Su Yuting looked at Jane with a smug look, and the words rolled in vinegar and then dumped to Jane.

"Guess what Ms. Yang told me?"
Jane can’t taste sour when she is excited.
Er ya and San Huan Shuang Huan suddenly stood up and remembered this time to meet her eyes and looked at Jane.
"What to say? A widow is pitiful, isn’t she complaining? It’s definitely not good to live alone! Officer person but want to comfort! "
"wrong! You are wrong! You are all wrong! " Jane laughed and pointed to three women.
Er Ya and San Huan are so depressed that they haven’t said anything yet. How can they be wrong?
"What did that say?"
Su Yuting left the pie mouth and turned to go into the house.
"Wait a minute, I want to announce a big event!"
Jane yelled at the back, "I’m going to be a coach!" "
The three women stopped at once, then stared at Jane, puzzled and relieved. When confused, the word coach was too strange, relieved because the widow might not have succeeded!
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Chapter 33 Ambition yawn
It’s sunny and sunny on Sunday, and the birds in Wan Liyun are singing … Well, this is the beginning of primary school students.
Go to class happily, ride a horse and bring a flower to the widow behind the maid. Do you think the worm can drill?
Er Ya rode a donkey and looked at the carriage behind him with her eyes from time to time. There were followers around the carriage, several of whom rode marooned followers.
Since Jane has a widow, Zhuang Hang, Er Ya has become Jane’s sidekick again. Su Yuting seems to be very diligent, in charge of shipment and accounting audit.
"Is the little official cuju very powerful?"
Two ya Zhang Xiangyang Xiaohong looked at Jane with a face full of doubts.
"If I’m a player, I’m sure I’m as sharp as Rooney. If I’m a coach, I’m sure I’m as angry as Sir Alex Ferguson." Jane has limited her image, so-called beauty knows heroes and heroes give red powder
"Is Sun Monkey the God of the Sea?" Er ya’s thinking is jumping.
"I am not a monkey!" Jane gave Er Ya a stare, which spoiled it.
Er Ya nodded in agreement and solemnly said to Jane, "Little official is that stick!"
Suddenly I felt beaten by a stick!
Jane has a red face and stares at Er Ya’s mouth twitching.
"The little official has a nosebleed!" Two ya exclaim one
"I want to spank you!" Jane finally put up with it.
"Ah!" Two ya exclaimed sitting on a donkey and hurriedly covered her little ass’s eyes, but they drifted like stars blinking. Jane is understandable. She actually wanted to give a glad eye, but it was too green and turned into a keratitis symptom!
Yang Yi would have raised the curtain in a corner, sipping her mouth and laughing at the dispute between two people.
However, it took half a day to get to Fengfeng, and then the carriage was simple and elegant, followed by two horses, and stopped in front of a mansion in Fengcheng.
Yang Yi arrived early. Did Jane follow behind and look at the lintel?
"Little officer person, this is a big mansion!" Er Ya trills and Jane has a novel.
Jane is ashamed and wants to distance herself from a girl who has never seen the world. However, this Yang Yi-sealed mansion is really huge. There are six or seven pavilions and pools in the courtyard, which pass through the corridor of more than 200 meters. There is also a place with a wide stadium, next to which is the back door.
There were more than twenty Han people playing football at the stadium early. When Yang Yi came over, they stopped to salute Yang Yi respectfully.
"I will be your head coach from today!" Yang Yi hasn’t introduced Jane yet, so she can’t wait.
All the Han people looked up at Yang Yi and Yang Yi nodded, only to see Jane.
Jane smiled at Yang Yi apologetically. She was impulsive just now, mainly because the title of head coach was too tempting.
Er Ya sat on a bench in the long corridor, holding Ba in her hands and yawning for a long time, and then looked at Yang Yi sitting in the stands over there.
This woman smiles like a fox.
This is Er Ya’s evaluation of Yang Yi. The foxes in the serial are all seducing men. Er Ya likes to listen to such stories told by young officials. At this time, I forgot that the foxes often shed tears in those stories.
"We should have a team name. Yesterday, I thought about it all night and looked up Confucius, old words, Yin and Yang. Finally, I came up with a name that is unparalleled in the past. From then on, we will be called Manchester United!" Jane has said that everyone pretends to understand!
"Honor, honor, Manchester United, Manchester United!" This fellow copied it directly!
More than twenty Han people stared at Jane and looked at each other, saying that Jane was not suitable for shouting slogans.
"If any of you don’t shout after me, I promise you will be kicked out of the team!" Jane felt that she had just become angry from embarrassment like a monkey queen.
"Honor, honor Manchester United, Manchester United!"
It is obvious that this group of strong men can’t adapt to it, which is much more difficult than aliens spitting on the earth