As ranging from fairy dodge, flies, "you reality, boy occupy, walk first one step. See you on the day of sword fighting. "

Hidden Valley, also known as Langya Fairy Scenery. The mountains are empty and the rain is fresh, and the green manure is red. There are hundreds of peaks in the distance, high and low, and a thin mist gauze rises gracefully, until it is beautiful, and the eyes are inexhaustible, and the heart is infinitely far away. The new waterfall after the rain in the distance is several times thicker than usual, falling high, with a shocking momentum, ringing ears and smooth feet.
On one side of the valley, there was a voice. When Tianxin first entered the Wandian boundary, Wan Xing and Wan Ying, two women who met at the edge of Wandian boundary, were walking and talking. All the stars are dressed in red and white, which makes the whole person stand out among the green mountains and green waters, with beautiful scenery and unique style. Wan Ying is dressed in light green, with a smiling face and a beautiful eyebrow, which is another style.
"The teacher elder sister, the annual tournament competition is about to begin. This time, you see who can take the third place. " Green with thousands of tassels.
"Who knows, reed {langya} seven true. There are more than a dozen disciples, and everyone is practicing the hidden truth method hard, hoping to win glory for their own team. " Wanxing in red said and burst out laughing. "However, I think there is a guy who should be a dark horse and win honor for the master."
"Dark horse, you mean little Mary. How is that possible? She is so small. "
"How impossible, the somebody else all year in retreat," Wan Xing tease laughed, "you see her practice so hard. Maybe we can make it into the top ten. Hey, it’s been a few days since I went back to the mountain. Without this candy, fresh water will come soon. I’m really not used to it. Jenny has been asking, however, how did this girl turn to sex the next time she went down the mountain? But how can I know! "
"The teacher elder sister, you mention it, I also feel strange. Little witch may be hiding something from us. Let’s go. Go and interrogate her. How could she suddenly turn around and take away our headaches and laughter? No way. I must pull her back. I want to be a lady at such a young age. No, absolutely not. Our record should be kept for a hundred years, and we can’t let her break it. " Wan Ying shows the magic of that year.
"All right," Wan Xing did Sarah laugh.
Xiao Xuan, Wan Xuan, is drumming in her small training room, pouting a Zhang Xiaohong mouth. "Big brother, this move is so tiring. I’ve been tired for a year! Still tired, no matter, sleep. " Say that finish, lie down and enter the dream.
It turns out that when Tianxin saw my little girl’s cuteness, she left a trick of shifting stars and practicing internal energy in her knowledge, hoping that my little girl would practice internal energy first. Practice the trick of changing stars again. I didn’t expect my little girl to see the magic trick, regardless of the willy-nilly. I practiced. However, it takes a lot of effort to change the stars, and with my little girl’s ability, I can’t make it in the middle, and she is so tired that she falls asleep on the spot. My little girl slept for a whole day and night, and when she woke up, there was another title of snoozing pig behind the title of little witch. Angry, my little girl simply went back to the mountain and stopped practicing.
Her move made the three brothers who accompanied her down the mountain ecstatic. Wan Xing and Wan Ying also shouted their congratulations and praised her wise decision. They immediately ordered three younger brothers to send her back to the mountain, while they stayed in the town at ease.
After Wan Xuan returned to the mountains, there was a lot of excitement, and all her classmates were nervous. Just less than half a month later, this ten-year-old little devil was quiet.
The mischievous little egg is back. There is no good life, so people should hide their things quickly.
It’s a pity that Xiao Xuan’s mind has been turning to the stars, and she didn’t notice the changes of her brothers and sisters at all. Otherwise, she would definitely repair them severely and ask piteously, "Is the lovely Xiao Xuan so miserable?"
Once again, she tried to change the stars, and slept for a day and a night. She was really unconvinced. It was so difficult to practice the monkey king picking peaches. She practiced hard for a month, and from then on, she was handy. All the little things on her brothers and sisters were picked for her. Seeing the brothers and sisters holding their breath, her little heart is very cool and comfortable, which can avenge their constant ridicule of her lack of skill. Big brother, this trick can escape the sneak attack of the Monkey King. It must be a good thing. Good things are certainly not so easy to learn.
Wan Xuan decided to turn this trick around anyway. After working for ten times and sleeping for ten days and ten nights, I finally found out that there was something strange in my mind. If you look carefully, isn’t that the formula for sitting?
