"Star Dragon God should have told you that everyone in our dragon has taken an oath never to reveal the news, otherwise it will be swept away. It’s not just that I’m a great protector, Aosheng, and I dare not tell you."

"If you really want to know that the dragon will suddenly disappear, you’d better go to East China, where there are still clues. With your ingenuity, it should not be difficult to guess why."
East China again!
Li Xuandao narrowed his eyes, eyes flashing with raging anger.
If he can go to East China, how can he try his best to wrestle with the Long Night Dragon God? Threats, intimidation, inducement and abduction, he did almost everything, but how could he not be angry when he finally got such an answer?
Li Xuandao slapped the guest table straight and smashed the Millennium mahogany table like steel. Only then did he bite his teeth and stare at the eyes of the Long Night Dragon. "Long Night Dragon, I will ask you again. Are you really unwilling to say?"
"Li Xuandao is not that I refuse to say it, but that I really can’t say it."
Long Night Dragon God Nai shook his head and sighed, "If I could speak, I would have told you and even your father didn’t tell you. Don’t you understand how serious this oath is?"
Li Xuandao took a deep breath and his face suddenly calmed down, but his eyes reflected cold luster. "Since you won’t say it, don’t explain it to me. Tell him yourself when my father comes!"
Said Li Xuandao leg lifts and walked.
Recalling the cruelty and means of the great protector Ao Sheng, the dragon god was frightened all night. He almost hugged Li Xuandao’s legs before flying. "I didn’t mean to offend Li Gong’s life. Look, I will help you repel the Lijiang Sect. Please give me a chance."
Li Xuandao squatted down with his right hand and abruptly broke off the fingers of the Long Night Dragon God. Then he sneered and lifted his feet and walked to the front of the hall. The sound still echoed in the hall.
"I have already given you a chance, but you don’t know how to cherish it!"
Looking at Li Xuandao’s horse leaving the hall for a long night, the dragon was in a hurry
Long night, the dragon god drank a figure and appeared in front of Li Xuandao. His face was full of pleading, "Does Li Gong have no choice but this problem?"
Chapter 52 Long Night Dragon Promise
Chapter 52 Long Night Dragon Promise
"no more"
Li Xuandao shook his head and looked cold. There was no room for accommodation.
Long night dragon god was trembling with anger, eyes flashing with light yoshimitsu mouth growled "Li Xuandao, you don’t push me! Do you know what it takes to intimidate a god? "
I don’t know.
Li Xuandao sneer at a face of surprise, "and I’m not interested to know."
The dragon god suddenly clenched his fist and rattled his teeth, like watching an enemy who killed his father radiate cold murderous look. However, Li Xuandao squinted at the dragon god with cold eyes and a fearful face.
The ambient temperature dropped instantly, and the ground strangely raised several frost.
The two men are tit for tat and don’t give in to each other. The fierce momentum is pervasive, as if they could explode at any time.
After a long time, the dragon god sighed and had to take back his eyes.
Although he couldn’t wait to slap Li Xuandao to death, neither Aosheng, the great protector, nor the red carp, was the one he could offend. He didn’t want to ruin thousands of years of penance because of a little grudge.
He has no doubt about Li Xuandao’s identity.
Because Li Xuandao’s dragon spirit is really powerful, it’s definitely not a common dragon breed’s lie about Li Xuandao, and he chose to believe it, even Li Xuandao is a little incredible.
"Li Xuandao, you win."
The tall god lost to a saint, and the seven-story ant filled the dragon’s mind with resentment, but he brought it all on himself, and it wouldn’t have come to this if he hadn’t been malicious to Li Xuandao.
"Things in East China are listed in ancient secrets, but people are not allowed to reveal them because this is a disgrace to the dragon, which is detrimental to the majesty of the dragon. Actually, I tell you, the dragon is forced to leave the Xuanhuang world because of the chaos of the dragon …"
Bang bang bang!
Long night dragon body suddenly broke out in a series of rumbling.
His voice came to an abrupt end, and then he spit out a mouthful of blood fog, and his body became blurred. He said with a wry smile, "Li Xuandao, you can see that the oath curse is so powerful that I can tell you so much. If I say it again, I will really lose my mind."
Li Xuandao nodded and closed his eyes, remembering what the Dragon God had just said.
Forced to leave the xuanhuang world because of chaos?
Jane Jane’s short words reveal thrilling news.
What happened to the dragon who once crushed the world and ruled the whole Xuanhuang World, and was forced to leave the Xuanhuang World?
Li Xuandao noticed that he was forced to leave the world of Xuan and Huang instead of being forced to leave East China.
This shows that the dragon chaos is so severe that it is not in the world!
"Don’t …"
Li Xuandao’s heart suddenly remembered the picture scroll once seen by the ruins of Panwu.
He remembered that a mysterious man in black and white said that he would slay Li Xuandao, and then Sun Rusheng ruled the whole dragon.
Is it because of this matter?
"Long Night Dragon God, let me ask you another question. Who is the dragon master now?" Li Xuandao suddenly opened his eyes and his eyes shone like two skyfires, spewing out more than seven feet, which was extremely frightening.
However, in the face of Li Xuandao’s question, the Long Night Dragon God revealed a complicated smile.
This smile contains too much sadness and bitterness, and a little bit of self-deprecation "Dragon? Long ago, in name only, where is the master? "
Li Xuandao was so surprised that he couldn’t believe his ears.
The dragon is in name only?
A race that was once so powerful would be reduced to this?
But it also says from the side that Sun Rusheng did not rule the dragon after Li Xuandao was betrayed by Wu Huang and Guan Yaoguang.
"Li Xuandao, can you send me a few drops of dragon blood for me to add one?" Long night, the dragon’s voice suddenly weakened and the body became transparent.
This shows that the power of oath curse is definitely not as simple as letting him spray blood, and it is very likely that it has hurt his source.
Li Xuandao did not hesitate to take out ten jade bottles from Gankun Ring and threw them directly to the Long Night Dragon God. Immediately, the Long Night Dragon God took out twenty identical jade bottles again with shocked eyes.
Even through the jade bottle, the dragon god can feel the breath that makes him boil inside.
Dragon blood!
It’s definitely the kind that can raise the dragon’s blood!
Long night, the dragon god swallowed saliva and made no secret of his greedy eyes. He almost couldn’t help but snatch it.
So much dragon blood is enough for him to be promoted to the higher gods.
"Long Night Dragon God, you have seen the dragon blood in my hand. There is still a lot for you to tell me some news. These twenty bottles of dragon blood are all yours. Besides, I will give you twenty extra bottles. What do you think?"
Li Xuandao all pushed 30 bottles of dragon blood to the front of the dragon god at night, and the sound was full of gloom.
The myth of the night dragon brought him clues, but it also brought him more doubts. He felt that he was getting closer and closer to the truth, but a film could be uncovered. However, the distance between this film was like a natural barrier, which made him unable to reach the end.
"This …"
Look at the mountain of dragon blood in front of you, and look straight at the dragon god’s eyes.
Ten bottles plus twenty bottles and twenty extra bottles, that’s fifty bottles of dragon blood!