When talking, Jiang Pingshan looked strangely at the ground. Blackstone’s vision suddenly became smaller and Blackstone’s limit expanded. At once, the environment was greatly changed, surrounded by troops, shouting and killing the sky, and the footsteps sounded neatly. Several soldiers gradually forced Jiang Pingshan’s mind to be full of fear.

Suddenly the white light flashed and the illusion disappeared. Jiang Pingshan was in a trance and immediately returned to reality. When she saw Yi Xin’s face, she was worried. "I still despised my heart when Sister Ya said earlier. This illusion is really impossible to prevent."
"When you come out, you should always be careful. If you make a mistake, you may regret it for life." Yi patted her on the shoulder as if she were comforting and preaching.
"Well, I remember that" Jiang Pingshan Zheng nodded and looked very clever.
Punishment, elegant, easy to see just now is not affected by the illusion, but Jiang Pingshan is on the way to be broken by easy white light. He was very surprised and thought to himself, "What spell can he cast with confidence?" Still so relaxed and casual! It’s really rare that this milky light wave is full of righteousness and pure leisure … These two people are progressing so fast. Sister Shan is obedient in front of herself, but she looks arrogant in front of outsiders. Look at this posture just now. Ping Shan is obedient to Yi, but what magic does he have to firmly attract Sister Shan! It’s incredible. Is double cultivation so powerful? "
Yi Yi grabbed a small piece of black stone and flew it into his palm to observe for a while before saying, "It turns out that this stone is playing tricks with a strange resentment, but it’s very strange, Sister Ya. How can we get there?"
Punishment, nodded approvingly to Yi Dao "teacher younger brother good eye this hatred soul valley is divided into three, this is the first Blackstone mirage to take a look at it attracted by visual changes will be the way, unless there is a treasure protector or mental fortitude people can crack q and sh ū Ω m: ng generally don’t pay attention to it, just let’s go first."
Black, gray, black-gray cobblestone-sized stones are covered with the ground, and the valley is extremely messy. Surrounded by mountains, flowers and trees on three sides, it seems to be a dead zone, and the evil wind blows from time to time to bring out a unique sound, which is very penetrating.
Here, the mind-reading method is developed, and whenever the mind-reading method leans out of the body, it will be inhaled instantly, and there is a feeling of dizziness in the brain, which is very bad.
I don’t know how many times I have been here, but I don’t know how many times I have been here.
Two people are purely to help, of course, Yi is the main force Jiang Pingshan is just incidental.
Penalty Ya didn’t say the purpose, but it’s easy to analyze what she said. It’s estimated that it’s a magic weapon. It’s a treasure that is hidden. A guardian who is forbidden by law is still worth a fortune.
Sometimes there is no reason to love and there is no reason to love. The purpose of the transaction was to help her get the treasure today, which is three years. At this time, she ignored sending things to stay in Tianlong House and deepen mutual understanding. Whether it is intentional or well-intentioned, this patience alone is enough to make people admire.
Now it comes naturally, no matter how easy it is to refuse, and I don’t want to refuse. The cause and effect of karma are of great benefit to him.
Visually outside, the scope of the Valley of Hatred Soul is an ordinary small valley, but when you are there, you will find that the valley area is not small, similar to Sumeru mustard.
After crossing the mouth of the valley, the stone piles ran along the slope, and the climate became cold and fierce. The sight began to darken, and there were stars and bones on the ground, and there were still little green phosphorescence floating on the surface. At a distance, it seemed like a few jack-o’-lanterns coming near, and I really felt that I was in a ghost town.
The air is full of rotten smell, with a little bit of stench, and the air pressure is getting lower. mortals are likely to suffocate here.
The miserable white and dark yellow bones are more and more so that you can see them everywhere, and then shake off a piece of phosphorescence.
Phosphorescence, like spirituality, floated to the human body and made a corrosive sound. Finally, a nail fire broke out.
This kind of resistance interferes with the threesome. Although it can’t hurt the body, it is a trouble after all.
Punishment, the left hand took out a stack of operators, and the right hand pinched out a piece, which was thrown at random and instantly burned to form an extremely strong Gangfeng fan, which was blown forward and suddenly several phosphorescence was blown away but did not dissipate.
Punishment, a face of nai color while putting the operator explained to two people, "this phosphorescence is naturally attached to the bones and full of grievances. When encountering creatures like maggots attached to bones, it is very powerful. General spells are destroyed and not afraid of the five elements of gas and thunder. It can be resisted unless it is a wide range of extremely powerful spells that can be removed, it must be attached to people. Things destroy themselves, or they can’t be dispelled. Every year, many Taoist priests come here to collect this phosphorescence, or this enemy or forge a magic weapon. You should be careful when you encounter it in the future. Although it is not powerful, once it forms a scale, its power will increase exponentially, and it will kill people. After being refined, this phosphorescence can form a kind of phosphorus fire, which is not much worse than the Jiuyou jack-o’-lantern. Every time I come here in these years, I have to specially prepare this kind of strong wind charm and force it to push it forward. Once I get through here, these phosphorescence will not
Jiang Pingshan, after hearing this, looked eager and said to Punishment Ya, "Sister Ya, it’s not easy for you to forge fierce wind symbols. It’s not as good as me to crack the yellow flag and drum up Gangfeng to deal with them."
