Chu Yanqi sat behind the demon, and when he heard this, he said, "When did I ever say that many people in our family are stupid with money?" (To be continued. )

Chapter three hundred and four Poisonous fire finch pool
The demon said with a smile, "Master, we all know that this is what you said. Besides, if you hadn’t said it, we wouldn’t have caused ambiguity and thought that the city of Cangwu was easy to rob."
"Do you still want to rob the city of Cangwu?" Sang Changfeng looked at ChuYanQi, suddenly feel that this boy followed him, he had to beat him three times a day all abandon less-this is his appearance cheated.
"No, no …" ChuYanQi repeatedly shook his head, immediately mercilessly stared at the sting.
Chi Mo just smiled and said with emotion, "If this robbery meets a great king, it will be bad luck at best. You say, if there is a great king’s father suddenly, this day …"
This, Chi Mo also told him privately that Chu Yanqi just smiled, so at this time, he still smiled and said, "There is a great father who is a king. In this era of fighting for my father, I can walk sideways in the wild without waiting for a child."
"After a Jiazi?" In front of the words, SangChangFeng ignored, the last sentence, he was a little curious, maybe, after a jia, he will be able to practice to dacheng king?
But Mr. Cang and Chi Mo all know that after Jia Jia, the three old demons can get out of trouble. At that time, who in the world can compete with Chu Yan?
"no!" The demon changed the subject and asked, "Does the city mainly gamble?"
"I’m more interested in your practice." Sang Changfeng said bluntly.
"This is easy. If you ask for it directly, I will give it to you." Chi Mo smiled indifferently, and it was not a secret for him to cultivate the spirit.
"eh?" Sangchangfeng some leng however, any school of uniting the achievement method, are top secret, to be honest. He was going to change it with some training methods in the city of Cangwu. But there are concerns that he doesn’t agree. Therefore, when I had to think about playing mahjong, such a run suddenly.
Mr. Cang suddenly remembered that when Chu Yanqi gave him the skill of cultivating gods, it was also flat and agile. Without any delay, he immediately smiled and said, "We want a complete achievement method."
"Yes!" The demon nods.
"You don’t want to ask us?" Mr. Cang is a little curious. Did he promise so neatly?
"Mr. Cang has been to that place, which is a strange question." Chi demon shook his head. "In fact, you don’t have to look for me, and the master knows it."
ChuYan habitat feeling, sitting again, very embarrassed, immediately got up and walked away.
"Don’t go out and wander around." When Sang Changfeng saw it, he was busy taking care of it. "If you go out, let Feilong accompany you."
In fact, without him, Chu Yanqi walked to the door. Wuji and Sang Feilong have followed up. Chu Yanqi smiled and said, "I’m not going out. I’ll just walk in the yard. "
"hmm!" Sang Changfeng just nodded.
"There are many classics in that place, but it takes time to sort them out systematically. We want ready-made ones." Mr. Cang said, "Besides, there is no spiritual practice in that place."
The demon touched the cards and asked, "Which floor have you been to?"
"Lord Xiao said that apart from him, we can only go to the fifth floor at most." Mr. Cang said.
"There are only spiritual exercises on the seventh floor, and there are even others." The demon thought for a moment, then said, "The fifth floor is basically all kinds of spiritual secrets."
"Oh?" Mr. Cang expressed some surprise.
"So, if you want to practice spiritual skills, you don’t have to gamble." The demon shook his head. "I’ll record it later and give it to you."
"Really?" Jade virtual reality suddenly some excitement, he is excited, a suit of fat can’t help shaking all of a sudden.
"You are not my master, I am teasing you." The demon shook his head.
"eh?" Mr. Cang was stunned at first, and then said, "Emotion, you forced him to be the master, just to tease him?"
"He is very funny sometimes, like a child." Chi said, and couldn’t help laughing, "it’s a pity-"
"What a pity?" Yu Xu is really curious. He was originally afraid of this person with extremely high cultivation and unknown origin, but after playing mahjong for a few days, he felt that this person seemed to be quite accommodating. He immediately smiled and asked, "He is already your master, is there a pity?"
"Lord Sangcheng, I will give you three people the skill of cultivating gods on one condition." The demon said.
"Help you take care of your master?" Mr. Cang smiled, and in a similar way, Xiao Nu also said that he could open the door for them, and the only requirement was to help them take care of the "Your Majesty".
"Yes!" The demon nodded. "Take care of him for me-I don’t want the last thing to happen again."
"With you here, they dare not lend them courage." Mr Cang smiled indifferently.
"I can’t stay with him all the time, and … he doesn’t like me." The demon sighed lightly and said, "He probably hated me all the time, but he didn’t dare to drive me away because of my cultivation."
"Is he stupid?" Sang Changfeng remembered the word he recently learned from Chu Yanqi and immediately said, "Why did he want to kick you out?"
"You and owl slave them, is the relationship?" Mr. Cang stayed and suddenly asked.
"Enemies!" The demon said faintly, "In order to get rid of difficulties, we reached an agreement. But this Jiazi’s time is long or short. If I stay with him all the time, I’m afraid I’ll end up doing something despicable. "
"meaning?" SangChangFeng puzzled asked.
"It’s really easy to use him to kill the owl." Mr Cang nodded.
"Don’t use it, as long as he says a word, the slave will definitely die for him." The demon shook his head. "Owl slave is a respectable opponent, and I can’t use him."
"You are also a worthy opponent." Mr. Cang smiled. In fact, the owl slave is also gambling. If Chi Mo really takes advantage of this Jiazi’s time to control Chuyan’s habitat, then waiting for him to leave the ten-square ghost domain, and waiting for him is a stand-off.
"Anyway, I’ll give you the complete method of spiritual cultivation, and you can take care of him for me. This kind of thing can never happen again." The demon said, "I’m trying to suppress it these days, otherwise, I really want to go out and kill."
"I am his father, and he will naturally take good care of him, no matter whether you give me spiritual cultivation or not." Sang Changfeng laughed.