On closer inspection, it seems that the master has never taught her this skill! But why do you remember so clearly? By the way, it must have been left by my big brother, and it has a name, which is called Inner Energy Twelve-Order Gu Wu Method. On that day, two senior sisters said that in the blink of an eye, Big Brother was gone. It’s gone in a blink of an eye, and the master can’t do it. That’s what flying fairy is. What Fei Xian passed on must be good.
"I want to be a flying fairy." My little girl jumped up, and her tender voice echoed in the small training room.
Since then, Wan Xuan has changed her sleep mode to meditation and practice, and her internal cultivation has progressed extremely rapidly. However, her practice is unexpected. Because every time, Wan Xuan’s true qi is exhausted by the technique of shifting stars, which not only consumes light, but also makes her tired. Only after meditating and practicing the internal energy method can we be less tired and the true qi can be quickly restored. Discovering this, Wan Xuan was naturally ecstatic and insisted crazily.
Just, my girl didn’t expect her to practice completely deviated from the original intention of heavenly heart. Tianxin told her that her internal energy was twelve orders, that is, she thought that the technique of fighting and shifting stars was extremely laborious, and she was asked to practice internal energy first, and then practice fighting and shifting stars. My little girl’s newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, but she bumps into order and ignores danger, which makes her an adventure inexplicably.
I can practice my mind. The younger Ben is, the easier it is to make contributions. Changed to Wan Xing or Wan Ying. The technique of making an incomplete fight and shifting stars. You must know that your skills are insufficient, but turn around and practice your skills. But Wan Xuan didn’t know this. She just wanted to practice the technique of shifting stars quickly. Therefore, it is often a little bit of qi in the body, so it is consumed by her. My girl had to, only to increase the time of practicing internal energy. People are small, and the meridians in the body are easy to expand. But the pain like numbness is inevitable. Fortunately, she has been practicing for several years and knows what is going on. After the numbness in the body. She will get a kind of indescribable comfort, and she can also use more half-styles in the trick of shifting stars. This will give her more reason to insist.
Repeatedly, Wan Xuan meditated and practiced internal energy for more and more time, only half a year. Just enter the internal energy level 4, but even so, the two moves are practiced. In the body to the true qi is still to smoke. What’s the use of knowing Wan Xuan’s heart is determined, and she can only make it twice! So increase the strength. Do two and a half tricks. When you are very tired, you will practice meditation. Of course, meditation time is getting longer and longer. The true qi in the body begins to deteriorate slowly, and after two months, its internal energy can be promoted to the fifth order. The true qi gradually assumes the true yuan state. Little girl doesn’t know at this time, but she is almost equal to his master. I’m still making a determined effort, because the stars are shifting. She can only do it pitifully five times. If Tianxin knew, I’m sure I’ll have to laugh. It’s a trick to fix the truth. If you want to be free and unlimited, unless you practice to the sixth order of internal energy, your skill will be upgraded to a higher level, and the true qi will fully enter the state of innate truth. Is possible.
Wan Xuan doesn’t know this, and she doesn’t care about it, as usual. Come on a few times, and the qi in the body will be exhausted. You will enter a longer period of concentration. Her abnormal behavior attracted curiosity and doubts from her classmates, especially her teacher and mother. But they didn’t have a chance to ask her. My little girl often wakes up and goes to the kitchen to fill her stomach. Then she came back, and after a while, she entered the center again. No one ever saw her wake up from the center.
So another three months passed, under the crazy practice. Wan Xuan woke up one day and felt her ears ringing. Hearing has greatly increased, and even the clucking of chickens can be heard in the distance. She jumped to her feet and stirred up the stars. She was delighted to find that she was not tired after being crazy for a long time. My girl is ignorant again. I also know what I seem to have achieved, and I slowly ponder over it. I found that the master had been chanting some realms in her ear before, and she unconsciously understood them and practiced them. In fact, if his master saw her at this time, he would jump up in shock. His head was a little longer, his eyes were full of light between turns, his skin was glittering and translucent, his color was looming, and his tension was swollen. Her face is rosy, her mouth is playful, and it is clear that a fairy little woman is also.
She wanted to see the master and her classmates, but she was able to get into the sixth grade. After waking up, she danced wildly and moved around, feeling a little tired. Besides, she hasn’t slept for months, and she really misses the taste of a deep sleep! My little girl did it when she thought of it, and then she lay down on the meditation seat and fell asleep.