Punishment, turned to look at Jiang Pingshan smiled and said kindly, "There are dangers here. Accidents may happen at any time. Cracking the yellow flag will consume a lot of energy and make the operator need a little energy to save time and effort. Saving energy here is not a packet. At least 20% of it will be saved." The meaning is full of preaching meaning.
"Well, is this the truth or is Sister Ya experienced?" Jiang Pingshan was taught modestly and vomitted to stick out her sweet tongue.
Yi smiled and asked, "Shan Er, have you learned a lot from Sister Ya in these three years?"
Jiang Pingshan nodded. "Of course, Sister Ya is better than anyone else to me. If it weren’t for Sister Ya, I wouldn’t know how many times I would have died."
"Hehe, I can be fond of Xie Yajie, the big matchmaker."
Punishment, glancing back at Yi, quipped, "Teacher younger brother, don’t just talk."
"Ha-ha, then I’ll take practical actions to show that Sister Ya has worked so hard before. I’m deeply sorry. Let’s change places."
Say punishment ya consternation easily flash to her arms and sleeves in front of a surge suddenly two milky light floating out to the front quickly spread om a few phosphorescence dissipated all together with the gas has been purified to perfection.
I’m sorry for the bad influence caused by last month’s break. After all, I just did it. Don’t concentrate on the code word this time. It’s even more unrealistic every day. It’s a guarantee. Try to win hundreds of dollars in attendance awards every month. Mosquitoes are also meat. In addition, the quality assurance department in the evaluation area is not worried about this problem. I don’t worry about it every week. It’s just that I don’t have time to improve my evaluation. Whoever wants to make more comments on idle waves is shameful. Looking back at a plot, I said. To be honest, I feel very bad. After discovering many problems, I must improve it, and I am worthy of collecting more than 10 thousand friends’ gossip. I have to adjust my biological clock well or I will have a nervous breakdown.
The fourth volume Gan Kun copulation Chapter five hundred and ten Sexual doubt
This milky white glow is soft, pure and not stained with a trace of impurities. The valley suddenly appears as if the sun is shining, which is particularly touching.
Then, the brilliance of Yi’s head gathers into a ball of light and slowly rotates. Whenever phosphorescence approaches, it brushes a soft light outward and moves with Yi’s body.
I want to ask questions several times in my beautiful eyes, but when I think about it, after all, it’s someone else’s secret, especially this kind of mysterious spell. It’s just that it’s hard to ask for details. Of course, I can’t really admire it.
Although Jiang Pingshan is as close as a sister, she feels her face is glorious when she praises her, and she is so beautiful that she can’t stop staring at her back, which is different from ordinary people. The more she looks at it, the more she loves it.
This milky brilliance is naturally caused by the dry mirror. It is easy to practice the Yuan God in the floating pagoda for fifteen years. How many days and nights are these!
Generally speaking, it takes nine years for outsiders to cultivate the Yuan God, but it is easy to coagulate the baby pill. It has the effect of rapid prototyping. It is more than enough for three years at the very most, but it has been delayed for twelve years. Except for exercising the Yuan God and honing the out-of-body experience, it is spent elsewhere.
He learned a lot to refine the spirit and return to the virtual realm before he could use spells and array methods. He also studied and cracked the magic weapons such as Tianlong Shenhuo Column, Xuanhun Shenmu, and the floating pagoda in detail.
Especially for the dry mirror, it is easy to regard it as a time bomb. Maybe if something goes wrong one day, it will hurt itself. How can it be treated correctly?
Fortunately, he had enough patience to learn by analogy, and it took a lot of money to crack the partial ban of the dry mirror and get the control method of the Ministry before he could initially control it
However, the dry mirror is not a vegetarian, and it is easy to use all kinds of means to drive out the body and firmly take root in the plough palace, and every time you use strong means to drive away and start, the pain is really worse than death.
There are advantages and disadvantages in everything, and the positive mirror is no exception. Besides taking root in the highest palace, it also brings many benefits, especially the light from the mirror has little threat to positive substances, but it can be said that it is extremely threatening and purifying to negative substances.
It’s said that a brush of ghost mirror light that fails to please people often takes the life out of them. It’s like complaining about the phosphorescence of the soul valley. I just tried it carefully to be sure that it will be completely purified before I took over the punishment.
