I’ll ask you a question."
Chapter 29 mending the sky and saying that the two spirits will be bound
"Who are you? From where? Here? "
That fellow was tortured by Yin and Yang, and his face was dark red while posing at the moment.
"I don’t think you want to try that taste again?"
Wu Ming clapped his hands in the vase.
"I have no name from the dark side."
Since there’s no response, say this guy tells the truth. The dark side? It should be that indigenous creatures claim to be there.
"Then why did you come here?"
Wu Ming continued
"I’m here on the orders of the dark sky."
After saying his word, the fellow suddenly opened his eyes wide, and a statue of terrorist creatures emerged.
Yuan Shen, the King of Wu Mingjiu, appeared and grabbed him, but this time he completely controlled his life and death.
"You are the god of death!"
"Hehe, can you talk now?"
Threaten that fellow, even if it is clean, there is nothing to betray the burden of the same kind.
Wu Ming also learned something from this.
The place where this guy was born is a dark place, where creatures call the dark world all kinds of meanings, and the dark world is the law of the jungle, while the old saying goes that there is a world full of beauty outside the dark world, which is the place that all creatures in the dark world yearn for, so it means the three realms.
When he came here, he just stumbled across the loophole. He was alone in the dark, but he just made it up.
There is a contract that Wu Ming can guarantee that what he said is true, but it can’t guarantee the authenticity.
According to him, the small hole is a buried ancient relic, which is usually not found by creatures.
Other than that, the world is like three worlds, and there is not much difference.
There are also gods in charge of heaven and earth, which he has never seen before, until a few years ago, the so-called gods no longer appeared in the world
Wu Ming frowned. This fellow’s way is almost roughly equivalent to a true fairy, but it is very strange. Unlike flesh and blood, it is a cloud of black gas that he has ever seen.
"Would you say replace me?"
See this fellow face himself gradually similar not from some diaphragmatic way
"Gu Ji, after going to the said land, devours the creature there, and you can get everything from him without being rejected by heaven and earth."
"It’s everything"
Wu Ming was suddenly shocked. It’s not that it’s so horrible to take possession of others. That’s not a big disaster. Does that mean that the world’s creatures have stared at the three realms?