At that time, Wan Xing and Wan Ying had been back to the mountain for two or three days, and there were people everywhere to welcome them. It was a few days before Wan Xuan, a troublemaker, came to mind. When I asked the master, I realized that the little witch was "closed". Two people feel funny, teenage girl closed, too that, I don’t know Wan Xuan has thoroughly remould oneself. If they know the truth, they don’t know how they will regret it. After all, how can such a good thing be called my girl’s exclusive, and it will last for a year.
After Wan Xuan woke up, she still didn’t realize her wish to see her master. The reason is that I accidentally thought about it and studied the inner mind. This is not enough. I secretly went out and moved a few books that she used to regard as a scourge. This reference, a few days later, she was happy and disappointed. I’m glad that I seem to be "a great success", but I’m disappointed that the contents of these ancient books are too difficult to say, and it doesn’t help her at all.
Disappointed, my little girl returned to her old job. In any case, after entering the sixth grade, the real foundation is not very stable, so I am still very tired after a crazy struggle. However, she couldn’t sleep that day. Just lying down for a while, practicing outside, Wan Xing and Wan Ying’s footsteps rang and rushed in rudely.
Seeing Wan Xuan leaning sideways and sleeping in a daze, Wan Ying immediately stuck out her tongue and smiled, "Hee hee, what a special retreat!" Wan Xing slapped Wan Xuan’s little ass. "This girl is not afraid to become."
Wan Xuan woke up with a start, and her hand was in a hurry. "Who hit me? Don’t want to live. " Turn over and open your eyes. See two smiling faces like flowers have gathered in front of her face, there are four black eyes smiling at her, can’t help but shouted, "Wow, the teacher elder sister, you’re back, little Mary misses you so much! Come on, hug. "
"You little lazy pig, listen to the teacher, you are closed. So you are closing your sleep! " Wan Ying chuckled.
"Stop it, two senior sisters. Little Xuan is so pitiful. It’s been so long. The master hasn’t come to see others, so I ignore him." Wan Xuan bulging tunnel, then laughed. "Two senior sisters, what delicious food did you bring to Xiaoxuan?"
"Just know to eat," Wan Xing and Wan Ying to take a look, "delicious, of course, but. Why don’t you tell us first, you are a child. What have you been doing in the training room for a year? It’s not really closed! Tell the truth. "
"Closed, who said I closed. I was practicing what my big brother taught me, and I was exhausted, so I practiced that trick. " Wan Xuan small eyes a stare, eyes off which passes, "the teacher elder sister, big brother that very badly, much worse than the monkey king peach picker. Let you taste it later. "
"Hey, the little witch is the little witch. I thought I had been locked up for a year and became a lady. How long is it?" Wan Ying sighed, completely relieved, my girl like this, absolutely can’t break her record of lady transformation.
"You really got it," Wan Xing surprised tunnel. Wan Xuan told her about this ghostly trick that flashed in front of her eyes. She has practiced, but only after a few forms. I was so tired that I gasped and sweated. I thought my little girl just had fun, but it was absolutely impossible to practice. I didn’t expect my little girl to practice. The little girl’s training for …, her heart is tight. If so, she, a senior sister, will become a junior sister. It was not easy for her to ascend to the position of Master Sister.
There is a strange rule in Langya Xianmen, and I don’t know which generation of ancestors set it up. Among the disciples of the same generation, the one who reaches the highest level is respected, ranking according to martial arts. This is the origin of the annual tournament. Wan Xing worked hard as an adult for more than ten times before becoming a senior teacher elder sister the year before last. I really don’t know. When I was startled, the senior teacher elder sister was awesome! Besides, she has only been working for two years and has never been addicted at all.
Look at Wan Xuan, her mood is depressed. If this little thing becomes a teacher elder sister, it’s strange that it doesn’t fly a dog to jump in the wonderland of Langya, the hidden valley, according to its playfulness. It’s not that she doesn’t want Xiao Xuan to be a teacher elder sister, but that the big teacher elder sister has to take care of many things. It must be a burden for her to be a senior sister like a duck to water, and for Xiao Xuan to be a senior sister.
Thinking of this, Wan Xing couldn’t help moaning, "Grandfather, grandfather, when you made the rules, you probably didn’t expect a freak to come out of Langya Xianmen!" Well, she has to check quickly to see if granddaddy has stipulated that there must be an age limit for being a master elder sister or a master elder brother. If not, you have to inform the master quickly and forbid Xiao Xuan to participate in the competition.
"Big teacher elder sister, talk to me," said Wan Xuan, who threw herself into Wanxing’s arms, and kissed Wanxing, coquetry.