Now, the palace of the highest plough in the sun mirror belongs to the eldest position. In recent years, it is easy to purify the mysterious curtain with mirror light, especially the blood sea. At least it will not absorb blood, soul, true qi, vitality and other things because of itself.
After all, the mysterious curtain belongs to the magic treasure, and it is a long way to go. Now having such a major breakthrough is equivalent to sweeping away a lot of thorns on his future road of repairing the truth. Now, the mirror of the highest day in the palace is high and soft, and the blood is calm and the blood is firmly suppressed. At the bottom, Bai Yishui is unwilling to show his head from time to time, but he can’t hide his face pain.
While Tian Tianlong twisted his huge body and circled slowly around the dry mirror, breathing out the joyful dragons of Yingwei soul and body in front of the mirror and never stopped.
In the past, their bodies were red like fireworks, but now they are red and white, and even the flames around their bodies are much more powerful and hot than they are.
The five ghosts with five yin and five jiao are easily named, and they are also greatly influenced by the dry mirror. Because the mirror is porous, it makes the easy body perspective as secret as a laser.
Gossip is less, but back to the truth, there are two monks named Mo Jiuzhen and Lu Nishang in the Valley of Hatred Soul.
Lu’s dress is beautiful, her figure is excellent, her clothes are very thin, and she has a pair of peach-blossom eyes, and her manners are a little dissolute. Her beautiful eyes turn and light waves flow, which is fascinating.
Suddenly, she looked intently at the east side. Yi tugged at Mo Jiu’s sleeve and pointed to the faint light. "Mo Daoyou, look at it. It seems that someone has come in."
Mo nine really glanced at her white hands, and there was a flash of different light in her eyes. Looking in the direction pointed out, she squinted, "Look at the light that is soft and full of righteousness. Nine times out of ten, it is the right way for monks to go! Let’s go and see who is in such a good mood to visit here. "
"Mo Daoyou won’t be happy, will he?" Lu Nishang’s little hand covered her mouth and giggled, and the milk waves rippled with a burst.
Mo Jiuzhen’s thin lips moved his throat and swallowed a mouthful of water and laughed. "Let’s take a closer look to see if we know each other. Be prepared for the enemy. There is a crisis here."
"Well, it’s all right," said Lu Nishang, and followed Mo Jiuzhen.
Mo Jiuzhen’s left hand pinched the tactic, and his right hand held a green iron gourd while absorbing the flying phosphorescence, and carefully concealed his whereabouts by borrowing the terrain. He just saw the other three people’s bodies suddenly and suddenly stopped and turned back to the novel, "The other party seems to have found us."
In Lu’s beautiful eyes, she disdains the color which passes by, but her mouth says, "It’s impossible that we didn’t even see each other’s figure so far away. How can they have such good eyesight? Besides, when we walk along the road, we find that we have nothing to hide."
Jiang Pingshan saw Yi look back behind him, and his eyes still showed pure and bare light. "What’s wrong with Brother Yi?"
Easy to move kept narrowing her eyes and said, "There is a man and a woman behind us."
Punishment Yajiang Pingshan looked back at a gray one and a little green phosphorescence. There was no figure, but I still believed in the words of Yi Di for seven points.
Jiang Pingshan wanted to think, "Look at Gu Masan’s saying that there are two people in front of us. Maybe it is them."
"Well," Yi nodded. Although he saw the two men, he was also very vague. However, it is not a good idea to turn his mind around and reveal a trace of murder. "Ya Jie, you have a big thing, no matter whether these two people are unstable factors, it is good to get rid of them first."
Punishment, know easy perception is different from ordinary people, he is better than not smell speech eyebrows a wrinkly.
She hasn’t seen that although the latter two people know that Yi is well-intentioned, it is not too unstable to act indiscriminately. To put it bluntly, the heart is good and evil, and the killing is too heavy. This runs counter to her nature, and she is naturally uncomfortable and has doubts about Yi.
"Let’s not rock the boat." Punishment Ya said tactfully that she refused Yi’s kindness.
Yi looked back at the two women behind him again. "They are secretive, not far away, not close behind, and it doesn’t look like a good road. One thousand will probably affect us later …"
Punishment, elegant, easy to see, still very unhappy, thinking that this person is so strange that ShaQi is so heavy.
She said lightly, "What people can’t break off without saying a word? After all, this valley of resentful souls is the site of the Juemen Gate. Many people come to repair it. You can’t underestimate it. It’s good for you to get rid of it, teacher younger brother. Let’s open the way."
Yi is the first time to hear the sentence, the meaning of speaking to himself in such a tone, and the meaning of meddling. He frowned in his heart and wanted to leave regardless, but he looked at Jiang Pingshan’s good pressure. With a wave of his right hand, phosphorescence was purified and aggravated a lot.