Wen Jiuyi laughed in a friendly way.

He picked a petal with his finger and blew a breath on it. Black and white flames sprang from the petal and Ma Benteng rushed to the split temple, kicking his last eye as a ball.
"You can’t write his name yet." Wen Jiuyi is a good leader who stresses honesty.
He wrote Alek’s name "His name is Alek" on the toes of the burnt ashes of the Split Temple.
The Split Temple was dying, and he finally realized the mood of his prey when he looked at it. A quarter of an hour ago, he didn’t think that there was poison hidden in his plate.
"My Lord, I recognize it, I have recognized it," implored the Split Temple. "He, you and I won’t tell anyone. You want the identity of Alesside, then I can’t die. I have great things for you."
Wen Jiuyi grabbed the eyeball surrounded by flames.
He watched the rolling tears fall from the parasite’s eyeball and crushed it.
"no need"
Rubbish ashes can’t even write. Little Alec spends a lot of time in the sea, and the mud temperature is 91%, which is considered malnutrition.
In reality, Alek looked at the split temple burned by black and white flames inexplicably and was dumbfounded.
The familiar black-and-white layered flame was burning in the distance, and the heat wave brushed Alek’s face, prompting him to see the person he wanted to see through the flame.
Until the flame burned the Split Temple, Wen Jiuyi never appeared in front of Alek.
This made him confused and sad.
He was puzzled that Wen Jiuyi didn’t take the starship people to clean up the parasitic bodies and what appeared in front of him. He was happy to eat honey, but he was sad that Wen Jiuyi wouldn’t come out to see himself since he came.
Wen Jiuyi didn’t tell him at the next meeting, which was like getting news.
The male worm got what he wanted and thought about how to squeeze his staff in a limited time-for example, while operating, processing files, doing happy things and reporting to work
Houses come to parasitize people’s gunfire
Alek will no longer be sad in spring and autumn. He will quickly shuttle through the city along the corner of the house and disappear at the edge of the skyline in a short time.
"Dead person is not very normal? What do you mean? "
"The temple number is dead."
There are several parasites flying from the roof. Among the low-level parasites in fear, this group of people have not taken off their suits and masks, which is very different.
They wowed around the pile of ashes, "It burned evenly."
The death of the Temple has no effect except to give a reasonable excuse for rounding up Alesidia.
Wen Jiuyi wandered in the gray area, and it was easy for the Star Pirates to get a newly released "Alesidia" wanted order from the caravan of the parasitic body.
He stared at this photo for a long time and always felt that the person in it was much younger than Alek he knew.
Chapter 7 Chapter 7
make love
Hydrogen/bomb, a thermonuclear weapon
Judging from the current war situation, thermonuclear weapons are not ordinary, but they also belong to the category of heavy weapons.
Wen Jiuyi didn’t mention that the butterfly family’s own tons of hydrogen/bomb was the fact that their family recognized that Alesside was worth 1 ton of hydrogen/bomb. Wen Jiuyi had to raise the risk of Alesside by several degrees.
His biochemical department has a core research base to store half a ton in case it is not needed.
How can the hymn goddess say tons, 4 tons … even 1 ton is so natural?
"What’s with the hydrogen/bomb?"
Nino said, "Isn’t it normal to assassinate a family with thermonuclear weapons?"
If the enemy can’t withdraw the incoming information and people, a few tons of hydrogen/bombs can burst in situ to complete the family mission.
Wen Jiuyi is a little envious.
What soldier doesn’t like fire suppression?
But his brain also clearly knows that when this level of firepower falls on Alec, he must not laugh.
"It’s a bit of a fuss to deal with an Alesidia."
Nino didn’t understand why Wen Jiuyi thought so. When he was about to refute, he saw that Wen Jiuyi hadn’t peeled off the teenager’s face, so he swallowed the part he wanted to talk about.
I almost forgot that Wen Jiuyi was just a Xiao Xiong worm in the peak years of Alesside, and he was different from his peers who had witnessed Alesside’s highlight moment. Wen Jiuyi had never witnessed Alesside’s toughness, and the materials and images he later found had been screened by the military for three or four times before staying.
If Wen Jiuyi had been born earlier, he wouldn’t have asked such things again.
Alessidia deserves to be treated like this.
Nino mumbled, "If we find him, we will do it."
Wen Jiu must be determined to find a chance to meet Alec. He can’t imagine Alec facing the scene of hydrogen/bomb washing alone.
In his mind, his attendants don’t even have to kill the soldier-level parasites, but compared with other female insects of the goddess of hymns who have undergone systematic exercise, Alek still keeps naive about killing.
He wouldn’t have thought that the family would choose the least error-prone means to deal with his brother.
I wouldn’t have thought that one day, a thermonuclear weapon like hydrogen/bomb might fall from the sky, and thousands of troops would meet him.
The more Wen Jiuyi thinks about it, the more headache he has. He can neither expose that Alek is still alive, but also ensure that the goddess of hymns does not send out hydrogen/bombs.
Being watched by the cronies in the meeting room, Wen Jiuyi clapped his hands on the table and said, "Good, we will try our best to catch Alessideya." He put his hands on his chest and said, "Let’s put all your military qualities on the table. We are star thieves in this matter."
Some time ago, Wen 91 ordered them to rob two Zerg caravans. All the soldiers and women were slightly excited. When they stepped in front of people and dressed up, they didn’t look like a loose and crazy star thief.
Wen Jiuyi is here to educate a bunch of people who are exposed.
"I didn’t hit the Star Thief", which is obvious to the naked eye.
"Do you think I have?" Wen Jiuyi rubbed his forehead and remembered a very unbearable scene. He said, "Dress in rags and be casual … unbutton Lister and take out your cigarettes. When you are a star thief, smoke them and drink them."
They do star pirates, which must not be related to the military department.
This is the bottom line for marshal and teacher Lida.
Nino added, "There’s no need for the pavilion … some people have guessed that we were fired by the military." Starnet is famous, and many people have captured them through satellite live monitoring.
The military department’s theory of self-acting and self-directing is gaining popularity.
Wen Jiu just doesn’t know.
It is rare for him to log on to Starnet, and he can be fooled by the background of the balloon flower Star Pirates. The story is ups and downs, and Wen 91 chooses the most outrageous one. It is announced that this is the background of the whole Star Pirates from today.
"They said we were acting and directing ourselves, so we showed them." Wen Jiuyi pushed his finger away from the map and clicked a little "I want to play here for a long time."
War planning office
If the military department can make a ranking, the War Planning Department can definitely rank first with the Zerg Gene Bank as the "most hated department of the military"
"hey!" A military hero slammed the door angrily and rushed out of the headquarters of the war planning department. He was grumpy and would dismiss it and tear it to pieces. "If something happens, your war planning department is really busy-if something happens, just hide in the turtle shell and don’t come out for the next generation."
He pointed at the semicircle like a middle finger.
"I’ll kill your representative when I get back."
It’s bullshit here that the two sides don’t kill the envoys.
Jun Xiong thought that changing the information in the middle of the battle plan caused most of his teammates to get information incorrectly and fall into the trap of parasitic body. His face turned red with anger and he went back to kick the iron gate of the battle plan out.