"Lovely, delicious to you for a while. It’s time for you to get some air outside, "Wan Xing suppressed her speculation.
"It’s very kind of the teacher elder sister," the little girl said strongly, "Little Mary was about to go out for a walk. I haven’t seen the teacher’s mother for a long time. This time, I must pull off a few roots of the teacher’s beard and don’t come to see Little Mary. Hey! "
When Langya came to an open space backed by rocks, Wan Xuan didn’t see the green mountains, green waters and safflower grass for a long time, and at that time he jumped around with joy and shouted without restraint.
"Mary, play that trick and move the stars to the senior sisters …"
"The teacher elder sister, wait a minute. I saw a little enemy. "
"Little foe," Wan Xing was surprised. Looking down, he couldn’t help laughing. Wan Xuan’s little enemy is a little monkey, holding a peach on the mountainside and making faces at the three people.
"Dead little monkey, you escaped last time. Look at this little Mary. If she doesn’t catch you, it’s strange that she will shut you up for a few days. The teacher elder sister, I went to catch the little monkey, "Wan Xuan turned around and said hello, and went halfway up the mountain. The little monkey jumped. This chick came so fast. It’s not good. Run away. However, before it jumped a few times, it had already fallen into the clutches and had to "squeak" and beg for freedom.
"Kid, want me to let you go! No way, unless you play with me for half a month, "Wan Xuan giggled and fell down the mountainside like a bold little fairy.
Wan Xing and Wan Ying can see their eyes straight. Is this the ninth type of "flying into the sky" of Gone with the Wind? I’m amazing. I can stand three feet tall. Between palpitation, Wan Xuan has been holding the struggling little monkey to the front.
"Little Xuan, where did you learn such high kung fu?" Wan Ying surprised tunnel.
"Big brother taught you?" Wan Xuan teased the little monkey and suddenly asked, "By the way, in that small town. Have you seen big brother again? "
"Big brother, you mean …" Wan Xing and Wan Ying jumped up. "You mean he taught you other things besides changing the stars."
"I don’t know. All I know is that after I wake up, two things pop up in my mind. One is that the stars are shifting, and the other is what I call "twelve orders of internal energy" to practice dharma. I’ve been learning this all year! It all depends on it. I’ve just learned the trick of shifting stars. Don’t the two senior sisters know? " Wan Xuan blinks.
"Know, know a fart, I want to know, I will practice with you. Well, it’s a waste of time for you to be so kind to you, and you won’t even give it to your sister. Little heartless thing. " Wan Ying’s eyes sparkled with sparks. See Wan Xuan afraid afraid.
"Little Mary, when did you find it?" Be careful.
"After I went back to the mountain, I was so tired that I slept for more than ten days, and then this thing came up. I followed suit and practiced until now. After practicing to the sixth order, I was finally able to cast my hands at will. Senior sister. Is there anything wrong? " Wan Xuan wronged tunnel.
"No, no," Wan Xing stared Wan Ying one eye, dozen circle field, "you two the teacher elder sister is to say, your courage is really big, no one to give directions, dare to practice. Come on, come and read a few words about what can be said with the teacher elder sister. "
Wanhe, the current head of Langya Xianmen, sits in the hall. Close your eyes slightly, and the middle-aged people in this country are obviously digesting something. If you look closely, you will find that there are only a few piles left under the chin, and the whole beard looks nondescript, but he still stroked it with his hand.
Next to it, a middle-aged belle smiled gently and was talking to the little girl in her arms. Wan Xing and Wan Ying chuckled. From time to time, look at the middle-aged people with Chinese characters, that is, the smelly appearance of their teachers. this
As expected, I just didn’t expect Wan Xuan to pull out his beard after his skill increased greatly. Not to mention the improvement of efficiency, there is an intuitive laughter effect. They want to laugh at the sight.
"Little Mary. Where did you learn this skill? That’s awesome! The master can’t stop it. " The beard turned into a beard pile, and the middle-aged people in the country didn’t mind. My little girl didn’t see her for a year, and he was worried about identification. But now it seems that this disciple’s skill is high, but his naughty character has not changed at all, which makes him very happy. Little doll, which is quiet like a little doll.
"Master, I ignore you, and you don’t even go to see Xiao Xuan." Belle arms to the little girl heard grunted.
"Ha ha, ignore it." The middle-aged man in the face of the country didn’t think it was a pestle, so he immediately said, "Little Xuan, do you want to take part in this year’s tournament?"