Haikui didn’t ask Yu Lin whether he was asleep or not, so he kept his eyes closed and began to count, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven to one hundred, and then counted back from one hundred to one. After counting for more than ten times, he felt a little sleepy, and he bowed his head and fell asleep.

In his sleep, Haikui heard footsteps and strange sounds. He woke up suddenly and found himself asleep. Then he heard footsteps, not dreaming.
Haikui crept to the door, pricked up his ears and listened. The direction of the voice seemed to be his own room.
In order to determine whether the shop assistant wanted to harm himself, Haikui quietly opened the door a crack and looked out.
I heard a subtle voice, "No, you ran away?" It’s the voice of the shop boy.
Then I heard another man say, "No, his carriage is still outside. Where can he go?"
"Strange, we don’t seem to have done anything to make him suspicious!" The voice of the shop boy.
"Look around." Another voice said.
Haikui heard footsteps coming this way, closed the door gently, and did not dare to move. Until the footsteps of the two men became farther and farther away, he took a long breath.
It seems that I was right, and Yu Lin was right, but it’s really safe here in Yu Lin, so Haikui was relieved.
Quietly pushed the table to the door and blocked it. Haikui sat down against the wall and began to sleep.
Before dawn the next day, Haikui woke up. Listening to Yu Lin’s regular breathing, he knew that Yu Lin was still sleeping. Haikui had to stand up and stretch and didn’t speak.
At dawn, Yu Lin also woke up, looked at Haikui who was exercising and asked, "Brother Sheng didn’t sleep well last night, did he?"
"Not bad!" Haikui stopped shaking and replied.
Yu Lin got up and straightened her clothes. She said apologetically, "I should have called you to bed last night, but as you know, I’m a girl’s house, so why don’t you go to bed by yourself?"
What Haikui said by her was remorse in her heart, and she said awkwardly, "I forgot!" "
Yu Lin blushed awkward and finally had to give up, some words can’t come out!
"Let’s go to eat, finish eating and continue on our way." Haikui saw that the two men were so embarrassed that they couldn’t tell her why, and suddenly changed lanes.
"All right, I’m hungry, too." Yu Lin’s nifty tongue sticking out.
Haikui also smoothed her clothes, put her bags on her back, and Yu Lin put her hat back on.
In fact, Haikui didn’t ask one thing. Lin Yu wore a hat and covered her face. How did the shop assistant or boss recognize her as a local?
Two people out of the door toward the lobby, shop assistant is still bored doze off, shop owner is serious count, seems to be calculating how much these days.
Hai Kui’s feet were quiet, and there was a slight sound of walking. When they walked to the front of them, the shop assistant was still dozing off, and the shop owner was still counting accounts.
"Shopkeeper, get ready to eat!" Haikui pulled up a stool to sit down and shouted loudly.
The shopkeeper was startled, and the shop assistant was suddenly awake. Looking at Haikui, he was a little startled. The shop assistant asked, "You were last night …" But he immediately found something wrong and didn’t ask again.
Yu Lin low head pressure voice said a few words, Haikui didn’t understand anything.
When Yu Lin sat down, Haikui whispered, "What did you just say?"
Yu Lin replied softly, "I’ll tell him to cook food in our local dialect."
Hai Kui understood that it turned out to be a local dialect. He said, how do you know that Yu Lin is a local? Judging from the accent, it turns out that no matter where you are, you have your own local language.
The shop assistant turned back, and the boss stared at Haikui for a while, but kept his head down without saying anything.
After a while, the shop assistant served two bowls of vegetarian noodles. "There are no ingredients, so is breakfast!" "
"Nothing, just make do!" Haikui said and took over two bowls of noodles.
The shop boy looked at Yu Lin carefully with questioning eyes.
Haikui snorted. "What are you looking at?"
Shop buddy that Nuo Nuo turned back to the bar there.
Although Haikui can’t use her mana for the time being, there is still some tortoise qi developed over the years, and she is still a little ruthless when she stares and scolds.