In the nba, Kobe often takes a step outside the three-point line and then shoots in a small step inside the three-point line. Kobe’s technical moves are put on the international arena. Is a standard three-pointer

Then Kobe built a Sun Yue behind him, and Kobe’s move is considered to be a duel for his little brother who is about to join the Lakers before Sun Yue enters the Lakers.
After a block, Kobe turned and ran to the backcourt. Then Anthony picked up the basketball and found Kobe with a long pass.
It’s also very scary that the speed is fully open. Kobe directly completed an attack with a two-handed dunk.
Yi Jianlian then hit a jumper, but Kobe responded with a backward jumper.
Kobe personally led a 7-2 attack wave.
The United States once again extended its lead to 15 points.
"Damn it!" Li Cheng glanced at the remaining time in the third quarter, with 3 minutes and 21 seconds left.
Li Cheng, whose chest ups and downs are already very severe, may find it difficult to break out again. "Do you really want to collapse?"? As long as we are only about 10 points behind in the fourth quarter, our chances of winning will be very great. "
"Fuck you, come on!" Li Cheng scolded himself, then he made a simple change of direction and forced his way to the inside.
Li Cheng leans on Kobe Bryant’s shoulder, takes a step inside, makes a simple effort on his shoulder, and then suddenly steps back.
This is Kobe’s standard action, but then Li Cheng’s back jump shot made Kobe a little helpless. You can’t cover it at such a big angle!
However, Kobe still held out his hand. In fact, he didn’t expect to interfere with Li Cheng’s shooting. Li Cheng’s shooting was terrible.
However, Li Cheng’s shot this time was a bit hasty because of physical reasons. The arc of the basketball flight was good, but in the end the ball hit the front of the basket and bounced out.
"Shit, this kid finally has a time to miss." Kobe scolded 1.
Howard took off the rebound and the American team got another chance to attack.
The score difference is already 15 points. If the United States scores this goal, the score difference will reach 17 points.
The fans were a little anxious. They shouted wildly, "Defense! Defense! Defense! "
Just now, when the China team was in trouble, it was Li Cheng who stood up and saved the day. Now, Li Cheng is obviously exhausted. Who else on the China team can stand up and help the building collapse?
All eyes turned to the tallest guy on the field-China Great Wall, Little Giant Yao Ming!
"Yao Ming! Yao Ming! Yao Ming! "
The fans began to shout Yao Ming’s name, and Yao Ming’s calm eyes flashed a ferocious look.
"It’s not just you, it’s me!" Yao Ming ruthlessly thought.
In fact, sometimes, people’s thoughts will have a great influence on the outcome and process of things.
This time, Wade suddenly reached the inside again. As always, Howard stuck in Yao Ming’s position, but this time Howard’s ass pursed, only to find that he lost his goal.
Howard was surprised. When he found that Yao Ming had bypassed him and pinned Wade’s shot on the rebound, Howard was shocked.
There was a fierce cheer from the fans at the scene. "Beautiful, let’s do it!"
Yao Ming’s nail-board hat boosted the morale of the China team. Chengda Li roared and ran to the basket of the US team, and Sun Yue followed closely beside Li Cheng. Kobe Bryant was the only one on the American team who went back to defense.
Li Cheng is not the only one who started to work hard in China. All the people, broke out the final potential.
Yao Ming took the ball and threw it directly into the frontcourt. Kobe and Sun Yue grabbed it together. Kobe wanted to throw the racket out of the sideline and stop the China team from this fast break.
Basketball has flown out of the sideline, but Sun Yue, who was stumbling because of competing with Kobe Bryant, jumped up again.
Sun Yue flew over the sideline, and then he didn’t care where his body was going to hit. His right hand touched the basketball, and then he took the ball in the direction of Li Cheng.
The ball was fast and the path was accurate. Sung Jae Lee bent down outside the three-point line and picked it up. Then he made a direct shot outside the three-point line.
Basketball hits steadily.
Sun Yue’s waist was smashed on the floor, and soon Sun Yue stood up, clutching his waist. He didn’t ask for a rest, he will continue to fight!
Sun Yue’s stubbornness, Yao Ming’s outbreak, and Li Cheng’s three points finally made the China team recover the three points.
However, the game in the third quarter is not over yet, and the result is still a long way from what Li Cheng expected.