"Little master, how do you say you are a cow dung man again?" Dan Tai Glass took my hand and glanced at Xiao Kato Jun, who was entering the antique trading house, and withdrew his sight.

"Don’t make trouble. It seems that the exhibition of Avalokitesvara in antique trading houses today has a great influence. If Avalokitesvara is bought by someone, although it makes a lot of money, it also loses the chance to catch that person as bait." I know clearly that Kokato Jun is not short of money.
"Not everyone can easily see through the value of Avalokitesvara with thousands of hands. It is estimated that pedestrians who are now entering antique trading will just say hello to the one who can see through the value at a glance." Dan Tai Glass whispered to me.
After listening to Dan Tai Li’s words, I was noncommittal. I sat in the antique trading shop and tried my best to reduce my feelings. Although I had planned to find a chance to get close to Kokato Junji and find the bones of Gu Zi’s father to make those bones, I was not ready yet.
Small kato jun with several bodyguards to avoid.
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You can avoid entering the antique trading house, and soon another dead fish-eyed man came to the antique trading house and went straight to Xiao Kato Jun.
I saw that little Kato Jun didn’t talk to the man who rushed to him. The man stood by little Kato Jun and looked at Guanyin with a thousand hands. His dead fish eyes slowly burst into brilliance.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-four Not too distant future
I can’t help but raise my eyebrows when I see the brilliance of the dead fish-eyed man around Takeo.
"Little main elder brother to?" Dan Tai glass asked me at this time.
"Don’t sit and watch." I shook my head gently when I heard Dan Tai’s inquiry.
As soon as I saw the dead fish-eyed man walking beside Kokato Jun, I stopped worrying about whether Guanyin with a thousand hands would be bought.
Antique trading houses do business, customers want to buy goods, and the store has no reason not to sell goods.
The original intention of my antique trading firm is to have more opportunities to find the apprentice of the man who stole the treasures of Nanguang King in those days, and my original intention has not changed until now.
Even if Guanyin with a thousand hands was bought, the antique trading firm temporarily lacked the lure to lure the apprentice who stole the treasures of Nanguang King to appear. I have the invisible paper hand to steal the treasures of Nanguang King that year, and the apprentice coveted Guanyin with a thousand hands. I can find his trace through the invisible paper hand.
After collecting and leaking antique jade, I have already seen many people involved in the antique jade industry how crazy antique jade is.
Dan Tai liqian has told me that the disciple who stole the treasures of nanguang king loved to search for ancient jade and jade, which determined that the disciple who stole the treasures of nanguang king would do whatever it took to get what he wanted.
Money can’t buy what he wants, and he is bound to steal and rob.
Note: Little Kato Jun and the dead fish-eye man around him. I saw the dead fish-eye man whispering something to Little Kato Jun.
Immediately track down Xiao Kato Jun’s invisible paper man. I know that the man is telling Xiao Kato Jun that avalokitesvara is a rare object in this antique trading shop, and it is a value-for-money object.
Kokato Junxian didn’t doubt the man’s words. He nodded and went to the counter, pointing to the thousand-handed Guanyin and saying that he bought it.
This move of Xiao Kato Jun caused an uproar in antique trading. Ikeda glanced at Xiao Kato Jun and narrowed his eyes slightly.
I heard Zhang Ya ask Ikeda if he also took a fancy to the avalokitesvara. Ikeda nodded slightly and said that avalokitesvara was really worth the money, but he was just looking at the price.
Small kato gentleman mouth to buy thousands of avalokitesvara Ye Tianqi seemingly inadvertently asked eyes glance at me, I nodded at Ye Tianqi slightly, Ye Tianqi immediately personally set out to handle the sale of thousands of avalokitesvara industry.
Soon, the money and goods were paid, and everyone paid attention to the light with a smug face and a thousand hands of Guanyin, and he was ready to leave the antique trading firm Ye Tianqi and send it to him behind him.
When I saw Xiao Kato preparing to leave the antique trading house, I immediately turned my back on him.
"Xiao Ran, so you are here, too." I heard Jun Yang say hello to Xiao Kato behind me.
"Congratulations on winning the Thousand Hands Guanyin" I said that I really wanted to pretend that I didn’t hear Xiao Kato’s greeting.
It was I who clearly heard Xiao Kato’s footsteps approaching me, and I got up from my seat and turned to look at Xiao Kato with a cool expression.
"This is indeed a happy event. Why hasn’t Xiao Ran hit me all the time?" I was congratulated on Xiao Kato’s face.
"I haven’t been busy yet." Little Kato Jun greeted me and took the initiative to talk directly, which attracted the attention of almost all the guests in the antique trading house.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ikeda’s new family looking up.
Tracking the little girl can hide the paper man. I saw Ikeda looking at me with deep exploration. Zhang Ya couldn’t hide her surprise, but the little girl frowned slightly.
But when the invisible paper man saw the situation of Ikeda’s new family, I was very sad, and I had an impulse to kick Kato Jun in front of me to the Pacific Ocean immediately.
"My woman is busy with my other people, etc. Do not disturb." At this time, Dan Tai Glass stood up from his seat and stretched out his hand and took me into his arms with a faint lip angle and an unruly smile.
"Xiao Ran’s flowers shouldn’t be self-indulgent to insert cow dung. Remember to call me when I wait for you." Xiao Kato regarded Dan Tai’s glass skin as a smile and meat as a smile. After finishing this sentence, the dead fish-eye man and several bodyguards left the antique trading house with a thousand hands of Guanyin.
Little Kato Jun said hello to the guests at the antique trading house, and soon the attention was removed from me.
"Glass cow dung is not me." I took a glance at Dan Tai Glass when I sat down again.
"That fellow is jealous of me and hates his nonsense. Don’t worry," Dan Tai Li looked at me with her eyes spoiled.
Sit down again. I tracked the little girl, but the paper man was invisible. When I saw Dan Tai glass up and took me into my arms, Ikeda Shin and Zhang Ya looked at each other, and their emotions were clear. The little girl stretched her forehead and said to Ikeda Shin that she knew that I was not with Kokato Jun.
The little girl’s words were exported. Ikeda smiled and patted the little girl’s head. She didn’t say much. She took the little girl and Zhang Ya to continue wandering around the antique trading firm.
But the invisible paper man was a little relieved to see the follow-up reaction of Ikeda’s new family.
I can trace the little girl with the invisible paper man. My purpose is the bone piano in the little girl’s hand.
The more I track the little girl through the link, the more invisible the paper man sees the little girl, and the more I like the little girl.
If I want to take the piano from the little girl, I won’t leave her for a moment. In the end, I am bound to turn against the little girl’s family.
Even if it turns against me completely, it can’t stop my determination to collect his father’s bones and make them into bone tools.